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Well that was fun

Yesterday I played SWG but for only what amounted to 1 hr of actual playing the rest was just standing around chatting with friends. Tonight I hope to do more. My Ingame AE is Kault or Jonet on the Flurry server.

Thank God SOE

Woot thank god for SOE for getting the Star Wars Galaxies servers back up and running felt good to kill Rebs and continue to level my pet atm she's at LV 66 she'll be 90 by this weekend. Cant wait to get back to grinding junk loot for RE'ing. Imps RuleZ

WTH damn CD-Roms

Well since Star Wars galaxies servers aren't up yet so i tried to install microsoft Flight Sim 2004... And wouldnt u know it my CD-rom broke Disc#2 so i went ahead and started playing Universal Combat again. Spent 8 hrs playing that game yesterday. Just something to do while waiting for Sony

My God

My God its been a F-ing Week for me and my non star wars galaxies gaming need to kill some players IG only...

I need to get my SWG fix soon or i will go insane