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Nothing Is Changing But The Weather I Think

This Blog Is Brought To You By Love And Trolling

Oh, and Boxxy is sexy as hell. :D

Yes The Title is true summer breaks appears to be dying down by each minute,hour,day,week, And month. It's Already August 13 2:04 as a type this sentence. So im going to spend the rest of the last week of summer back in Pennsylvania which im pretty excited for since it's my hometown and all. Bad news is i found out that everyone i used to hang out with left. :| Time flies when you miss the people you know and love. But it was for the best i guess. But anyway i have been up to a lot more things since the last blog. My Cousins from France are here for the week, but there stay is almost over unfortunately. I did enjoy there company since the house is dead now that my Aunt and cousins moved out. But has now become more peaceful and a lot more space and Renovations were needed since they left. And i do enjoy the New 55 inch TV in the Living Room. Although a splash of green could revive these pale white walls.

But any who i have been skating a lot during my free time besides gaming and I've come to realize it helps me think and clams my mind a lot. While listening to a band call Ratatat which by the way is an East Coast duet from New York. Which by far is probably the best duet to come from Brooklyn New York besides the duet of Matt & Kim really great music. :D But yea i haven't really felt this good in ages. I guess some loneliness is the best cure for a hopeless romantic like myself. And all the drama that has been going on during my school year. Take A listen if you want to and no there is no screaming in any of the songs. :D Because i know that you guys hate it most of the time. :lol:

And not only skating i have been at the movies most of the summer since may till now and the best movie hands down has to be Harry Potter The Deadly Hollows Part 2 THE ENDING MADE ME CRY!!!! I NEVER THOUGH I WOULD CRY IN A MOVIE!!!! OR ANY PIECE OF MEDIA GETTING ME SO EMOTIONALLY ATTACHED TO ANYTHING! but im glad it was mister Potter.Other good movies to mention Was Horrible Bosses,Transformers Dark Side Of the Moon,Cowboys And Alines and runner up from best movie of the summer Planet Of The Apes. The last movie of the summer im going to see is Conan The Barbarian to end the summer of. Although i do wish to see the new Avenger Movie since i love Hawkeye. :D

And of course the main reason of this blog is gaming update for my 360 since i updated already on the PS3 last blog. If you didn't catch that one here you go. But i know you won't read it! so why did i posted it because just in case anyone that does care want to read it. :lol: But i got the recent games on sale and got them at 70 dollars Battlefield Bad Company 2, Vanquish And Rock band 3. I finished up Battlefield And Vanquish im still working on Rockaband. It's not as fun as rockband 2 though the soundtrack is good but it's not my cup of tea and i play it casually since it got raped from it's glory in my opinion since the Beatles rockband feels and looks a lot better than RB3 in the first place. :| Darn it! but it was on sale so i went for it good thing i got it for 12 bucks. But sides Rockband 3 letting me down Vanquish is an amazing ride. I mean wow this game is another great underrated game that everyone needs to play! I mean c'mon the game-play itself is amazing! FLAWLESS!

Another game that i just bought and almost forgot to mention is Eternal Sonata i just started this game a week ago im playing it in pieces since i want all the score pieces and weapons. So far everyone is on the same level and im on Chapter 3 i believe or 4 but i can't really remember then number, but everyone is in the mid 20's and mastering a lot of powerful moves and a really unique storyline. My favorite character so far in the story in Fredrick since the story revolves around his own dream and not to mention great voice acting and great choice in clothing. On and Battlefield of course im having a blast with that. And i bought Limbo to the PC and thinking about buying Super Meat Boy today for the PC as well oh and Arcade Edition for Super Street Fighter 4 since it has better loading times compared to the console versions.

But to end to blog im watching Air Gear Again High-school Of The Dead and watching the English version of Full Metal Alchemist. Oh and A new anime on Adult Swim called Durarara which by far is amazing series so far best i have seen in a while. :D

Well Good By Everyone Im going to play some street fighter i guess or maybe some Call Of Duty.

I'll leave you with this i guess This link will let you know how amaizng Ratata is with the help of Tupace



Thanks For Reading

God Bless!

