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I am back once again!!!!!!

What is going on guys? It has been a while since i last posted up here since September! I have been enjoying my summer break amd working too hard! Did i every mention that i work at a Gamestop? Well, i started working there since September of last year! Its been going good so far! Just games that are i want this whole year are just keep on adding up as time flies! So what games that i am really looking forward are:

Modern Warfare 2

Splinter Cell: Conviction

The Beatles: Rock Band

Halo 3: ODST

Max Payne 3

But thats not all, compared to what i have preodrered at work!

Alright then, hope i post more as the year goes on! So talk to you guys later!

Well, I'm screwed for October!

Hey guys, its been awhile since my last post! So, I'm going to start off with October is going to be a pain for me as in GAME wise! Games I'm planning to pick up all come out next month like starting with NBA 2K9 on Oct. 7. Saints Row 2 on the 14, followed by the Rock Band 2 Bundle, Then Fable 2 and Far Cry 2 on the 21, DAMN! Then finally, to end it all, Fallout 3 around the 28th! So, Overall I'm very screwed for the month and just wandering how am i going to pay all of this!!!!

I am Back! And I got the Big Boss Emblem

Hey guys,

I was offline for awhile due to my computer HAD to brake down! While im back on my dads computer! So im not going to be able to make banners or icons for a long time! But i got some goods news!! I finally was able to play my PS3 for awhile since Metal Gear Solid 4 came out and i got to say, WOW! I was able to Get the Big Boos Emblem, It was extremely hard to get, but i got it on my third playthough of the game!!!

Big Boss

Planning on Getting a Wii!!

Well, I am planning on getting a wii this year. Um..Just asking what games should i try when i get one?? Yes, I know how SSB: Brawl will be when it comes in March. Any suggestions??

Best Christmas Gifts I every got in my life!!!

Well, i've got to say that this has been the greatest Christmas gifts i've gotten for years!!!

i got:

A 60GB Playstation 3

Resistance: Fall of Man

Uncharted: Drake's Fortune

A $20 Target Gift Card Which i've bought Fight Night Round 3 for $29.99!

And some clothes!!!

Best year every for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The idea of making a union?

What up guys, i've haven't made a post in awhile but, i was thinking of making a union Called" The Achievement Unlocked Union"? Just wanting to know if you guys think it's a good idea and if you want to help me make it?? Basicly, the union is all about achievements, people can join and compete with others on a certain game to see who can get all of the achievements! If any of you guys want to help me make this union, then i could use anyone who can make icons and banners. And someone who can look for sites where we can post leaderboards in the union.

Well, that's about it

I'll see you guys later

13 more days til Halo 3

New Banner 2

Alright guys, i just changed my banner to a stranglehold banner! Thanks, again to a friend of mines"Who he thinks he is the best at making banners!?!? So, Comment on what you think about it or post an tips!!:D

See you guys later!!8)

New Banner

Ya, i just made a new banner for my profile!!:D I just learned a couple things from a friend of mine! So, please feel free comment on it with your thoughts or tips!?!

Thanks, see you guys later!!8)

Join The Union

Wat Up People, Just shoutin outto please join the Gangsters Drink Juicy Juice Union Or GDJJ. I Know it sounds weird, but i would pleased if u join it. If u want to join send me a massage sayin u want to and ill invite u??? c u guys lata
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