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Year of 2012!!

Winter is about to end, a warm weather is a great sign of spring. Chinese New Year just ended 2 days ago, and it is about time for me to diet as I'm enjoying a huge portion of food during the Chinese New Year festive. Nonetheless, I was grateful to received some amount of cash from my parent and cousin red packet. People said money should be spended wisely but it is not easy to decide how wisely the money would be spended. In the recent news, the resident evil 6 is already available for pre-order but how could they allow the pre-order when the item is about to release on the late november 2012?? I have no idea what the Japanese people are thinking. Along with this, I'm gonna miss this year Wonder Festival as the flight ticket is extraordinary expansive during the holiday season. A bunch of new product is grabbing my attention but I'm gonna ignore it since I still have alot of unclear debt since last year but it gonna end soon. :)

Anyone who watched the movie called "2012" have you ever thought that the world would ended just like this at the end of the year?? Personally I dont believe whatsoever crap that has been told by the Mayan. Seriously, the world couldn't ended in a day. From my own research, NASA said that all the 8 planet will be lining up in a lines during 22/12/2012 and the world will black out for 3 days without sunlight. I aint sure this is a miracle or a sign of bad luck, but it is up to ourself to believe it.

Frustrated Living Environment

Winter is coming soon, hope that everyone have started to go for Christmas shopping. Recently been busy of my work but everything is still manageable. I have been dissatisfied with my living environment as I feel people are getting insane these days. Almost every night the children around was busying playing the fire-cracker at 12am until 3am!!! I couldn't have a well sleep recently and my head is still spinning. I started to hate my neighbor as these freak are singing karaoke every Saturday morning at 5am till 8am and they have frequently organize a high school party. Can someone guide me what should I do?? Currently I am living at low cost apartment as the recent recession has not yet completely recovered the economic.

Major expectation for GTA V

Recently Rockstar Company has announced their next successor of the Grand Theft Auto series which is GTAV. To who doesn't know what is GTA, it is a very popular criminal games where you are controlling a bad ass who trying to taking over the city. Never miss with the hot chick introduced around the games just like what every man wish for in real life. There are several major expectations I would like to have for the latest GTA series.

  1. Promoting online/offline multiplayer feature where me and my friend could get along to accomplish a mission.
  2. Promoting more on aircraft battle where we can finally show our skill to handling a plane and battle with other NPC or player through online.
  3. Allowing customable character where we can set the profile for the character just like what they did in GTA San Andreas.
  4. Improving the graphic, as we know the gameplay is good but the graphic is not the best that we can have around, so atleast the graphic able to pare with LA Noire.
  5. Can we have something that are more extraordinary such as space mission??

This is my current wishlist for the GTA V, and what about yours??

Blog: 2011 Top 10 Spookiest Villain Blog Activity.

Hey guys, Halloween is coming right of the corner, it is time for me to blog and present my top 10 spookiest villain list.

1. Joker [Batman Arkham City]


The part that makes him looks evil is his long mouth and creepiest smile. Seriously, he is the one who cause my cousin scream and peeing off on my house sofa. He act just like a clown berserk in the city, as we know not all clown looks cute right. The way of his laughing is like how the Mc'Donald clowns laughing at the fast food burger shop.

2. The Chainsaw [Resident Evil 4]


The chain saw man is one of the scariest characters. The cause of his evilness is the blood stain spread all over his body and chainsaw machine. I couldn't imagine how many people that he has ever slashed off. Thinking back of the Resident Evil 4, he uses to chase my character around and wishes to slice off my head. His super weapon is that creepiest deadly chainsaw, and be warn that he love to take off people head in just few second. He couldn't smile, who know he might look like Justin Bieber under the sack.

3. Venom [Spiderman]


He is one of the biggest villains in the series of Spiderman game. By judging the appearance of this creature, he doesn't have any part showing that he looks like a spider instead he looks like the hulk painted in black. He has a bulky appearance just like those wrestlers that I saw in WWE. The creepiest moment is when he pulls out his long tongue with lot of saliva dripping on the floor. He does not use any type of weapon as a bare hand is his strongest weapon. The way he is smiling is like he did wish to bite you off.

4. Oogie Boogie [Kingdom Heart 2]

Oggie Boogie

He is one of the original characters from The Nightmare before Christmas but being used in the Kingdom Heart games. The thing that makes him looks evil is his fat chump face, and he actually looks like the fat Majin Buu in Dragon ball series LOL. He is made of a bunch of soul hiding in the sack, so we couldn't judge his evilness throughout the appearance but the creepiest background he has. He love to enjoys the beauties of the graveyard under the full moon where a wolf screaming in the middle of night. He looks the same either he laughing or not, so I couldn't say much on this aspect.