Endless Despair

This Blog Is Brought To You By The Sniper

The Sniper

The Best Team Fortress 2 cla|ss ever. :D Since i haven't really blogged in a while due to gaming i though i would take the time out of gaming to update everyone about my life but i know that no one really cares cause my life isn't that interesting. :| :P I can tell im the one living it and by god it's so boring i done absolutely boring besides the arcade. ( Which i only went once this summer :roll: ) I done nothing but sit in the house and play video-games. Which isn't a bad thing but i want to see the world but do to the lack of Inspiration from my dad, i can't do jack. and it makes me realize how much i miss school and should make a damn facebook to make some social time with my friends.

Yet i do love the fact of the loneliness though, since of course im doing a lot more gaming than im normally doing in the fall because im so focused on school and the drama that comes along with it unfortunately. :roll: But honestly im just so glad that my bones are getting some well deserved rest for once. But so much complaining in one blog i should talk about what i have been doing. So i was mostly spending my time playing Final Fantasy XIII since of course i don't have a new game for the PlayStation 3 since Naruto Ninja Storm 2 :lol: but that games comes in later, anyway i have increased my trophy progress for that game since i might as well go back and up my trophy score a bit. From a 49% to 53% im not too proud of that "Increase" since in my opinion doesn't seems like a boost. More of a shove. Basically :|

But anyway since i was curious about FFXIII huge backlog i wondered alone into the "Dark Side" of grand pulse with the Female Team Of Lighting Vanille And Fang. Since there my strongest characters in the game what can i say i have a weakness for ladies. But here i go again side tracking from the point, i have completed a large percentage of missions although the number of mission completes could be a lot higher and better ranking since hell most of them are 2-3 stars. which makes me sad but i was very weak before. now that im so called "Mastering the Roles" the games tends to get a lot more forgiving so to speak. With the usage of chocobo's finding secret locations of new missions and bigger enemies to fight against than you averagely fight in the battlefield. Now that i have seen this new world of FFXIII i'll go deeper into it, but im really getting annoyed with the Titan Trials. Most of them are pretty hard if you don't have a cheap tactic up you sleeve which of course gets a little frustrating at times but i'll find a way to get through it.

Another game i have been playing well err.. recently finished was Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2, as i mentioned before. The reason why i got this game was out of boredom quite frankly due to the fact i needed to find a chaotic fighting game besides playing Street Fighter all day. And since no one plays Blazeblue as often anymore i decided to give this game a shot. After playing a tedious combat system, awful online suffering from lag and spammers and no one was really playing fair but every once in a blue moon i did get a decent fight in and i came out victorious in most of them. But after i got the platinum trophy it was safe to say that im never going to play the game again unless im in player matches since that's where most of the good players are at anyway. But yea it's Mr. Platinum Number 8 i believe? Yes? Okay yes it is.The reason why i got the platinum was out of complete boredom and i had nothing better to do and it increased my Trophy Score A hundred fold.

So after that my trophy score is now this:


Oh and forgot to add that i was "Roaming" The Wastelands in Fallout 3 as a bad guy, i don't like being a bad guy not even in videogames but to get some trophies might as well. :roll: So in that case with 664 trophy im level 12 in trophy level, oh and since playfire is kind of slow i got two new trophies making it 666 :shock: damn im a devil worshiper now. So yea i would talk about my Xbox stats but since im really hungy i must be going but i will leave you with ths i guess.

Endless Despair

Best fighting game music ever god how i love blazeblue :D

Later guys~! I guess i'll talk about my new xbox games later on when i get a new HD TV on saturday



And one more thing before i go, Lighting for a video game character does have some fine legs. :D

So It Has Finally Arrived Comic Con 2011

From Geek,Nerds And Cosplayers all shapes and forms assemble to the greatest convention since well the Comic-Con Back in October. This Event Was Huge Bigger Than The Super-bowl Bigger Than Any U2 Concert In NY and it was the greatest east coast event ever. Heavy Hitters such As Marvel VS Capcom 3, Dead Space 2 and The Leakage Of Conan The Barbarian shows that Comic-Con San-Diego is going to have a hard time topping of Comic-Con NY. But unfortunately like the many other Geeks, Nerds, And Cosplayers who won't be there. I too have no time to go this year but i will have the comfort of my computer and my Bowl Of Cinnamon Toast Crunch and stream the ongoing days ahead. And i know for a fact that i won't move a muscle, unless of course my bladder ruins my Hourly Day of Geekness. And Yes Everyday I Schedule A time when to be a Geek im a very organized geek. So besides all That I want To Talk About What I'm most Excited to see out of Comic-Con San-Diego. Especially Since Capcom Is Mostly working on most of the booth's.

