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-High Five-

However I just looked at metacritic and I see people actually read those reviews


I wrote a few music and movie reviews for my school. They are like over 1000 words (I write too much)

Metacritic doesn't allow any review over 5,000 characters........

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Both metacritic and gamefaqs looks bland tho.

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no, because barely anyone is able to write an objective one that puts biased opinions to the side


My reviews are not biased and I give reasons to my rating.

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I stopped writing them over 8 months ago because no one seemed to write them and I was busy with schoolwork. Now it's summer and I can go back to it. However, there's just no place for music or movie reviews which I would love to review and talk about. Gamespot also has this awesome blog feature which I also use. The problem is that I take hours writing those reviews but no one ever reads them.

But regardless I am going to continue, I just hope there's music and movie section though.

I am going to write like 15 game reviews that I've finished so far since last Christmas.

I just love Gamespot's system of letting us users review games but I wish more people read them.

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I've been playing nearly all my PC games with a Logitech F310 or Razer Hydra :P


I just got an xbox360 so maybe I need to get used to it.

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What do you need porn

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You have much more control on PC in first person shooters...with a controller it's just clunky for me. On xbox 360 while playing CoD 4 I never get a positive KDR while in any fps game on PC I can get a positive KDR.

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Yes Mass Effect 2 not 1. And also Witcher Enhanced Edition and Borderlands.

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Romance Of The Three Kingdoms 8 to 11

8 and 11 are really good

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Especially for MW2. It cant be too laggy to play, FRAPS is okay, but anything better?