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Note to self: Black Cat HATES Axe body spray

Well if you did'nt know i love comic-books and well i never liked Spider-Man but i think this new isusse of The Amazing Spider-Man Issue 677 is starting to change my mind


Honorable metions include

-Batman & Robin#5

-Batwoman #5

My favorites

Journey Into Mystery #633

Doctor Who #13

Secret Avengers #21

A Public Service Announcement

Have a happy new year's eve and a better new years day

And please let's not say that the world is going to end 2020 cause this crap is getting annoying, If you think the world is going to end be accurate.

This announcement was brought to you by Rayman Origins one of the best original piece of writing in the year 2012 well besides my GOTY Portal 2.



Overdue inactivity message

So i need to take a break from GS, due to life is catching up with me, my girlfriend cheated on me not like i didn't see that coming but i digress and moved along and realize i need to let things flow. But gaming,Schoolwork,My Job, The Arcade and house life is getting chaotic so that's why im not on as much.

Happy Hoildays! :D



I will Return December 23

Without Music Who Are We?

Well since i got batman my recent purchase of Modern Warfare 3 which i am regretting due to the fact i wanted Skyrim and the fact that i have to wait longer due to the fact my Xbox Live Subscription is running out of time i have to wait till December to purchase it. Not that i mind... well not all that much. :P Oh and this busy body finally has a girlfriend now, her name is Amber she Japanese. Since the Date Of November 7,2011 but she is leaving in the month of January though which i don't mind due to the fact i want to spend most of that remaining time with her in the first place. Hell, I've known her for years and i don't know why i fumbled upon asking her out. Maybe it was because of my attraction to her.

So Now you know why i was late commenting some blogs and what not, but this is not the point of this blog. I have realized that people in general have that certain song or playlist that defines them as a human. Because without music we can't really express ourselves with our voices and i think music shows that your true weakness can make you stronger. Whether or not you have sweaty palms, butterflies in your gut and you start to sweat for some apparent reason even the shaking of the legs, you can play a song to help you get over the hardest of things

But i though about what makes me the person that i am and what kinds of music influences me as a person and these eight songs makes me who i am and influences me to never give up and be myself. So i'll just get this started!

Arrows By Fireworks

From The Album


This song in general you have no idea what he is saying. Because people think "Hey it's just another cheesy rock band from Detroit that just sing about sex drugs and what not" but yet they yet to realize that the song and the album talks about hope, but the song Arrows let's listeners know that you can find yourself and realize who you are with the people you bring into your life. To not let your anger or depression ruin your friendships with other people. And sings about how people live the same experiences and can "Scratch My Itch" by talking to them and express you feelings and give you advice through it all. But the song Arrows shows that you can shoot down your problems and they can never come back.

The Wonder Years: Local Man Ruins Everything

From The Album

The Wonder Years!

I think i talked about these guys a bit recently the have the same sound as fireworks but has different lyrics and has a general way of stating why depression can hurt yourself and the people you love. "It's not about forcing happiness it's about not letting sadness win." I love that line a lot because it describes how i feel about certain situations and how to go on about it and move along with it. Although memories do catch up with you in time you can heal them with your future and look upon how mcuh you have changed during your high-school or even middle school days.

Sum 41: Some Say

From The Album


I don't think i have to say much about Sum 41 everyone should know them by now and oh they also have a new album and songs but there not the same but they have one good song that i enjoy since the piano in the background is amazing! so pick up it's a lot of love and hate for this CD but it has some other solid songs like THIS; but anyway the song Some Say from one of there best albums and one of my favorite songs that let me know that it's time for me to drop my childish things and move along with all the childish love stories and realize things will never change if i don't change myself this world can't change. There is still racism in certain areas of the world, people dying while US and other major powers sit on there Asse.. i mean Assessments and just think that they will be okay. Sum 41 let's you know the world will change but at what price?

