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GameSpot's Mega Evolution.

So, it's been another handful of months since I have been busy with human interaction, filling out an endless amount of job applications and just passing exams earlier on this month. And since I had the free time I really wanted to see GS and how the community has grown, and boy was I blown away by the new interface by god this site looks pretty good. Design wise it got a total upgrade! But, but the fact remains two major flaws appeared during my excitement of logging back in the first 3-5 minutes adding games to my new found playing list. One major problem is that most comments from blogs I created in the past are erased unfortunately in the people's activity section and I can't seem to find not even one blog post, OR maybe the lack of blogs have skyrocketed into an all time low for so it seems that way. If that is the case then I'll just be posting in forums and trying new things on the site such as reviews and just talking about video games I purchased this year. For now it's almost 11:30 in Florida, yes I wound up in Florida again but I will digress and leave it up to time and faith to figure out why I am here. But I will leave with this I am staying for a while no more constant disappearances. Small gaps in weeks sure or maybe a month because of studying but outside of that nothing just more post, so i bid you adieu my fellow gamespoters and keep on gaming!

When's INJUSTICE!!!!

So since EVO season is  approaching which is why I haven't been on much if you don't know EVO the biggest fighting game major that happens every July and is probably the only major that separates the boys from the men. That being said and the fact that I will be moving in with my mother at another location in New York (Later on in the month) since my dad is leaving the state due to a better and huger job offer. I was invited to go but refused, I am happy in New York until I graduate with a scholarship in hand to continue my education endeavors in Full Sail University. So right now I have been watching a lot of fighting gaming streams and high level players training it out in U. Marvel VS Capcom 3, Injustice and of course my favorite game Super Street Fighter AE: 2012. But also Smash brothers Meele, which I am glad they put it on stream finally.


Been playing a lot of Injustice as well learning Catwomen, The Flash ( Barry Allen) And Green Arrow I gave that game an eight out of ten, will I rate it higher now that i fully played the game? No, the game is fun but Nether Realms felt a bit lazy with the Archives for unlockables, could of used a lot more characters and even if it had one of the most interesting story lines for a fighting game it lacks in some areas no tag team matches and the Mini game side of things a lot of them are locked.. So if you wanted to play a mini game with your character you have to start from the beginning collect the stars to unlock the next character trail.

So that's all for now I'll be more active among the following days enjoy your summer everyone! And if you would like state how you are doing love to know what you guys are up to while i'm breaking.

It Was a Long Ride Down the East Coast.

 That's right, my absence let's you know I was playing The Last of Us after reading the title. I'm not going to go into any spoilers here, but I'm going to tell you this. In under the 36 hours of story (plus beating the game on new game plus on Normal Difficulty giving me a total of 36 hours rather then just the average eighteen) I am convinced this is Sony's farewell to the PS3, then again our hype is beyond our standards over that gem we forget the Beyond: Two Souls is coming out  this upcoming winter which might be the icing on the cake for Sony's farewell but not the case.

 This game had elements from AMC's The Walking Dead and old school Zombie horror movies and borrowed some inspiration from the book  The Road written by Cormac McCarthy. The thing I loved about this game was actually the gameplay the two options of sneaking around the enemy, which is extremely difficult since the enemy AI will move up on your position and won't think twice about calling for some back up. Or of course you can go in guns blazing but, ammo is scarce so think twice before you pull that itchy trigger finger.

 Overall if you own a PS3 you need to get out of your rock, this game is probably the most fun I had with a Sony exclusive since Ape Escape 2 owning a PS2, owning a copy of Megaman Legends 2 on the PS1 and not a lot of people know this but ever since I bought my first PS3 back on March 9th 2010 the system brought along a copy of Infamous I was in love with the original Infamous game and it was made from one of my favorite gaming developers Sucker Punch, but The Last of Us gave that game a run for it's money and The Last of Us is my favorite exclusive title for this generation maybe overall as well. We will see after I play both GTA V & Beyond: Two Souls

 Other then me going into small detail about game play and successfully not spoiling the story for you guys & the fact the I don't want to make this blog extremely long so before I go I'm going to summarize my top five games at E3 since I didn't get much say ever since The Last of Us game out about almost two weeks ago.


Number Five: Sunset Overdrive


Even though no gameplay was shown, Insomniac might have a fun multiplayer game with potential, I love the art design and the character models I feel like this game will hopefully redefine consoles and shooters, becuase honestly I need a  new direction when it comes down to it. 

