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Heat Vision Video Playback??? (NEW COMPUTER..NEW PROBLEMS)

Hey all, well...its that time again in life that happens almost every month NEW COMPUTER PROBLEM! YAY! LETS ALL DO A DANCE! gahhh.. ok so i need ur help again. lol. When ever i play back video or capture video form my camara..its pixled and werid colors..almost like its heat vision... what do i do!

My New Comp Is Done

well i finaly got new computer. it is extreme.. but now im looking for a game to install on it..hmm.. Anyone got ideas? i like games that are free to go whereever you want like GTA but i love the first person shooters online. and i also like being able to do w.e i want like any quests. any ideas? also hoping it its a clan give me ideas

Laptop or desktop..

Hey everyone.well im in Florida right now. and i have sold my computer before i left. an when i get back i wanna buy a new computer. so should i get a laptop or a desktop.. i wanna do video editing.. and everything. but i like the protibility of a lap top. and i want dual monitors.. so what should i do.. i don't have much money either any idea?

New Goals for SUMMER

Hey Everyone, as some of you know. I am collecting alot of old games. and i have beent hinking..i have thes games lots of games..for all theses systems and i keep buying more and more.  but i never get to finish them. So. i am gonna stop buying new games for the ps2 and stuff like taht and beat all my games. starting with NES and SNES. i am going to be making a log and  list of games i beat and put them on here. and maybe when im stuck you guys can help me. anyways see yah guys later.


PS. i already need help..ive been playing SOUL BLAZER. and im stuck at this i geuss boss, i have to find this sword that cuts threw metal? anyways..ive gone everywhere and i can't find it..can any one tell me where it is? lol

What the **** GameSpot

:evil:Ok,  so i got on here and my games collections and profile are blank..why??????? i don't wanna add thoses games again..theres liek 300 ...arrg..WHY!!!!!!:cry::evil:

New Problem! lol

Hey everyone, Well i got the dual moniters running. But i got a new problem. I added a second harddrive to my computer. and well its in there and the computer says its there. but i can't find it on "my computer" and everything and when i goto add new hardware it ssays its working fine. can anyone tell me what to do?

See what you can find wrong in this screen shot

Hey Everyone. Me again.. lol. Ok i just randomly looked at the new screen shots for the next Pirets of the Caribeen game..for the 360. and the first one i looked at. i was like WTH is this..the  next generation of gameing? and the game isn't out yet..and i already see somthing messed up lol..who else finds it weird about jacks hand there on the sword? (sorry im in a grummpy mood today..need somthing to complain about)

check it out at this link

Level 12 WOOT!!

Finaly im level 12. Not on as much anymore..been making movies and playing Guild Wars. Trying to buy my own video camra. Anyone care to donate some money. Ill put who ever dose in the credits of my next movie.  Check out the bloopers of my Mortal Kombat movie.and the acual movie if you havin't seen it. and my flash. There is also a starwars remake

Check it out on youtube.

2 movies now from Dodds Productions

Hey everyone. I have two movies now posted on youtube that i made. both are of Mortal Kombat. More movies and flashes to come. So keep watching this link for more new and even better stuff.

Soon to come:

    ~Music Videos of my Band (Stars By Stella)

    ~ The Rejected Scripts of James Bond

    ~ Stupid videos of me and my freinds

   ~ And much Much more.

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