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Killzone_Master Blog

6 years on gamespot? wow.

so i log in this website to check out the gaming news(only thing i use this website for) and up there on the top left. it says.. member since: April 25th, 2004. This my friends, to whoever is reading. i just have to say...i am really surprised..i still remember when i first logged in to this site and became a member. I just cant believe it has been six years...time flies by quick.. oh and i'll be 21 in 2 months. going into my senior year in college..and taking summer classes. deuces.

first blog of 2009 haha

WOW i had this long awesome creative update typed out on here...and i accidentally close my tab...erasing it was NOT T1TS .....i'll summarize to you what it was about...THE GREAT MONTH OF OCTOBER First some background info. I logged on here to check the new gaming news as usual...and i saw that my friend (3eyedrazorback) ..who i graduated with and we are now attending the same University updated his i thought i would do the same. the arkansas razorbacks beat texas A&M at the dallas cowboys stadium. (yes i am from arkansas and that game was awesome) 2 days ago, the razorbacks beat the #17 undefeated auburn tigers 44 to 23...of course me and my 3eyed friend were at the game and that was even more amazing ........auburn had 28 yards of offense in the first qt hahahahahahahaahahaa ALSO I GOT RECON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If ya dont know what that is, you should slap yourself...cause its very very very frustrating to get it. but yeah since this is just a summary of what got going to name some great games are coming out that make me pretty happy. Fallout 3 GOTY edition Forza 3 NBA 2k10 Fifa 2010 GTA IV expansion Other than that, im ready for halloween. its gonna be awesome. My midterms were just over with and im looking to finish this semester of college strong. DEUCES!!

Merry Christmas!

So i had plenty of time to waste today and i decided to visit my old favorite high school website. Hope ya have a good one, I havent died yet, just got done with my first semester of my sophmore year in college at Arkansas Tech University. PEACE!

No i havent died yet...just college...

Yeah i know...its been decades since ive been on here..but MAN! i dont have time.

College is trying to severely rape me with all the homework and exams, it sucks, but it'll be alright.

Glad to see that this website has actually improved, they fixed some really annoying bugs. But anyways, I'll be on here when i can ttyl.

2 Years on Gamespot!

    Yeah i just realized ive been on this website for 2 years, i guess thats why i have over 5 thousand posts8). Anyways thats it and peace out.