Number Four: Final fantasy XV 


I don't need to say much right? We have been waiting long enough

Number Three: Kingdom Hearts 3


For the love of god I really wish Dead-pool would see some light in KH3 I would buy it in a heart beat! He is my favorite Marvel Anti-Hero! And since Disney bought Marvel i'm hoping to see some Marvel hero's and Villains in the game c'mon think about it!? image The Incredible Hulk as a heartless.... Or better yet Onslaught from MVC1

Number Two: Super Smash Brothers: Wii U




Number one: Transistor.


For those who did not know, I have a pretty bad PC set up but, SURPRISINGLY I CAN PLAY Bastion on it. (TF2 as well but my graphic card is really obsolete) But, after finishing Bastion I immediately craved more from Supergiant games. And when I saw Transistor I was excited.... First time ever i'm that interested with an Indie game! Who would of thought! Me!? But I see so muhc hidden potential in one small package and I really want to get my hands on it so badly when the PS4 drops and it's going to be a Sony exclusive....




Wonder if I Gave an Oreo to Tom Mc Shea?

Would he kick me down the steps for even offering him one? Or would he throw that Oreo and the whole package out the window? Would my kindness be worth nothing? Although by the time I offer him one the pack will be over and done with, saving me the embarrassment.

Now let's be honest, the relationship between gamer and video games are constantly changing all the time. Everyone in the community has opinions some better then others and some non agreeable due to lack of details and false analyzing. But I don't understand this why would anyone bash a human being over a video game? Reading the review for Naughty Dog's upcoming game "The Last of Us" PS3 "Fanboys" are flaming all over the website. Now lets summarize some of the comments shall we? Because some of them were just completely uncalled for.


WE HATE YOU TOM, How come Halo 4 got an 9 but if flopped in sales in the US, Why does every PSN "Fanboy" thinks that a Sony game is close to perfection! Tom is the ultimate troll! Tom Review For Skyward Sword was just as bad. One person even said Tom is getting bored of Naughty Dog games by comparing the two Uncharted games he reviewed which are Uncharted 2: Among Thieves which received a 9.5 & Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception which received a 9.0 then the punch of the face of an 8.0 that The Last of Us received only days ago. Why does Tom even work for GS?, even outrageous  comments that will not be mentioned.

Now reading mostly ninety five percent of other gaming websites this game got perfect score and Metacritic overall gave it a 96, which most likely that number might increase or decrease since the game hasn't been released to everyone as of right now. Why am I making a big deal about it? Because it's a personal bother that has been bothering me ever since Asagea_888 pointed out that the game review came out a bit early. When did video games become such a big deal over a damned number? Why is it that when you own a system of choice and only limit yourself to one and that succeeds in providing excellent exclusives such as Infamous, Journey, Ratchet & Clank and one of my favorite gaming series that needs a new game in the series Ape escape. No matter what th score was those games left memories that made me a gamer and kept playing for thirteen years. Sony really puts out some epics no matter what the score is so why freak out now if The Last of US didn't even get released to the majority of the public, yet people bash you over hardware that is unpopular in that time period like it's a trend. Gaming isn't a trend or a fad! It's a revolution that will constantly grow with support from the community and publishers listening to the fans or better yet surprising the fans by putting something new on the table.

The Last of Us has been under my radar ever since the E3 of last year. Every game play trailer got better and better and it being a Naughty Dog game I didn't care about a review or how much the public would react. I basically knew this game would be the game of this generation honestly but I didn't jump to that conclusion. But after time pass I read constantly how this game would be that game that would lead the pack of wolves of games this year. And let's be honest with our selves what game is absolutely perfect that anyone would enjoy? Some people like Tag, some people like to play chess, Some people play Magic The Gathering when their girlfriends are out and socializing with her friends  and people like me like to sit on their asses like myself and play video games at least 3-8 hours a day when the time period is free to play.

If disagree with someone I understand, state you opinion without constantly bashing one another. Then again anyone can say anything behind a screen door but would stay shut in real life. It's pathetic and it needs to stop. NOW!


Gaming Exploration

So I played a few games here and there outside of playing my own gaming collection. I went to a friends house and played a few games that I wanted to look into.

Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch 

Pretty much one of the greatest PS3 RPG exclusives I have played in a while. If you love grinding until your hands hurt and not to mention a funny and adorable story line this game is for you. Worth the full price of 60$ oh and i'm a sucker for the artwork honestly.