Follow This Link In Order To Follow where im getting at To Slove confusion :D

Comic-Con Day One: The Start Of Greatness

So to start of Day one there isn't really much im looking foward to well besides Street Fighter X Tekken, i mean most of the characters aren't in my interest so far besides they put in Sagat And Abel. Other Than That Nothing. No Wait I Take that back later on in the day there will be booth's on both Arkham City And Resistance 3. I hope To Hear more information about Arkham City Since of two things (Rumors Basicly) if you get the game at Best Buy I Believe you get to play as Robin? as i heard from. And In Game character of Catwomen now who ever idea was to put cat-women in the game, thumbs up Rocksteady Employee A job well done! :D i hope to get some answers on both characters. Like I Said Not A Huge Line Up For Day One. But i think the other days will be pretty good. Oh and how did i forget Gears Of War 3. Since i played The Beta for it most of my online questions have been answered i hope to leanr more about story mode and 4 player Co-Op mode. Please Epic Games No Lag please! And A Halo Booth why am i not surpised. :roll: i mean Halo 4? Iv'e been waiting on that for far to long and bungie got lazy. Im not Interested.

Comic-Con Day Two: Things Turn For The Wors.. I mean Best!

Day Two Shows a lot more promise, later on in the day Uncharted is using the "L.A. Noire Method" to making the characters more "life like" by using motion capture what are your opinions on this? So far i think it's a very risky move that Naughty Dog is pulling out of the blue like that. But i have my fingers crossed. Capcom up next with my Anticipated game Asura's Wrath i hope they have a release date on this game this time! im really interested with this game! very interactive and it seems like capcom is putting a lot more effort into this game. And Capcom again Hauling Up the Resident Evil Games Of Raccoon City And Revelations. I need more info of Raccoon City Though since i think the player is actually trying to kill Leon :shock: so that raps up day two.

Day Three: The Show Stopper Twisted Metal

X-Men Destiny And Spider Man Edge Of Time Are Completely New To Me But Gets A Metion since i love Marvel but there games ehhh not so much. But Spider-Man is getting a bit more luckier these 3 years. But Speaking Of Marvel next is the infamous,The Brave, The Broken,The Anticipated work of the one and only. And Biggest let downs of 11 im talking about this


Where To Start? Where To Start? Capcom has a lot of making up to do. Since as most of you know they canceled Mega Man Legends 3 For The 3DS today. And Al ot of people were dissapointed with the game for sure. And Capcom gave us Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition with the Broken Characters Of Yun and Yang. Capcom this year gave us the troll face.


YES VERY MAD! :evil:

Everybody is going crazy, even rumors about a Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom 3 If This Is True then this will probabyl make of 1/3 of Capcom's sin's since there the ones who wnated the character's from each world and marvel designs the stuff. And i for one hope Phoniex is balanced as well with X-FACTOR OR IM GOING TOO Kill The CAPCOM TEAM BEHIND THIS GAME. Don;t tell them i said that okay ehhheh. but yes as we stroll down the rest of Comic-con we got Some Assassins Creed Stuff which im not really a big fan of. Some SoulCalibur V and god namco i hope it was better than the last mistake of a game i miss playing with Necro! :cry: i had some good times playing with him! but i hope to see some new characters, i did enjoy some of the new characters in IV no lie, no lie. But weapons breaking? really your stealing from fallout be creative. Like in Soul Cailbur 2 3 on 3 arcade mode was awesome! and ending day three is my favorite racing gamin series Twusted Metal. But yet it looks good but, i hope there is some new faces to play with, i mean yea to old racers are awesome but we need something fresh and new.! but the game to me so far looks amazing!


and final game to wrap up comic-con is starhawk. To me i never liked WarHwak but StarHawk seems a bit more my type of flying experince can't wait to get on some info on it!

