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When's INJUSTICE!!!!

So since EVO season is  approaching which is why I haven't been on much if you don't know EVO the biggest fighting game major that happens every July and is probably the only major that separates the boys from the men. That being said and the fact that I will be moving in with my mother at another location in New York (Later on in the month) since my dad is leaving the state due to a better and huger job offer. I was invited to go but refused, I am happy in New York until I graduate with a scholarship in hand to continue my education endeavors in Full Sail University. So right now I have been watching a lot of fighting gaming streams and high level players training it out in U. Marvel VS Capcom 3, Injustice and of course my favorite game Super Street Fighter AE: 2012. But also Smash brothers Meele, which I am glad they put it on stream finally.


Been playing a lot of Injustice as well learning Catwomen, The Flash ( Barry Allen) And Green Arrow I gave that game an eight out of ten, will I rate it higher now that i fully played the game? No, the game is fun but Nether Realms felt a bit lazy with the Archives for unlockables, could of used a lot more characters and even if it had one of the most interesting story lines for a fighting game it lacks in some areas no tag team matches and the Mini game side of things a lot of them are locked.. So if you wanted to play a mini game with your character you have to start from the beginning collect the stars to unlock the next character trail.

So that's all for now I'll be more active among the following days enjoy your summer everyone! And if you would like state how you are doing love to know what you guys are up to while i'm breaking.