A game that's only fun with your friends, the game is a bore-fest by yourself. Nothing new there

Tomb Raider

Well of course Square Enix would make an awesome combat system and stealth mechanic to revive the franchise the story was pretty solid, but I did'nt like Laura as a character, yet I forgive the game for that because it was her first adventure.

Playstation All Stars Battle Royale

Fun duplicate of Smash and fun cast of characters yet stages and meter building reminded me too much of Smash although what it does better then smash it's combo system, the creativity for finding new combo's is pretty limitless for each character. Although Kratos is pretty much a cheap character....Then again I knew he would be cheap so eh. Fun game just needs more exploration. Not a fighter to play high level or a fighter to be rememberd it's more of a causal fighting game.

Injustice: Gods Among US

Fast paced game, Cyborg is pretty cheap, the game is fun and in my opinion outside of KOF XIII & Blazblue has the best story line in fighting game history. It's a blast Thanks Ed Boon for making a bomb ass game!

Tony Hawk Project 8

Generic staking game, stiff controls better customization. Although it has an amazing soundtrack. A lot to do as well with jumping huge mother F***ing gaps.... That you must do in order to complete the game.

Bioshock Infinite

I played this when my brother let me borrow is laptop with the game. I'm glad he did pretty much my GOTY in a heartbeat. Gameplay is lovely Comestock is a total pain to your side Songbird is DOPE AS HELL! Gameplay is really fun also I need to purchase my copy to play 1999 mode and give it a go on that difficulty

Really short blog, then again most of my blogs I realized are really time wasting due to length. Any way I passed my exams like a pro & going to game a lot hopefully I pick up Infinite to play on my own time, Injustice and Pre-Order The Last Of Us.

Ladies & Gentleman it's the Moment of Truth!

 Well guess who it is? I'm back as promised. Two brutal weeks of studying, reviewing, and on my way through a mental breakdown and then a week of actually going into the finals week tired and ready to commit suicide during my French final all and all it went pretty well. Will I be doing summer classes? I want to yet my finical aid is really acting weird so I got to say no to the classes which is a bummer because I won't mind doing something over the summer that is school related and could really help me make some more social links but I guess I'll have to wait until the Fall semester to do that.

 But anyway, before I start about my thoughts & reactions on the Xbox one, my upcoming gaming schedule, New music, & something that helped me feel better about life and for fighting games  I have a small story to tell about school. Now don't freak out but I think one of girl in my French class had a crush on me and I had a crush on her as well which was amazing the first time we actually talked was two days before my birthday which was on February 28th I remember that day because during that time period it was still bitter cold and I for one enjoy the winter because those are they days everyone is just as miserable about the weather as me. Plus ever since the third day of class I would notice she would take a quick glimpse of me. Hell most times when I looked back at her she was playing with her nails since she was so bored of the class but I found her adorable and she seemed so quite and down to earth.

 Yet I could never find myself to talk to her on a personal level I never got my twenty seconds of insane courage. There were three things why I couldn't do it. Reason one I had little faith in myself and had monster doubt I thought to myself "Why am I fooling myself why would a girl like her like an guy like me? We wouldn't even last a month" Another reason and this is probably the biggest reason my uncle's fight with cancer, now last blog I posted was the reason why I was never online posting on blogs or creating my own and of course not on the unions. (Then again i'm never on the boards anyway so what would it matter? But I would love to be in some new ones) It took it's toll on me I became depressed more thne usual the man who lit the flame of pontenial would be stolen from me by the universe and all of it's unanswered question. I saw him most of my days when he was alive fighting and taking on the fight for his life & of course I didn't tell him about Olivia. (That's her name forgot to mention her name from the start Lorenzo you sir are a F***ing genius. :roll: ) And then he ultimately came to his end and I watch him die. A week ago.

 Final thing was I was still healing from another catastrophe from high-school and this one female I feel in love with to keep things short I ended the friendship to stop all the constant memories of me and her and came to the realization that we would never happen and of course led myself to ask myself a question in my head "so why should I stay in a doomed relationship that was designed to fail?"

  Because of all these tragic events I became sad and I was stuck with a choice and one of them was, I tell Olivia about how I feel yet i'll be sad and bitter during this relationship or two don't lead her astray and stop talking to her. And of course mind over matter I am not a man to lead a women with potential on like that especailly not her. So, in the end I realized in order to get a relationship I must first love myself in order to let someone in. And in that leap of faith a lot happened that I can't explain. My mom got a new job, I started to make new friends faster then usual, & I excelled in my studies and got better in all my classes. (Well of course except French I went from a scrub to a mediocre French speaker who still can't say "We would like some tea") But overall the Exam I though I did well on and took my time since I wasn't in a rush.