So yea that's about wraps it up :P enjoy your 4 days of nerding out! i know i will and thaks for reading this blog. :D



Well I Almost Lost Faith In Myself

A small blog today, since im in traning for a local arcade that just opened near me, don't wanna look like a scrub. But i have Passed my exams! :D yaay! oh and i picked up 4 new games that i will have impressions on in the next blog! So i guess i'll see you guys later!Hmm maybe i'll post some of my anticipated games in the upcoming year of 11 through 12 while im at it.



Song Of The Day

Taking Back Sunday- Faith (When I Let You Down)

This song was featured in The Movie Transformers: Dark Side Of The Moon If you have'nt seen it Go. BEST TRANSFORMERS EVER~! although the critics are giving it mixed reviews. :lol:

The Thing Is You Were Just An Allegory

"our nature in its education and want of an Education". I believe that Plato would turn in his grave by the new generation of children who think the School is a waste of time, But myself is a 1 in 1,00000000 think that school is waste of time. But yet i think that college is the way to go. Learning how to carry yourself instead of asking your mother or father for help or assistance, to grow as a full grown adult, and choose your own path in the scary world we call earth. I find that the generation before us is a lot more, "Willing" Than the generation of the "Now". We Rely on the newest cell-phone or laughing at our peers insecurities like it was a punch line of a sick cruel joke.

But what is school in my general eyes, an 8 hour temporary escape from staying in ones house and staring at the celling and letting your mind getting Raped and handed toward the government. Without Education slavery would still be happening,stories would be left untouched and a growing of our population would be nothing but monsters thieves and liars.

My starting of 1/2 of my paper for school which is such a waste of time. It's due on the 14th of June, You have to agree or Disagree about Education and how powerful it is, i though i go with the positive side, since there is a lot more powerful evidence could be gathered than disagreeing. I think it is a waste of time. :| Of course you need to learn because we would be a dying population if we didn't. Dumb F'cks.

Okay so i apologize for commenting so little and leaving small comments. This paper could be the end of me but i work great under pressure. Well my exams are coming up on the 15 th. So yea you see why im never on as lately, but i wish i was to comment and have a good ol' laugh with all of you guys. But ya know life is hard if you want to go to Chicago for college since they wrote you for an art school during the ending of may before your senior year. Man that's my ticket of getting out of New York, i hope i get accepted -Panics- :!: But i know that i will be okay if i get to know my Exams and get the material down inside and out, and i know for sure i can pass three of them if i study, but 2 of them Chemistry And Geometry seem a bit overwhelming, but i think if i grind on those the most i will e okay and be less overwhelmed.

Well enough about my stress, i want to talk about gaming for once in a long time. Even though since it's the end of the year i can play video games on the 5 th floor. I feel that it's not enough to keep me up through the day for the amount of 45 minutes. Well during my long leave i completed both Portal 2 and L.A. Noire. Both very good games, although L.A. Noire was a bit dissapointing, even though the DLC Cases are free if your have a Rockstar pass, which came in handy, and worth the Microsoft points. And the Cases were pretty fun to follow as well. But Either way Portal 2 was the better game and yes was more my type of substance compared to L.A. Noire, The Ending of Portal was endless and made my hungry for more Portal in the near future. :D

Final Scores

L.A. Noire: 8.1/10

Portal 2: 9.7/10

I had high expectations for L.A. Noire but it was repetitive as hell and could of hard more missions, and very slow at that. And interrogations can be very difficult if you don't pay attention. While Portal 2 was a wride of humorous and unexpected turns and an epic ending, although i wish the had advanced maps though. :|

I also got the chance to complete final fantasy XIII the underdog game that people love and hate, in my eyes it was a wonderful joy to go back and complete with the team of Fang,Hope and Snow. And yet im not really interested in FFXIII-2 i would love to see if that one will be better than XIII and will it improve on it's flaws. I hope it does, cause i want me some more backlog and missions in this one for sure. :D

Hmm, let's see what other goodies did i forget to mention OH! And I Purchased Mortal Kombat 9 Tournament Edition of it which came with the MK9 Arcade stick. Although i need to go back into, glad i waited since now i can beat all of you with my Arcade Stick :twisted: Xbox Live matches anyone? Well it's a pretty fun game. Although the lag is so annoying. And now as fast as the other fighting games out there and you have to keep up with the pace wth the stick, which is kinda hard, but if i play it more i'll get it down for sure. :D Im playing as Noob Smoke And Ermac. I love those guys. Since i dropped Sonya. :D But the Lag in the game is terrible. But the game is overall solid period.

