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Ladies & Gentleman it's the Moment of Truth!

 Well guess who it is? I'm back as promised. Two brutal weeks of studying, reviewing, and on my way through a mental breakdown and then a week of actually going into the finals week tired and ready to commit suicide during my French final all and all it went pretty well. Will I be doing summer classes? I want to yet my finical aid is really acting weird so I got to say no to the classes which is a bummer because I won't mind doing something over the summer that is school related and could really help me make some more social links but I guess I'll have to wait until the Fall semester to do that.

 But anyway, before I start about my thoughts & reactions on the Xbox one, my upcoming gaming schedule, New music, & something that helped me feel better about life and for fighting games  I have a small story to tell about school. Now don't freak out but I think one of girl in my French class had a crush on me and I had a crush on her as well which was amazing the first time we actually talked was two days before my birthday which was on February 28th I remember that day because during that time period it was still bitter cold and I for one enjoy the winter because those are they days everyone is just as miserable about the weather as me. Plus ever since the third day of class I would notice she would take a quick glimpse of me. Hell most times when I looked back at her she was playing with her nails since she was so bored of the class but I found her adorable and she seemed so quite and down to earth.

 Yet I could never find myself to talk to her on a personal level I never got my twenty seconds of insane courage. There were three things why I couldn't do it. Reason one I had little faith in myself and had monster doubt I thought to myself "Why am I fooling myself why would a girl like her like an guy like me? We wouldn't even last a month" Another reason and this is probably the biggest reason my uncle's fight with cancer, now last blog I posted was the reason why I was never online posting on blogs or creating my own and of course not on the unions. (Then again i'm never on the boards anyway so what would it matter? But I would love to be in some new ones) It took it's toll on me I became depressed more thne usual the man who lit the flame of pontenial would be stolen from me by the universe and all of it's unanswered question. I saw him most of my days when he was alive fighting and taking on the fight for his life & of course I didn't tell him about Olivia. (That's her name forgot to mention her name from the start Lorenzo you sir are a F***ing genius. :roll: ) And then he ultimately came to his end and I watch him die. A week ago.

 Final thing was I was still healing from another catastrophe from high-school and this one female I feel in love with to keep things short I ended the friendship to stop all the constant memories of me and her and came to the realization that we would never happen and of course led myself to ask myself a question in my head "so why should I stay in a doomed relationship that was designed to fail?"

  Because of all these tragic events I became sad and I was stuck with a choice and one of them was, I tell Olivia about how I feel yet i'll be sad and bitter during this relationship or two don't lead her astray and stop talking to her. And of course mind over matter I am not a man to lead a women with potential on like that especailly not her. So, in the end I realized in order to get a relationship I must first love myself in order to let someone in. And in that leap of faith a lot happened that I can't explain. My mom got a new job, I started to make new friends faster then usual, & I excelled in my studies and got better in all my classes. (Well of course except French I went from a scrub to a mediocre French speaker who still can't say "We would like some tea") But overall the Exam I though I did well on and took my time since I wasn't in a rush.

 I made a good choice I knew for a fact I will never see her again since we are doing different majors and BMCC is a huge college with different French classes hell I don't mind it was a learning experience and as of right now all I want to do is to read comics, play video games, and watch Breaking Bad.

 Okay so my story is over, let us talk about the biggest controversy in the gaming world right now. The Xbox one... Okay dear god Microsoft what in the bloody hell were you thinking!? Most of the conference I saw talk about a universal BLU Ray DVD player... I did not buy your games and pay for Xbox live for things a barley use other then video games. I mean sure Twitch TV on the 360 WAS A GENIUS IDEA! As well with Netflix. But now you are over saturating TV, Sports, and allow us to buy tickets for upcoming movies on the Xbox one? And not talk about any upcoming exclusives? C'mon man...

 Okay Microsoft let's go back a few years about around 2005 when then original Xbox was out and the PS2 dominated your sales because let's face it. Sony's exclusives blew your out of the water. But the Xbox was a good piece of hardware and had amazing gems that kept your system going and had one of my favorite games of all time on your system! Now let's go a few years ahead around 2009-201, that was a huge year for you guys with titans like Gears of War, Halo, and that system sold well that year because of line up of games and people preferring the controller size much better and other stupid reasons. But one of my reasons was through all of the overrated shooters and great online connection that one RPG that made me fall in love with the system. I don't know when and how will companies understand that gamer's want actual games and less media and less advertising unless it's gaming related. The PlayStation 4 showed us a lot more it demonstrated "Move" but they didn't force us to use it to a point where without the Move the hardware is unplayable. And showed us amazing games of course! That will redefine the gaming engine and leave us with breath taking adventures for us to go back and explore

 Now honestly my only thing about Sony right now is will the online structure improve? more privacy? And not leak everyone's information to the internet? Because anything is possible now.

 Gaming wise I'm going to dive right back in playing the Bioshock games before I purchase Bioshock Infinite I played Infinite before since my brother let me borrow his PC with the game while he was on vacation, I put 42 hours in the game and never lost interest with the three play troughs. Also going to sink my teeth into a lot of blood in Red Dead Redemption multiplayer the covering system is a lot more smoother to use the the Gears of War and while spiriting your character has a baseball slide animation and just smoothly enters cover quickly and effectively and of course I have no regrets so far playing a lot of the game modes and finally replay Dishonored I gave the game a 7.5 I felt that was to harsh and decided to give the game another honest chance. Maybe i'll go back into Portal 2 as well maybe if I don't purchase Infinite before June 5th and just wait on getting The Last Of Us.

Music wise, The new Daft Punk Album is out. Hopefully I will get my copy of the CD this weekend other then that been Enjoying these three CD's

The Wonder Years: The Greatest Generation

The Wonder Years

This album really helped me through a lot of rough patches in my life these guys are amazing live and the band gets better and better with each album this is probably going to be my album of the year until I hear August Burns Red new Album in June and hands down one of the best Pop-Punk bands out now.

Genre: Pop Punk

My favorite Song On the album: Cul-De-Sac

Bring Me The Horizon: Sempiternal

Bring Me The Horizon

This album sunk up on me honestly. I liked their old stuff a lot nd there last direction of sound they were taking just didn't make any sense but this sound I like it a lot it the lead singer Oliver Skies is amazing and the gang vocals on my favorite track is really good.

Genre: Metalcore/Post Hardcore

Favorite Song on the album: Shadow Moses


Killswtich Engage: Disarm The Descent

Kill Switch Engage

This album a lot of people say the Jesse Leach isn't as good as Howard Jones as a vocalist, I beg to differ I say that Leach is just as good of a singer i've been waiting ten years to see Jesse come back and prove everyone wrong. And he did I love this album although there are two or three songs that are pretty lame this album has a lot of potential. And still has a lot of great songs that make up for the lame songs. Which are only two or three.

Genre: Metalcore

Favorite Song(s) Of The Album: Tribute To The Fallen & All That We Have ( I couldn't pick between the two songs )


So that's what i'm doing now the school is over for me before I go, I leave you with this... you guys can tell I love links soooo if you love fighting games you need to watch one of the greatest fighting games ever to return look trust me click THAT LINK!


So I guess I'll be active a lot these days oh and add my Facebook as well it would be fun to get to know you guys on a more personal level outstide of GS and if there are any unions that I can join let me know. I need to be more active.