 I made a good choice I knew for a fact I will never see her again since we are doing different majors and BMCC is a huge college with different French classes hell I don't mind it was a learning experience and as of right now all I want to do is to read comics, play video games, and watch Breaking Bad.

 Okay so my story is over, let us talk about the biggest controversy in the gaming world right now. The Xbox one... Okay dear god Microsoft what in the bloody hell were you thinking!? Most of the conference I saw talk about a universal BLU Ray DVD player... I did not buy your games and pay for Xbox live for things a barley use other then video games. I mean sure Twitch TV on the 360 WAS A GENIUS IDEA! As well with Netflix. But now you are over saturating TV, Sports, and allow us to buy tickets for upcoming movies on the Xbox one? And not talk about any upcoming exclusives? C'mon man...

 Okay Microsoft let's go back a few years about around 2005 when then original Xbox was out and the PS2 dominated your sales because let's face it. Sony's exclusives blew your out of the water. But the Xbox was a good piece of hardware and had amazing gems that kept your system going and had one of my favorite games of all time on your system! Now let's go a few years ahead around 2009-201, that was a huge year for you guys with titans like Gears of War, Halo, and that system sold well that year because of line up of games and people preferring the controller size much better and other stupid reasons. But one of my reasons was through all of the overrated shooters and great online connection that one RPG that made me fall in love with the system. I don't know when and how will companies understand that gamer's want actual games and less media and less advertising unless it's gaming related. The PlayStation 4 showed us a lot more it demonstrated "Move" but they didn't force us to use it to a point where without the Move the hardware is unplayable. And showed us amazing games of course! That will redefine the gaming engine and leave us with breath taking adventures for us to go back and explore

 Now honestly my only thing about Sony right now is will the online structure improve? more privacy? And not leak everyone's information to the internet? Because anything is possible now.

 Gaming wise I'm going to dive right back in playing the Bioshock games before I purchase Bioshock Infinite I played Infinite before since my brother let me borrow his PC with the game while he was on vacation, I put 42 hours in the game and never lost interest with the three play troughs. Also going to sink my teeth into a lot of blood in Red Dead Redemption multiplayer the covering system is a lot more smoother to use the the Gears of War and while spiriting your character has a baseball slide animation and just smoothly enters cover quickly and effectively and of course I have no regrets so far playing a lot of the game modes and finally replay Dishonored I gave the game a 7.5 I felt that was to harsh and decided to give the game another honest chance. Maybe i'll go back into Portal 2 as well maybe if I don't purchase Infinite before June 5th and just wait on getting The Last Of Us.

Music wise, The new Daft Punk Album is out. Hopefully I will get my copy of the CD this weekend other then that been Enjoying these three CD's

The Wonder Years: The Greatest Generation

The Wonder Years

This album really helped me through a lot of rough patches in my life these guys are amazing live and the band gets better and better with each album this is probably going to be my album of the year until I hear August Burns Red new Album in June and hands down one of the best Pop-Punk bands out now.

Genre: Pop Punk

My favorite Song On the album: Cul-De-Sac

Bring Me The Horizon: Sempiternal

Bring Me The Horizon

This album sunk up on me honestly. I liked their old stuff a lot nd there last direction of sound they were taking just didn't make any sense but this sound I like it a lot it the lead singer Oliver Skies is amazing and the gang vocals on my favorite track is really good.

Genre: Metalcore/Post Hardcore

Favorite Song on the album: Shadow Moses


Killswtich Engage: Disarm The Descent

Kill Switch Engage

This album a lot of people say the Jesse Leach isn't as good as Howard Jones as a vocalist, I beg to differ I say that Leach is just as good of a singer i've been waiting ten years to see Jesse come back and prove everyone wrong. And he did I love this album although there are two or three songs that are pretty lame this album has a lot of potential. And still has a lot of great songs that make up for the lame songs. Which are only two or three.

Genre: Metalcore

Favorite Song(s) Of The Album: Tribute To The Fallen & All That We Have ( I couldn't pick between the two songs )


So that's what i'm doing now the school is over for me before I go, I leave you with this... you guys can tell I love links soooo if you love fighting games you need to watch one of the greatest fighting games ever to return look trust me click THAT LINK!


So I guess I'll be active a lot these days oh and add my Facebook as well it would be fun to get to know you guys on a more personal level outstide of GS and if there are any unions that I can join let me know. I need to be more active.









