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It Was a Long Ride Down the East Coast.

 That's right, my absence let's you know I was playing The Last of Us after reading the title. I'm not going to go into any spoilers here, but I'm going to tell you this. In under the 36 hours of story (plus beating the game on new game plus on Normal Difficulty giving me a total of 36 hours rather then just the average eighteen) I am convinced this is Sony's farewell to the PS3, then again our hype is beyond our standards over that gem we forget the Beyond: Two Souls is coming out  this upcoming winter which might be the icing on the cake for Sony's farewell but not the case.

 This game had elements from AMC's The Walking Dead and old school Zombie horror movies and borrowed some inspiration from the book  The Road written by Cormac McCarthy. The thing I loved about this game was actually the gameplay the two options of sneaking around the enemy, which is extremely difficult since the enemy AI will move up on your position and won't think twice about calling for some back up. Or of course you can go in guns blazing but, ammo is scarce so think twice before you pull that itchy trigger finger.

 Overall if you own a PS3 you need to get out of your rock, this game is probably the most fun I had with a Sony exclusive since Ape Escape 2 owning a PS2, owning a copy of Megaman Legends 2 on the PS1 and not a lot of people know this but ever since I bought my first PS3 back on March 9th 2010 the system brought along a copy of Infamous I was in love with the original Infamous game and it was made from one of my favorite gaming developers Sucker Punch, but The Last of Us gave that game a run for it's money and The Last of Us is my favorite exclusive title for this generation maybe overall as well. We will see after I play both GTA V & Beyond: Two Souls

 Other then me going into small detail about game play and successfully not spoiling the story for you guys & the fact the I don't want to make this blog extremely long so before I go I'm going to summarize my top five games at E3 since I didn't get much say ever since The Last of Us game out about almost two weeks ago.


Number Five: Sunset Overdrive


Even though no gameplay was shown, Insomniac might have a fun multiplayer game with potential, I love the art design and the character models I feel like this game will hopefully redefine consoles and shooters, becuase honestly I need a  new direction when it comes down to it. 

Number Four: Final fantasy XV 


I don't need to say much right? We have been waiting long enough

Number Three: Kingdom Hearts 3


For the love of god I really wish Dead-pool would see some light in KH3 I would buy it in a heart beat! He is my favorite Marvel Anti-Hero! And since Disney bought Marvel i'm hoping to see some Marvel hero's and Villains in the game c'mon think about it!? image The Incredible Hulk as a heartless.... Or better yet Onslaught from MVC1

Number Two: Super Smash Brothers: Wii U




Number one: Transistor.


For those who did not know, I have a pretty bad PC set up but, SURPRISINGLY I CAN PLAY Bastion on it. (TF2 as well but my graphic card is really obsolete) But, after finishing Bastion I immediately craved more from Supergiant games. And when I saw Transistor I was excited.... First time ever i'm that interested with an Indie game! Who would of thought! Me!? But I see so muhc hidden potential in one small package and I really want to get my hands on it so badly when the PS4 drops and it's going to be a Sony exclusive....