And yes of course you guys know i purchased Super Street Fighter 4 AE Edition, Duh i mean i would'nt be me without my AE. What the hell would the world be like if i did'nt, Although Yun and yang are very overpowered, and only a few can beat them, although im thinking about picking up Yun. :P but i like the improvements such as Cody's Heavy Jump kick juggles now INTO EVERYTHING. Gen has two Target Combo's now, Makoto Health improved to 1,000 instead of 950, as well with Seth. Man AE surpised me man i love it. :D

And before i go, i would like to announce that Nintendo outshined everyone at E3 this year. I did'nt fall asleep unlike the Sony and Mircosoft E3's Does Microsft really thinks they cand bend us over and call us miami using the kincet to get money. WTF!

P.S. Im Done my report, kinda multitased doing it while posting, i think i did well.



My Rockstar Mentality

Well it's been over a month. From gaming,To Baksetball,To School, To Haging to my friends. Life has finally shows sign of changing. This is really a good turning point so far in the warm weather. But before i start this blog, i want to point on something to all the Leborn James fans. HE CAN'T WORK UNDER PRESSURE! In The Miami Heat As it showed last night. Bottom Line is Miami did have a chance, if no one assited D.Rose. There would be done, or god forbid if D.Rose Got An Injury of some sort, Miami would wipe the floor with them. Chicago Step up there game But Tosh Gibson JUST F'in Scraping Ankles final score, Miami 82 Chicago 103. Done deal Miami. I mean YES! Without D.Rose Getting Some Help or without Rose on the team Miami would probably wipe the floor with them. But I think Leborn thinks this is a popularity now that he joined the team in my opinion. I mean when he was on the Cavs back in what 2009-2010 61 wins during that season. Now it's just a damn joke, Enough said. :roll:

Now that that is over, i would like to winding things down into gaming since i have been gone. And yes i have been abusing some games over my long break from blogging from the site, but these games were worth the break. And i had a good time playing them. Although i have to finish two of these games during my gameplay progress of a new game i just bought today. On friday evening coming home from school through my weekend, and as well as going to watch Thor and Brides Maids over the weekend. Yes I Said Brides Maids got a problem with that! :x

Portal 2

Now Portal 2 has improved story wise, gameplay, and dialouge. And let's no forget the clever writting during the story mode. :D My First Impressions of the game was it did start a bit slow but the new character wheatly does bring some laughter within the start of the game. With a great sense of humor and character he shows that he can over come great feats and brings some life during the hard times in the test chambers. Gamplay it has'nt chnaged but, the useage of gels such as Repulsion and Propulsion And Portal makes the game a lot more fun to play online and story mode. Which makes the Test Chambers a lot more harder, but the way you use one indiviually in story mode and Together in Online mode is very creative. Online how ever there is a story to it which i won't get into details but it did make it easy to communitcate with the useage of the "Cooperative Game Ping Tool." which helps the player where to place the portals to stand on buttons place your loving little companion cube D'awwwww! and a timer. They Also have Gestures, from hugging your partner, playing Rock,Paper,Sicssors and waving to them. The game shows promise. Although i have to finish the storyline. But Online was really fun. Got all the Co-Op levels down. :D

The Dishwasher

Well if you never played the Dishwasher, The original game was extremely hard if you replated it through the hardest difficulty, which is Samuri difficulty. It's one of the most difficult Aracde Games to come out of Xbox Live Arcade to this day. And The Story felt kind of shallow at some of it's parts. But with amazing soundtrack,Very fun Boss Battles, and even killing the main reason why you were fighting for in the first place. The Original game was pretty good at it's parts. But Vampire Smiles Are Impressive. With More Weapons,More Blood, and a new character to play with in the battle for revenge,escape and just great combat system. This is a very good buy for 1,200 points.