Foster The People: Pumped Up Kicks

From The Album


I just found this band from my girlfriend, just listening to pumped up kicks for the fist time you have no idea what he is saying but with lyric searching (similar to the song Arrows because you need to analyze the lyrics) you can see this song is a sick way for getting revenge all of because of a boy named Robert that inspired another youth to get revenge on the "Pumped Up Kids" but using guns and violence to get what he wants. And to even the score when they run away from him he hopes that they run faster than his bullet. Since there is no way in hell they can get away from that. This song let's me know that revenge can be inspired from anywhere anytime. Which let's me know that you better watch out for the quiet ones.

Vampire Weekemd: Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa

From The Album

Vampire Weekend

The reason why i picked this song because it talks about how men can act around females, they find there soul mate been going out for a while, but the male in the relationship becomes so demanding for Sex, Keeping the house clean and even dressing nice. But on the side lines cheating on her with another female who does everything for him. Which let's me know why certain girls have problems with certain males and why the date such ignorant people. and why i shouldn't let myself be so overwhelmed by certain people like that. Since im the opposite but whenever i see it i play this song to let me know i won't turn into those sex hungry person.

My American Heart: Tired & Uninspired

My American Heart

I think this song describes me in a nutshell honestly, when ever i really truly fall in love with a girl i want to let her know how i truly feel. But because with some many problems in the way we can't be together which makes me feed up and hits my heart seeing her hurt. But even in the wrong i still think that were strong together no matter what situation. And there might be hope for that broken thing, and no matter what she will be everything that i need. I guess that i have been feeling that way recently about Brianne but whatever it's over now i have commitments now!

Lupe Fiasco: Im Beamin

From The Album


I don't listen to a lot of rap music unless they talk about problems about the world. Lupe talks about how cool he is and how good it is to follow you heart and to just be yourself and let no ne put you down during the dark times he let's us know that giving up is never an option at all. That kids living in the ghetto can move themselves not only in the ghetto but in any hard situation that can be solved with a good mind set. Stay away from influnces and be a star in the pitch black sky.

Weezer: Perfect Situation


I can't leave these guys out. These guys have been there for me since the start, the powerful lyrics and jumpy catch tunes and they have so much personality and gives me hope listening to a new song from them Perfect Situation has great meaming and let's me know there is hope for a No name F--- Up like myself.

Other Great Songs That Define Me

Well That's All Folks Hope you enjoyed this blog



Im Just That Damn Good

So because of my hardworking drive,giving away some old games i don't play anymore and working harder than usual and trying to get a girlfriend i though since im having a lot of good Karma flying my way, i says to myself. I need some more superhero's in my life


And no this game is not my hype game im more of a how you say a unique way of getting to one area with out striking my target head on. A little hint for the game, oh and to mind F'ck you the game im hyped for,

It all ready came out. :P

Yea that's a small update oh and i will not be buying anymore games until December since im playing to many damn games, it's funny though i was going to buy Dead Rising Of The Record but luckly i went to comic con and played it it's just Dead Rising 2 sandbox with Frank west and a flare of Six Flags rides :roll:

Really Cashcom?

Im Not Sad Anymore Just Waiting

This blog is brought to you by The Wonder Years not the show from the 90's the punk rock band from Lansdale, Pennsylvania.

Well hello again all my wonderful friends on GS. Well i think i haven't posted up in a while, well i think it has been a while. I have been playing Gears Of War 3, preparing for Comic-Con NY and training up in Street Fighter since 2012 edition is on the way. I have been playing Rose lately and even though you have to work harder with her this time around she fits my play Sty-le and im almost B rank after just playing with her in three days. But that's not the point, the point is im really busy at times a job at best buy,school and it being my Senior year and all, and trying to get into the fighting game scene and trying to find time on the weekend to do homework and play piano and sing my heart out. I still find time to comment on all of your wonderful and creative blogs! and i do hope my schedule get's more open in the upcoming holiday season cause im going to have a meltdown if i don't get to play my newly purchased games. :|

Other than that i have been really active in school, like really active attending after school Cl@sses preparing for my upcoming SAT exam, and im getting to school earlier this time around. I just hope i continue before the marking period ends. But school is overall is pretty much improved compared to my other "High-school Experiences" since i was more revolved around getting the grade, it still is but now that school ends a bit earlier i can go to the arcade or go staking a bit more often or work. :P But it's been a good ride so far.

