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Yet Again

I've just made another Scarface Sig,So check it out in the images? One More thing,any guy who is good at making sigs, can u give me any tips on making my sigs better??? Thanks, See u guys later

You know what

What i was thinking that 300 is anwsome movie that was recently released!! But it really got me thinking that the movie of all time is Scarface!!! So i made a new animation banner for it, so check it out in the images section

On a Roll

ya,Another Sig has been uploaded and its another animatio sig of the darkness.So check it out in the images section!!!

My New Banner

Waz up guyz,i just made a new banner!! it looks awesome, im still trying 2 make better ones. Any suggestion??????

Tha 360 Elite System

Anyone planning 2 get tha 360 elite???? i'm thinking of trading in my old system and swapping all my memory from tha 20 Gb hd to tha 120 gb hard drive or should i keep my system and buy tha 120 gb hd by itself????


[video=K3A7kDH65bkEuDDa] U Know this song is rockin, i can't stop listening it!!!!!