I've been on an Oddesy.

 Soon, I know its been a while since February. And I havent been active since then to only post that blog but for the people who are wondering is Kid_Black_Star still alive? Yes I am. A lot of drama and less gaming Im afraid; which was one of the main reasons my progress has come to a temporary halt no females, no gaming, just real life problems that snuck in and cradled me into despair and treachery. So to those wondering Im fine things are getting better. My uncle passed away on Friday May 17, 2013 at 10:30 PM I was the last one to see him before his fight against cancer was a loss cause. He was 49 and the doctors said at his old age and fighting for twenty years it might be the end of what may seem like a second chance. It hurts but it has been the main reason why I havent been blogging or anything. So for your time for reading this I say thank you. But, real life everything is fine. Just been really sad about my Uncle for the past three months.

The Weekly Update.

     Gaming has been on a temporary pause for me because of school purchasing books, classes, and of course social activity. I dont mind the only game I wanted this month was Dead Space 3. Bioshock Infinite & Tomb Raider will wait until my birthday, but knowing me Ill just pick up both Dead Space 3 & Infinite and wait for Gears of War: Judgment coming out on the same month. Then waiting later on in the month of April to purchase Injustice: Gods Among Us because honestly Capcom fighters are getting really, REALLY! Obnoxious with these damn patches and I need a new fighter outside of street fighter until the new Blazeblue game anyway. Then since I no longer have a PS3 I wont be getting The Last Of Us in May, but who knows only time can tell am I right? so lets not jump into conclusions, this might be my first Naughty Dog Game Ill miss out on wish will put me into an unending depression in my gaming life. Oh Well. Then GTA V eh, it can go F*** itself, the best GTA was San Andres nothing will change my mind about that no doubt in my mind. Ill buy it but maybe around Christmas when the price drops or something or if its complete crap rent it. Lets see how Rockstar Games  goes over the top again for the umpteenth time or more then everyone will D***Ride it as the Game Of The Year and people will be looking me like Im retarded like Renzo your missing out on the best gaming- SHUT UP YOU NO NOTHING ABOUT VIDEO GAMES YOU INGNORANT BAFOON YOU WERNT NO WHERE TALKING ABOUT VIDEO GAMES UNTIL YOU JUMPED ON THIS BANDWAGON!!!!!! WELL WOOOPDI F****ING D! YOU KNOW BECAME A SELLOUT!

  Also forgot to mention, personally im thinking about going handheld in gaming by purchasing a 3DS, no not for the pokemon games! I really want to play Fire Emblem: Awakening but the thing is if I buy a 3DS Ill only have it for that one game and yes THEN the Pokémon games. I dont want to be the guy who wastes money and only plays what four Pokémon games and a Handheld Gem that will redefine the 3DS and really give something to brag about for once rather than Mario, Link, & casual games down my throat.

    But anyway outside of gaming everything is pretty well, been dodging video games for a while since Ive been reading more comics, college, and of course my social skills because you know my people skills are amazing! Ive made two new students named Stephanie & Ra Jin both really fun and outgoing individuals who are fun full of life and not so uptight, brain dead, and dreadfully and ultimately fall to their own appending dooms by not even showing up to a class that they paid for like the rest of the student body.  But Im enjoying the urban surroundings and falling in love with most of the restaurants and getting accustomed to the busy streets of New York City again which by the way was a very flurry day with the snow that Ive missed so much.

  Music these days. Well I have been obsessed with Kid Cudi, Kendrick Lamar, For The Foxes, & The Glitch Mob.  You can say that taking a temporary break from listening to all the heavy stuff that I was used to before, since you know a little break wont hurt anybody right? Well yea, other then the fact im really fine and things are going well and the fact that The only thing I got out of Super Bowl 47 was the Iron Man 3 Trailer since you know that whole game was a joke on the 49ers part since if you think about it if the lights didn't go off the Ravesn would of dominated even harder then the last two quaters...... And did you see JACOBY JONES!!!! That was my hype! 49ers defense was at a highschool level through the first and second half. Then the game I couldn't take seriously after the lights came back on. 


Well that's all I got for today later guys!



The ending, or? Just the beginning

Well Guess who is back?

Before I start I would like to say welcome to the show, you might want to make sure you have a snack nearby, a soft drink you know the essentials make sure you used the lavatory as well because this will be a long one. If you read this I thank you ever so much, If you leave after reading this sentence hell I dont blame you good day to you too. Because this will become my very own greatest (if not finest) hour of posting these shenanigans called blogs starting now & the future. (Well if I am posting constantly) stated above get stay peeled to every detail that every fiber in my mind has spewed in what has been a while, enjoy.