L.A. Noire

Just Got The Game Today, but im not going to play it till friday. Since i got this on realease date, i got "TheSharpshooter" Detective Suit. I have'nt Played A Rockstar game in a while so im looking forward to this game. Although i do want to play this today, 3 days aren't so far away. :P

Now i guess im done typing my hands away, i guess i'll chatch you guys later.



Another Year Another Year Wiser

Well today is my GS anniversary so im just making a heads up on it all, been here for 2 years. Pretty Cool Place this site, I don't think i'll ever leave, love you guys! And i hope that you guys are blessed each and everyday of your beautiful lives!well im going to do some homework before my spring break starts on Monday. Later guys!



I'm Seriously Emo! No Not Really

WOW! I was'nt on for two long days, and i barley updated since march in gaming. Man i would like to apologize for bening so inactive and not blogging on all of your wonderful blogs. And for the great positive material on my poem that i posted a while back. Thanks guys! :D

But yet i got the title of Seriously Emo

Let ME Explain before you people call me out. Im not Emo i just using this becasue im playing Abel in Super Street Fighter these days! And im using the Tiltle name to let you know who im using. :lol: i wihs i had a icon to show you what i mean. But i got something a bit better, so i'll show you a video of all the unlocks of every title in the game. Oh And check out more of VesperArcade. Total god like in any fighting game fo'so!But really enough abous street fighter. These days i am barley playing it and im playing a lot of well let me explain in the next paragraph.

Okay so im becoming a Square Enix fanboy hardcore. From leveling up and updating my characters weapons to messing with the wild life in final fantasy XIII. To Fighting and leveling up my chacaters to enjoying the combat system in Final Fantasy Dissida 012. And being dissapointed on how short The 3rd birthday. Shaking my head. But i want to talk a lot more about FFXIII & Dissida 012. Well since ladies are first, im going to first talk about my progress in FFXIII. Since i want to talk about how much effective my character development has become and hunting for treasure! :D

So i have made a major jump during the past 2 weeks compared to my last gameplay being stuck on the second fight with Barthandelus, which pissed me off since i raged since my characters could'nt do the job. But in thins play through i am leving up to a point where i can meet the standards in missions, get five starts in boss battles and even learning moves that i never even got to obtain in the first play through.

Not only that but im clearing and exploring the lands and messing with the wild life, which is pretty rewarding and fun that is pretty cool, I even found a Catuar at one point which gives you a huge CP boost 1,0000 points. :D Which came in handy to level up Lighting's Commando Role And Vallinel's Ravenger Role. I never knew FFXIII had such a huge back door to such great replay value, and a great way to find new items that can be bought at shops and not to mention some parts to upgrade your weapons faster than before.!

Sides FFXII Im now playing Dissida 012, now i did'nt like the cast on the original fighter, this on i like but not really a huge cast of characters that i wanted -cough-Vincent -cough- Genesis -Cough- but i am playing a lot of characters from both good and evil. And i think ia lot of people well be shcoked at my main characters

Good Guys Corner (No Cloud :P)

  • Vaan
  • Lighting
  • Squall
  • Tifa
  • Laguna (Main Character From This List Of Good Guys)
  • Terra
  • Onion Knight
  • Kain

Bad Guys Coner (Prepared to see characters you did'nt expcet me to play and no sephiroth)

  • Golbez
  • Garland
  • EX Death (Main Character Of The List Of Bad Guys)
  • Gabranth (My Best Character In The Game :P)
  • Unltimecia
  • Kuja

Oh and i just found out that cloud of darkness and Unltimecia play the same, but Unltimecia is more effective since she has a better rage attacks and better EX runaway game in my opinon but my main character is actually A Tie Bewteen Garland And EX Death. The Reasons why, well i'll start with Garland.


-You Need A High Skill Level To Play Him

-EX Mode just looks amazing AND HE HAS A SEXIER CAPE! AND ARMOR

-Used Very Little

-He Does'nt Seems Like A Villian

-Reminds Me Of Nightmare

-Nemesis fighting ****is SOOOO SICK

EX Death

-Defensive GOD!

