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The Weekly Update.

     Gaming has been on a temporary pause for me because of school purchasing books, classes, and of course social activity. I dont mind the only game I wanted this month was Dead Space 3. Bioshock Infinite & Tomb Raider will wait until my birthday, but knowing me Ill just pick up both Dead Space 3 & Infinite and wait for Gears of War: Judgment coming out on the same month. Then waiting later on in the month of April to purchase Injustice: Gods Among Us because honestly Capcom fighters are getting really, REALLY! Obnoxious with these damn patches and I need a new fighter outside of street fighter until the new Blazeblue game anyway. Then since I no longer have a PS3 I wont be getting The Last Of Us in May, but who knows only time can tell am I right? so lets not jump into conclusions, this might be my first Naughty Dog Game Ill miss out on wish will put me into an unending depression in my gaming life. Oh Well. Then GTA V eh, it can go F*** itself, the best GTA was San Andres nothing will change my mind about that no doubt in my mind. Ill buy it but maybe around Christmas when the price drops or something or if its complete crap rent it. Lets see how Rockstar Games  goes over the top again for the umpteenth time or more then everyone will D***Ride it as the Game Of The Year and people will be looking me like Im retarded like Renzo your missing out on the best gaming- SHUT UP YOU NO NOTHING ABOUT VIDEO GAMES YOU INGNORANT BAFOON YOU WERNT NO WHERE TALKING ABOUT VIDEO GAMES UNTIL YOU JUMPED ON THIS BANDWAGON!!!!!! WELL WOOOPDI F****ING D! YOU KNOW BECAME A SELLOUT!

  Also forgot to mention, personally im thinking about going handheld in gaming by purchasing a 3DS, no not for the pokemon games! I really want to play Fire Emblem: Awakening but the thing is if I buy a 3DS Ill only have it for that one game and yes THEN the Pokémon games. I dont want to be the guy who wastes money and only plays what four Pokémon games and a Handheld Gem that will redefine the 3DS and really give something to brag about for once rather than Mario, Link, & casual games down my throat.

    But anyway outside of gaming everything is pretty well, been dodging video games for a while since Ive been reading more comics, college, and of course my social skills because you know my people skills are amazing! Ive made two new students named Stephanie & Ra Jin both really fun and outgoing individuals who are fun full of life and not so uptight, brain dead, and dreadfully and ultimately fall to their own appending dooms by not even showing up to a class that they paid for like the rest of the student body.  But Im enjoying the urban surroundings and falling in love with most of the restaurants and getting accustomed to the busy streets of New York City again which by the way was a very flurry day with the snow that Ive missed so much.

  Music these days. Well I have been obsessed with Kid Cudi, Kendrick Lamar, For The Foxes, & The Glitch Mob.  You can say that taking a temporary break from listening to all the heavy stuff that I was used to before, since you know a little break wont hurt anybody right? Well yea, other then the fact im really fine and things are going well and the fact that The only thing I got out of Super Bowl 47 was the Iron Man 3 Trailer since you know that whole game was a joke on the 49ers part since if you think about it if the lights didn't go off the Ravesn would of dominated even harder then the last two quaters...... And did you see JACOBY JONES!!!! That was my hype! 49ers defense was at a highschool level through the first and second half. Then the game I couldn't take seriously after the lights came back on. 


Well that's all I got for today later guys!