But something happened that made me get out of my confront zone and realize that i can't think so negativity and i should just be myself. Well i'll give it to you in Dialogue.

Girl: Good bye Renzo

Boy: So no hug these days?

Girl: You never talk to me anymore your acting like Shawn

Boy: Im not, just thought you don't need me anymore ive noticed you just living you life like a diva these days

Girl: Okay i don't have time to argue with you anymore

Boy: No Wait it's not that im arguing im trying to talk to you like a normal human being im tried of us fighting like although when we do fight we always have common ground

Girl: Okay but your acting like Shawn

Boy: What? Because i smoke?

Girl: No it's not the smoke you can moderate yourself unlike him

Boy: Let me guess you two broke up?

Girl: Your a sharp one who told you?

Boy: No one i get my Sharpness from you

Girl: Renzo stop flirting with me

Boy: Im not trying any tricks damn it, im being true to my heart for once

Boy: You can't see it im trying to hold it together but I can see that Irony's found Cracks in the foundation (Thank you Wonder Years!) i'll always love you you should know this by now your my best friend

Girl: -reaches out To Hug Me-

Boy -Hugs Her Back- Im Sorry

Girl: Shut Up Stop saying that!

Boy: Okay sorry oh damn it i did again.

Girl: Oh You!

For anyone thinking that doing the possible is impossible it is, just grow a pair and stop being a coward like myself was, Soon after this i started to create my own ****of person. Became A Rose player,Started to realize that i have got to smoke less damn im going to miss my daily dose in nicotine, became a lot better player n SF overall My whole personality changed because of that moment. Hm maybe it was because of you guys asnd your awesome advice. You guys are the best!!!

So in the gaming world i want to talk about Gears Of War 3 now if you did'nt like Gears 2 and you liked the original gears like NeonNinja Or if you liked Gears 2 and you did'nt like the Original Gears And You like Gears Of War 2 like my brother. I think either opinion's you will like Gears OF War 3 since it improved in every aspect of Gears One And Gears 2. I mean the game takes you places and can really let you know how seriously the cast is taking this war WAAAY more seriously in the final neck of the race. The story was all out compared to the rest. Online is good it's just that if you don't miss you active reload and you have to do it a lot in order for you to take advantage of your opponent.

Beast mode is also good but it's only 12 waves and very easy. I though it was really good but when i found out it was 12 i just threw it out the window and played Horde and Horde is much Harder Beside Brumacks There Are Reavers And Berserk's. Makes you think twice before just charging in there but there are things to help you out such as turrets and extra ammo pick ups everywhere. And the Money System is pretty smart as well.!

Besides playing gears and school im waiting for a certain game to come out sooner or later no not Street Fighter X Tekken Not KOF NOT MW3 no a game that surpasses all of them in many ways? can you guess the game will be reveled in my next blog! DUN DUN DUN HINT: NO Neon Ninja it anit Dark Souls im not getting it at this time waiting for the holidays!



When One Door Closes You Know The Rest...

"When one door closes another door opens, but we so often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door, that we do not see the ones which open for us."

