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's been a while

I'll be trying to do game reviews (one or two per week) every Tuesday, along with my buddy Awesome_Anime... i did Alliance of Valiant Arms a few days ago to kick things off, so i'll see you at my reviews!

Foxx out

HAIYO!!! (and my rating system)

well, HEY, new here... I'm Kilo, I'm pretty active online, so I'll update this as often as possible... i play a lot of games, and the ones i DON'T play, i see gameplay of. some of my ratings are biased, but i REALLY don't like certain games. as soon as Gamespot lets me, I'll start writing reviews. and trust me when i say this, but i will be doing a review of EVERY SINGLE game i have played. I'm quite a good gamer, and i go for any, and EVERY achievement i can. I'm also fairly OCD, so i try to 100% a lot of my games. so I'll usually give pretty in-depth reviews. also, like my friend who's user-name on here is Awesome_Anime, I am BIG on killing Zombies. but I'm also big on all things mythological. if there's ANYTHING inaccurate with the mythology in a game, it's score will immediately go down. with my rating system, I'm usually either a complete prick or increasingly generous. so you'll rarely see ratings between 3-7. but i rate a lot of games at the 1-2 or 8-10 ranges. 10s are usually must play's, 9's tend to be buys, and 8's are great games, but you might end up turning them in later. 1's are avoid at all costs, and 2's are this game was pretty bad. anything else, is in the rent or borrow area. keep in mind however, that i like games of a certain style, FPS' are good, Turn based strategy are great, action RPG's and JRPG's are also great. however i LOATHE RTS, and i feel we don't have the proper tec for it, music games are okay, and I'm not big on turn based. however, keep in mind that there ARE exceptions to the rule. and JUST because i rate a game poorly, does NOT mean that you should avoid it. it just means be wary, and do a bit of research. contrary to just ratings, when i write reviews, i will try to add a section that details what COULD, for some players, make the game enjoyable. but some games are just unfinishable. there are also several criteria for sequels and games featuring the same name and/or characters, that means that they can end up being a HUGE disappointment, and really suffer in their ratings. even as a standalone game, they would have normally gotten a MUCH higher rating. i'l give an example, PSU (Phantasy Star Universe) was a HUMONGOUS disappointment to the Phantasy Star series. but as a standalone game, was pretty good. anyway, i've been rambling for far too long, and need to STFU. so CYAS!