5. Tyrant [House of The Dead]


This thing have creepy look and the gigantic body makes him looks evil. Hmm well atleast hunchback does look better right. This monster has a nudity body and wandering around the mansion and waiting for the hunt to be hunt. With a strong body power, he can break off the wall or any kind stuff in just a hit. Wow, but I'm not sure he could able break a tank or not. This monster doesn't know how to laugh, but they are some exception during his screaming moment.

6. Sarah Kerrigan [Starcraft]


The witch looking face and eye that seek of revenge is the major concern of her evilness. Her evil appearance of half demon half human is a cause of the result of her reborn as Queen of Blades. Her secret weapon is armored carapace, claws, and "wings" usable as weapons and effective against psi-blades. Her evilness smile is her only way to confess her hatred.

7. Albert Wesker [Resident Evil 5]


He is the person who in charge of the Raccoon City incident and Umbrella Corp. He has a cool appearance but after he has absorbed the power of uroboros he has turn into a creepy creature which make him looks like a mutated human. With the spread of his will to become the god and the chosen one, he is trying to control the world through the virus infection. His favorite weapon is his magnum revolver. His evil laugh is same as Vegeta in dragon ball series where his laugh is a sign of pissing off on the weaker.

8. Diablo [Diablo]


He is one of the strongest villains in the diablo series. The thing that make him looks evil is his sharp tooth, evil eye and heartless. His appearance as a half demon half dragon form who seeking for the soul. His deadness super weapon is siren song that no one could able to resist. His evil laugh is like a skeleton staring at you.

9. Dark Vader [Star Wars]


The mighty Darth Vader has terrorized helpless life forms on the big screen and on the small screen. He is wearing a black mask with a coating armor. With his evil and the power to conquer the space, he doesn't care the person is a rebellion or villager. No one could ever survive on his bare eye. His favorite weapon is his laser stick where he used to battle with Sith Lord and Jedi in the series. I can't see how he is laughing but we all know he can laugh hard in sound where the sound of his victory and mission success.

10.General RAAM [Gears of Wars]


The mighty General RAAM leads the Locust charge in Gears of War. He's big, he's bad, and he can't wait to tear Marcus Fenix and his puny Delta Squad to shreds. With General RAAM in charge, a successful invasion by the Locust seems like a foregone conclusion. If this is the best that humans can do, the Locust invasion should be a piece of cake. His favorite weapon is his fire bazooka. He can laugh hard once he succeeded to conquer some place.

Bad luck lately. :(

Hey guys~

Recently my luck isn't going that well as alot of stuff happening around me. For example,

  1. My eldest sister just past away due to heart attack.
  2. My car antenna is being stoled (DAMN! People are getting cheap these day)
  3. My PC harddisk was corrupted, and I lost some of the important data.

Hopefully tomorrow onward will be a blessed day for me, and thanks for reading my blog. :)

Life is full of Regret

As the times go on, do anyone of you feeling regreted with a mistake that you have done at your past? I am sure everyone did. As in my life, I have done alot of mistake, I have enjoy alot of joys, I have feel the heart of the Earth with the wind whispered through my ear. A mistake that we have done is already history, we cant change the history but we can change our tomorrow. Think wisely before you stepped your feet a step forward, it might have a large hole of trap been waiting for you or it might an angel hugging you.

God is everywhere, and God can be nowhere. Remember your own dream, fulfill your dream before it was too late. Confess your love to the one you love the most before she left you. Do what you think is right without a word of "regret". Who know, fate might change to a better wind. :)

PRE-Ordered Some Japan Figure

Recently I have addicted to figma figure to make it as my new collectible figure. There are few figure that I have pre-ordered recently and I should be received them 2 week after the actual product release from Japan. Nevertheless buying the item before it release is much cheaper than getting them instock. Here are the few figure that I have ordered:

Figma Black Rock Shooter [THE GAMES]

figma White Rock Shooter bundle with PSP Black Rock Shooter [THE GAME]

figma Hatsune Miku Append Version

Figma Kuroneko

Figma Hachikuji Mayoi

LA Noire unboxing

Well heya guys, I just received the ultimate games from rockstar "LA Noire" from the pre-order. I gotta let you guys know that this is extremely a nice game and graphic which look familiar with the GTA series but this time as a inspector. I couldn't tell much about the spoiler but just a word "try it". I couldn't unlock the naked city yet as the PSN still down at the moment. Screw the hacker and sony. Anyway here I present some of the photo and content from the unboxing.