Alexander Graham Bell

This quote is said a lot, and i never though i would experience this kind of thing. But now looking back at my middle school and my recent start of my senior high-school year i have been going through this. Let me explain, we all know that people come and go all the time right? stop me if im wrong here because if you never been through this your not human at all,but any who i realized that im starting to lose someone i though who could be very dear and good to me. Even after high-school when we graduated, i had a crush on her last year. Pretty girl yea she had a boyfriend about 6,2 i believe and a lot older as well, and same time i started to like her. The start of that same Junior year we had a bond, a bond that i never even dreamed of with a female. Read the same books like the same video games, hell we held each other like paper and glue back in those days. But i didn't want to make things odd, but one day my stupidity got the best of me and i told her. :roll: And of course this made things a bit more odd. We did talk still are bond was strong but i waited for her for quiet the while i even told her that i would. But i was still going along with every heart breaking moment that they kissed and yes i really wish that sometimes it was me holding her. Oh and yes i started to do things i never done before over a female. One time i kissed her cheek which slowly became often. WTF Izzy control yourself! and even held her a few times (That's It Im Going To Just Throw Myself off the Brooklyn Bridge)

Then in the words of Hazama S'it got real. There were turmoils we argued we didn't talk we make up the same cycle and even when we didn't argue it felt like she didn't even want to talk to me, and even at times when she felt sorry for me and she did admit that a couple of times. But it still made me wonder why she was even sorry for me. She was happy living her life and i mess it up i never had any courage to tell her anything i just watched her talk a mile away cleaning up the mess that i made. And it was usually her cleaning up house, although after we did made up we did have our moments in our last period Geometry Cla**. And even though we argued we always found a way to find common ground. There were even times that i though i could get over her and go back to the way they were. HELL NO I STILL F'cked it up.

So over the summer i skated, had a few shows to do well local ones opening for a hardcore band i got a job now on the week school opened. I missed two days of school since i went to see some family up in Singapore. The Bogus Junction i believe that is how you spell it. When i returned everyone welcomed me back with warm hugs but she, didn't say a word to me like i wasn't even there. I mean yea we talk a small amount during the week progressed, but it was very formal and dull. And then it realized she still though about it over the summer and just couldn't take it anymore. The pain i guess was overwhelming. Which makes me feel so stupid since i never though about it over the summer. I didn't even want to think but things stared to turn up for me making me realize that things will get better and i might have a shot. Turns out i was wrong. Very wrong and now i have to work on getting her trust back. :roll: But things a still going fine i just wish none of this happened i just need some advice with this mess that i made. :| And i know that she isn't going to read this but if she does Bri im sorry. :|You heard it from me a thousand times. And it won't heal the wound that i created but i want to slowy become the bandage that covers up that scar.

But anyhow i apologies for the old man tail, i guess right now i'll go into gaming since it's helping me out against the drama like this. So that Tourney i went to i was good ya know i though it would be free as hell i was dead wrong! :evil: i got smoked okay so the rules were first to five consecutively to get into to Top 16. Simply Right? HELL NO! I GOT BODIED! I WAS FREE!! and for silly s'ht. One the TV were laggy so you could'nt finish a combo! Reason Two Killer players such as Chirs Hu, Dieminion, Noel Brown,Tenchi and Spab rog Oh yes a Poem came and they all made top 16. Oh and did i mention Chirs G almost entered but there was a charity tourney that he went to west side of the city called S.O.S :o And spad rog won day one. Day Two Same S'it the killers came out and everyone knew Dieminion was going to win. I was using Adon,Ryu and i had to switch Juri to Abel since Juri has a hard time against the MANY YUN AND YANG PLAYERS! But i did have a good time played causuals beofre it happend and i realize im a good Adon i just need to work on my Spacing and i need to go to The Arcade more to up my skill. But one this is for sure these are some sad times on Street Fighter 4 AE oh wait it was alwats Sad times In SF4, By god im glad i can play 3rd strike online at The Next Level. But im starting to go more frequently. Im getting known slowly. Which is good.

Oh yes and im playing a lot of games recently but it will be mentioned in another blog! :P Okay later Guys On Yea and Support This BAND I LOVE THIS DUO OF MATT AND KIM! they sound so Dope!

Kid_Black _Star


Hopeless Romantic At Best..

Im Taking The Weekend Off


And that is why wish me luck! :D

I'll Be Using Juri Adon and Ryu Im just going to see how STRONG I AM!

So i'll comment on blogs when i come back i promise :D