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Lookin back

Gee, i've already been on GS for 3 years.... Time sure goes by fast when you're gaming!! Now i'm wondering for how long i'll be here on GS.

My 1st year here on GS was the best year ever. I've been very productive when it came to reviewing games, playing games, and even posting on the forums/unions. But little did i know, that i'd get lazy and too bored.

During my 2nd year i decided to take a small break.... ok maybe a pretty long break. But i eventually came back. Thats right back into the gaming world. I decided to pop by GS weekly and was a bit too lazy to log in and post in the forums. I didn't have time, i was either playing games or doing school work. (I have never figured out how people have the time to have 100 posts a day and still play games 24/7)

Ahh yes... my 3rd year here in GS. Been one hell of a year. I hardly post on the forums and well..... i'm lazy what can i say? I'm still lvl 15!!! FFS!!!!! Come on.... lol

As for my fourth year? Who knows, i might even leave GS for good. Only time will tell.


A Heads Up

Just to let you guys know, i'm on GS about almost everyday. That doesn't mean i'll be signed on or check my PM everyday. It just means i visit the site to get news and updates on my favorite upcoming games or games anouncement.

A reminder, i may not be signed on everyday.

Thank you,


Warhammer!!!! AGE of RECKONING

WOOOOO!!!! I just got Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning, and it's freakin SWEET!!!! If anyone else plays it let me know!! I'm part of destruction and playing in monilith server.

I'm BACK!!! WOOOO!!!

Hey guys hows it going? It's been what, 2 years since i left. 2 years ago, that was the best time of my life here on GS. Although GS has changed, beaware that i haven't. TIME TO KICK SOME ASS!!! WOOO!!! Add me up on PSN and Live.

Guiter Hero

Lol, me and my cuzin just bought Guiter Hero about 2 days ago. Since then, we've been playing it non-stop. Cuz it's soo addicting. You gota try it lol!

My Game List

As you can see i have just updated my "Now Playing List" which i haven't updated in a while (when i said "while" i meant like months).. argh.. and i still have lots of more games to put on.....


ok, Since summer is only a few weeks left. What was the funnest thing you guys every did during this SUmmer Break?