-Just His Name Alone let's you know that he is epic :lol:

-I never knew that trees can fight like he can :o

-Extremly Slow Means I don't need to rush down as much since i can counter

-Best Against Sephiroth players since he has god-like range 8)

-Need The Art Of Predicting Your Opponets Next Move Like The Game Of Chess

-EX Mode you can win easy if your opponet is playing with Shantotto

And finally the reason im not on as much is because of school and on weekends im voluntering for helping the school out with stuff and you get Commuinty Credits and good for Colleges to see. So i guess that's it for now.



Song Of The Now Form Lorenzo's Play List

Rise Against Satellite

The Heart Attack

Her Brown Eyes Lets Me Know That She IS Okay

But Her Green Ones Let Me Know That She IS Broken

When She Is With Him

She Smashes The Target Where My Hearts Sits

You And I Both Know It Hurts

Im Waiting Around For Nothing To Happen

But At Least I Know You Worth It

Because You Paint My Broken Heart

Like Some Awful Peace Of Art

I Guess We Can Only Be Best Freinds For Never

Cause You Two Will Be Together Forever

I Know That My Hands Will Be In My Pockets

And My Head In The Clouds After IT's All Said And Done

My Eye Sight Gives In To All The Tears That I Cried

The World As I Know IT Goes Black

I Open My Eyes

"This is A True Heart Attack"




Im OKay people I just wrote something pathetically Poetic

Define The Term Leading You On

Before I Start This i Give a moment to Japan's struggle for it's people and for a great country that supplies the US mostly a large percentage of our products, And great creativity and orginality. They did'nt do anything. :(

Well hello again once again! From yours truely Kid_Black_Star. :P i have been really bored lately and been in a spiral of deafeat and triumph. Well firstly, im getting pummeled in Marvel VS Capcom 3 since people want to destroy my team(s) with Sentinel And since some of the characters have some cheap tactics And not to forget that i don't have an joystick since my dad thinks that it's a waste of human life. And im soo not playing Fight Pad again it's awful. One button out of commission your done. :( not to mention they really sensitive)

But i am getting sooo much better in Super Street Fighter 4 so far with Cody with only play the 360 controller, im glad im getting wins, but (Yes there is always a but with everything good or bad in this world, as human we must deal with it.) i really wanna go deeper into a combo then just getting a a 9-10 hit combo with him. But Cody as the best Offensive game in the game in my opinion and i want to do sooo much more with him! And best frame traps! to top the icing on the cake!

Sides that im thinking on another game purchase for spring and these games a flying through my mind and just making me kill more of my useless brain cells, which of course that is really becoming an annoying game of Cat And Mouse So Here Are the candidates.

  1. Mortal Kombat
  2. Portal 2
  3. Brink

Out of these looking forward to, actually i don't even know which one to choose since i loving platforming,fighting & shooting games :( but i think i would go with Portal 2 so far but the problem is it has the Rateded E10+ tag, meaning the puzzles might be a lot easier compared to the first and not as much humor since i never really though of vaulve creating a rated E10+ game. Im used to hainvg pure violence, blood, and crude humor. But i'll see how it goes though.

Another point i want to bring up, my borther wants to get the 3DS, which i think is very good or very band. Due to i see nothing good coming out of the 3DS except Remakes, Sequels, Prequels amd milking gmaes that reatpeats it's self in some awkward manner. AND DON'T THINK NO GAMES IS BEING MILKED CAUSE YOU GUYS ARE GETTING ANOTHER KH GAME! WHEN WE ALL WANT KH3. Which i find pretty annoying and a pain in the ass, which makes a lot of us KH fans angry. :twisted: Sides that i guess the only reason why i might get the 3DS is for pokemon Black/White and.. Okamiden and that's about it.!

I guess this will be the last part of this blog, sinc i have'nt played sly cooper all week and have'nt purchased any new games and or music. I feel so sad :( but anywho my friend Brianne asked me this a while back i have no idea what the hell this term means since my mind is pure virgin material. :lol: But anyeho she asked me "Am I Leading You On?" and i told her "Difine Leading On?" She too had no clue. :lol: pure ignorance! but can someone please define this for me cause i really want to know :( is this a good thing or a bad thing?



Gotta Go Settle Things With An Old..Friend so say

Soul Eater