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What a week!!!!

Well, i had an awesome week since Def Jam:Icon came out on the 360!!! playin the build a label mode on all 3 difficulties and getting the special finishers achievements and tryin 2 get some online achievements!!! Also, i want 2 give out a shout 2 my boy lvin5992 4 playin some online wit me????? Peace, Guyz


Better than Superman

Crackdown will be comin out on the 360 on February 20. The demo was sick,owning thugs by throwing cars at them!!! Just can't wait 4 it 2 com out

Waz up with that

Tha Demo 4 tha Def Jam: Icon game waz supposed 2 come out on thursday, then they delay it 4 a dumb reason of havin it a worldwide realase!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Def Jam: Icon

Def Jam Should be coming in March and its going to be the first Def Jam game to play online!!! The cool thing is to able to upload your favorite songs from your mp3 player!!!!! it's going to be SWEET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!