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Gamespot Fuse & Raptr!

Hey, it's been a while since I posted on Gamespot, but I'm on the site everday. I just haven't had anything to share, cause I have been way too busy playing CoD:MW2, Just Cause 2 and Dragon Age Origins. Anyway, I just tried Gamespot Fuse , and it's awesome! Sharing and showing off achievements and stuff from multiple gaming platforms on Gamespot is a great idea. When I first heard of Raptr, it sounded a lot like an Xfire copycat. But I wanted to test it out, so I started using it. I have used Xfire a lot, and it was great. But Raptr was 10 times better because it could do so much more, even when it was still in beta. I could link some of my most important gaming profiles (from services like Steam, Xbox 360 and Playstation 3) to my Raptr account. And the Raptr client can log into other chatting services like Facebook and Windows LIVE without having to use other clients to do it! It can use Xbox 360 chat and Xfire.

Something I'd love to share with everyone is all of my Fable 2 achievements, which I enjoyed a lot to get. The Fable universe is one of my favorites, cause it's a mix of a lot of great things in one. I hope to see more features of Gamespot Fuse in the future, and already love my achievements list! Untill next time, see ya!

This is a sad day for Marvel fans...

As of today, I learned that Disney really bought Marvel and is making an animated Iron Man series on their newest channel, Disney XD. I've got only one thing to say to Mickey mouse: Take your money, and go somewhere else. I'm a great fan of Marvel's comics, characters and movies, and I was shocked that Marvel sold out itself that easily. Disney could go down the path of ruining the comics, make kid-friendly Marvel series and combining Disney characters with Marvel characters. We'll maybe even see Marvel characters in Disney's games, like Kingdom Hearts for instance. Why did you do this to yourself, Marvel? Your future is now officialy doomed.

2008 was great!

The year has been hectic, with a lot of game releases and new titles announcements through the whole year. But finally, we're at the end of 2008. It's been a very expensive year. Most of my money have gone into buying games, but it was totally worth it. So many good games came out this year.

Gamespot's "Best of 2008" games list is also up, and I'm definitely giving my vote for what I think was the best games. Some of the games I expect to see at the "Game of the year" category is Fallout 3, Metal Gear Solid 4, Grand Theft Auto 4 and Gears of War 2.

I'm looking forward to what 2009 will offer, and I bet it's going to be just as good as 2008. Maybe even better. Happy holidays everyone, and a happy new year!

I can finally play GoW online!

Today I got an answer from the guys at Epic Games forum. They told me to open TCP port 443 on my router, and so I did. And suddenly, Games for Windows LIVE works! For anyone who experiences problems when connecting to LIVE in GoW or any other game (game executes, screen freezes and so on), this is the answer for you!

Microsoft didn't even mention me to do that. The only thing they said was that I should open the ports required to Gears of War. But they didn't say anything about the port required to use Games for Windows LIVE...


Starcraft 2 is split up?

What in the world is this? Starcraft 2: Wings of Liberty? I heard rumors about three seperate games, but I didn't think Blizzard would really go through with it. Do I have to buy every game as a stand-alone game, or is the first game the primary, and the others expansion packs?

Blizzard hasn't mentioned anything about this on their site, and I'm really worried about this. Is this a good thing or a bad thing? Three games could mean bigger and more exciting single-player campaigns, but can we still play with more than one race? Maybe the campaigns are all a lot shorter and therefore the game will cost less. But how long do we have to wait for every game?

Well, only time will tell. If anyone has any answers to this, post a comment! I would be more than happy to know more about this!

Love and hate for World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft - The most played MMO right now. The game is easy to get into, really addicting (in a good way) and fun to play. Questing in the large Warcraft universe and exploring all the corners of Azeroth is a must for any Warcraft fan. The game doesn't have high system requirements, and it runs on both Windows and Mac. It was great when it first came, and it's is to this date. I love the game because of that, but I also hate it. Hate it because it destroys a chance for a new Warcraft RTS game, Warcraft 4.


First of all, Warcraft 1, 2 and 3 was all superb RTS games. Warcraft was the first big thing Blizzard made, and many would say it's the roots of the creator. Warcraft set an RTS standard at the time the first game was released. Today World of Warcraft is the newest game in the Warcraft series, and it keeps expanding. But at the same time it is destroying the chances for a new Warcraft RTS! In the first expansion pack to WoW, you can kill Illidan, one of the greatest demons in Warcraft. In the second expansion pack to WoW, you can kill Arthas, the lich king of Azeroth. Think of it! Every expansion to WoW is going to destroy the Warcraft series a little bit more.

They're most likely going to make a lot more expansion packs because of the demand for more. There are still new players signing up for WoW every day. But Blizzard can't make any Warcraft RTS while they make WoW expansion packs, because that would put the story in unbalance. World of Warcraft is set 10 years after The Buring Legion attacked Azeroth, and every expansion pack comes with another story and a new region to play in.

And this is why I love and hate World of Warcraft. It's really fun to play, and I'm still enjoying it. But it destroys the opportunity for another Warcraft RTS game. I just hope Blizzard will make Warcraft 4 one day. That would be really great.

Microsoft won't help me untill I pay them

I've sent e-mails, searched the Microsoft database and googled it. But I still haven't found an answer to my GFWL problem. And now suddenly, it turns out that Microsoft can't help me... untill I pay them. In the last e-mail I got from them, they told me that I could assist professional help from them. This sounded like a good idea, since I hadn't gotten anywhere with the previous answers from the regular Microsoft support. Also I couldn't wait to solve my Gears of War problem. But when I looked up and found out more about this service, it turned out that it was pretty expensive.

Microsoft = Money
35$ per. assist request
. That's a horribly high price to help me getting online with their games. So I pay for a game they've made, but it turns out it doesn't work properly for me. I request help and start mailing them, but after several solutions from them I've gotten nowhere. My problem is still not solved. And then it turns out if I want professional help to the problem, I'm required to pay them for helping me with a simple problem. An evil circle developed by Microsoft? I really don't know what to do now. Maybe I'm just going to be stuck with the GFWL problem forever...

I HATE Games for Windows Live

I've just bought Gears of War for PC, and I was really exited to play it. I installed it, launched the game and then tried to log in with my Games for Windows Live ID. Then I get a loading screen, which says "Downloading profile. This might take a few minutes. Please don't close the game". I thought it would just take a minute or two, so I waited. And waited. And waited... Nothing happened. I waited for 30 minutes for anything to happend, but it didn't.

Now I've spent 3 hours to try to get this to work. Opening ports, turning off my firewall and so on. I've even tried to call Microsoft by phone, but they only told me to check their online databases. But there's not anything related to my problem there. I guess I just need to keep trying...

More violence on TV than in video games

Some people in the media always complain about violence in video games. They say it's "too much violence". Like the GTA games, where you run around while doing criminal jobs, shooting people and stealing cars. There are a lot of violence there, I'm not disagreeing on that. But don't forget that there is even more violence on TV. And there are more people watching TV than playing video games.

The fact that violence is fun is true. That's why we love it, because it's entertaining to watch. It is fun to watch people shoot at each other, blowing each other up and killing each other. That's what's on TV these days. Violence, and plenty of it too. So don't say it's too much violence in video games, because there is always a lot more on TV.