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Halo 3

Halo 3 is one of the most interesting phenomenal and heart pounding games for 360 owners yes it may be a bit easy to die but very addictive and sucks you in immediately and a game you wont let go any time in the distant past and near future characters in the game are can really intertwine with the story really well and can suck you into deeper game play with a strong story line it can drag the gamer into furthermore experience and feel that the game has that type of BANG! Into it game play on campaign can be somewhat difficult because of AI characters and somewhat cheating with random grenade blast out of no where ( for noobs ) but online is another story online is very competitive and challenging and has basic training for new players who are new to the game to test there skills against other players a huge variety of maps and play lists to choose from from lone wolves to hard core new or old to the game There is a huge amount of freedom in the games make your own map edit ordinal maps with weapons, new items and custom power ups so as you can see there mabey lil flaws to this game but Halo 3 is the next generation of the halo series