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This is kind of a big deal.

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Counter Strike: Global Offensive (or CS:GO) was announced not too long ago, and several hands-on impressions have surfaced.

But no screens or trailers have been released... until now.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you- the first trailer for CounterStrike: Global Offensive!

So it's not going to be on just PC, for starters. It's also being released on PS3 and 360. Awesum news for those of us who don't have a good PC- but I have a feeling that, especially in a game like Counterstrike, the KB+M players will dominate easily.

We shall see.

-Wabbit out!

So, yeah. About that gaming update...

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I've got a lot of catching up to do with you guys.

In the time that I was gone from GS, I got the following games off Steam:

Battlefield: Bad Company 2

Dungeons of Dredmor

Bit.Trip Beat

Half-Life 2 (and Episode 1 and 2)

Team Fortress 2

Alien Breed 2

Beat Hazard Complete

HL2 Deathmatch

Garry's Mod

CounterStrike: Source


I have beaten Dungeons of Dredmor, Half-Life 2 and Episode 1 (almost done with Ep. 2), played hours upon hours of CSS and TF2, and I also discovered the awesomeness that is Trouble in Terrorist Town (a Gmod gametype), as well as lots of Minecraft. I also got the platinum for inFamous 2, and played a lot of WipEout HD and Dead Nation. And beat Portal 2 co-op with a buddy of mine (splitscreen is the only way to play!)

So that's my gaming summer... condensed into one blog. It's been awhile, friends. I hope I'll be able to post more soon. (and school starts in a week for me... T_T)

-Wabbit out!

By the way, I'm not dead.

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I just spend way too much time on Steam, Reddit, and Facebook is all.

Also, vacation. Yeah.

Might have a gaming update later if I can be bothered.

So, yeah. Umm.. I'm not dead.

-Wabbit out.

Jeebus H. Rollerblading Christ, Valve...

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Without further ado, I urge you to visit the Steam store this instant.

33% off everything Half-Life.

75% off Battlefront 2, KOTOR, and SW Galaxies.

Just Cause 2 for 5 bucks.

Dungeons for 13 bucks.

Braid for 2.50.

Bit. Trip Beat and B.T Runner for 2.50.

Test Drive Unlimited 2 for 13 bucks.

Portal 2 for 33% off.

40% off Total War: Shogun 2.

The ID Super Pack (which includes every Doom, Hexen, Heretic, and Quake game ever made) for 30 bucks.

The GTA Classics pack (1, 2, 3, Vice City, and San Andreas) for 7.50.

Garry's Mod for 2.50.

Battlefield Bad Company 2 and all its DLC for 30 bucks.

Every game Telltale has ever made for fifty bucks.

And that's just scratching the surface of the first two days.

Eight more sets of these to come.

Gabe Newell, ah wuv oo.

OH! And did I mention the chance for 100 people to win EVERYTHING ON THEIR WISHLIST?


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You got blood on my suit.

Sony and Nintendo's Press Conferences... Wow.

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I'm just gonna quickly list all the important new bits from Ninty ans Sony's new conferences.

The most important new bits from Sony:

1. There's a new PS-branded TV coming out. It's 24 inches, comes with Resistance 3, and includes a feature that allows people to see two different images on the same screen. Say goodbye to screen-peeking!

2. Bioshock Infinite has Move support, and will come with the original Bioshock free on PS3.

3. the God of War: Origins collection will include HD remastered versions of the two PSP god of war games, as well as 3D support. Same for SOTC and Ico collections.

4. Sly Cooper: Thieves Across Time is confirmed. Yay, wewt, etc.

5. Dust 514, a MAG-like FPS from the devs of EVE Online, will be directly connected to the economy and world of EVE. How, we don't know yet, but it has a helluvalotta potential. I'm excited to see how it turns out.

6. New, dowloadable, PS exclusive Star Trek third-person shooters for PS3.

7. SSX has PS-exclusive stuff- what it is, we don't know.

8. The PSVita is the new name of the NGP. Sounds like a saltine cracker. :P But it will come in two flavors- Wifi only for 250$, or WiFi+3G (AT&T) for 300$. Boos and hisses emanated from the crowd at this point. Apparently, nobody likes AT&T.Buuut, at least Nintendo will have some serious competition this holiday season, which is when the Vita comes out.

9. Bunch of new Vita games. Uncharted: Golden Abyss, Street Fighter X Tekken, Ruin (an action RPG), Modnation Racers, and LittleBigPlanet: Fingerprint (that's not actually the title, but it had a fingerprint on the logo) were given a stage demo, and Ken Levine announced a Bioshock for Vita.

10. SFXT will have Cole as a playable character. :P Obviously, that's PS exclusive.

Well, that's all. This conference, frankly, made Microsoft look like Nintendo, circa 2008.

But Nintendo, on the other hand...

1. Bunch of Legend of Zelda-25th aniversary stuff. CDs, concerts, you name it.

2. Free LOZ 4 Swords on DSI ware this fall.

3. Link's Awakening on Virtual console by the end of the week.

4. The new Kid Icarus will have 3 on 3 multiplayer.


6. The Project CAfe is now the Wii U. It's got a huge tablet controller with a 6 inch screen, dual analogs, and everything. Front-facing cameras as well.

7. New smash bros for 3DS and Wii U, but no details as of yet.

8. Ghost Recon: Online, New Assassin's Creed, Darksiders 2, Ninja Gaiden 3, Metro: Last Light, other games which I can't remember, and hopefully a new Zelda for Wii U. Plenty of blood in the NG3 trailer. Nintendo has grown up. Kinda.

There's probably more, but I'm typing pretty quick here, and I just finished watching the press conferences. So there.

-Wabbit out!

Wading through the waterlogged PSN...

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and grabbing myself some Dead Nation, Wipeout HD+Fury, Killzone Liberation, and Pursuit Force. Waiting for my PSP to charge while watching stuff download is being made bearably by TalkRadar, which is quite possibly the best podcast of all time.

Seriously. Check it out.

Also, Infamous 2 Hero Edition next Tuesday, along with E3 and the 3DS Eshop! \

-Wabbit out!