Now Im back, the answer is yes. Umm, I haven't blog in which seems like eons ago and because of what you ask? Well it's a simple excuse of course! Real life, a huge realization that the cruel world can do whatever it pleases to damage you ego. Whether or not it's mental, psychically, and emotionally it doesnt excuse the fact that I have been missing for quite some time now. This isnt a welcome back since you all have welcomed me back and I havent done my fair share of blogging, commenting & updating with fellow comrades on the site. I came back with news that Im no longer attending college at Full Sail University due lack of funding & the college itself was in reality overpriced because you know $800,000 is easy to maintain because of this economic tragedy. But none the less I digress. A few issues came along the way during my studies at the college but I put my big boy pants and realized this world cant spoon feed me all the damned time. Life isnt a charity case. You win some & lose a hell of a lot for the most part.

Youre probably wondering, what is the point Black Star? You will just leave again with more BS excuses in the near future and my answer is yes, it will happen again, & again, & again because Im attending a community college back in New York called Borough of Manhattan Community College, (BMCC) for short. Its not as ambiguous as Full Sail University, course not. But, it shines at two areas that Full sail lacked in, a fresh urban downtown scenario that anyone can enjoy all season around & not to mention a well-rounded cast of characters called school staff. I never left so welcomed into a school since, hell Middle School, the school itself screams out a new start for me. Ill be studying Journalism. Hopefully it will emerge into media journalism in the near future so I can spend endless nights typing away on my computer on upcoming movies video games & software.

As for right now Im not in school yet, before the Spring Semester starts in January 28th 2013 I take one class to get me started on my new college quest on the 16th on the same month to get advised and what not. Not that I dont already know how to work, act, or behave like a college freshmen already. Yet I would like to see what its about hell maybe even get a chance to meet some new people from different parts of the Big Apple.

Right now gaming is dead for me since the move money has been hard to maintain. The only game I got down and dirty with recently of the past year of 2012 was Far Cry 3 which held my standards of course and more. I think honestly it was one hell of a joyride that actually let me enjoy gaming in 2012, because honestly 2011 out played, out classed, & put 2012 to shambles. Purchases of games I bought in 2011 were:

· Portal 2

· Red Dead Redemption

· Elder Scrolls: Skyrim

· Gears Of War 3

· Batman: Arkham City

· Rayman Origins

· Battlefield 3

· Fallout 3: GOTY Edition

This Year in gaming

· Persona 4: Arena

· Dishonored

· Far Cry 3

· Bord/erlands 2

Four games are you serious This is BLASTPHEMY!!!! & dishonored wasnt that remarkable it just reminded me constantly of bioshock, and the first Assassins Creed if those games had a retarded baby, it would be dishonored. The game was good but not an instant classic. I think I bought it because I love Bethesda studios to the point where I thought it was going to be actually good, but no it wasnt Bethesda only published the game, it was by some silly company called Arkane. Renzo your drunk go home! Any who Persona 4: Arena is amazing too, the story was really well put together maybe one of the few fighting games that actually told a story. Hell I dont know been playing some many Capcom fighters I dont even know what the hell is an actual story line is in a fighting game, hell not even in other genres either! And we all know Borderlands 2 was an epic. So hopefully this year gaming will be better, I no longer own a PS3 for now since I game my brother half of the 360o collection & the whole stash of PS3 games. Hopefully he can have fun with that. & my brother kills my collection with constantly buying COD every year. (Ughhhh the agony) but anyway 2013 hopefully I get these games for each system when im finding a new job during weekends when im not in school.

Xbox 360 collection for 2013:

Ø Gears Of War: Judgment ( My buying because I love Baird & this will keep Cliff in my heart)

Ø Tomb Raider

Ø Dead Space 3

Ø Crysis 3

Ø Whenever the bloody hell the new Blazblue game gets released to the U.S.

Many other games for the 360 list of games just cant remember them by heart

PlayStation 3 Collection for 2013:

Ø The Last Of Us

Ø Beyond Two Souls

Ø Sly Cooper: Thieves In Time

Ø JoJos Bizarre Adventure

Ø God Of War Ascension

So for now thats the list. I cant recall the others oh and Pokémon X & Y ill be talked about in another blog. I have some theories that this might be the best Pokémon game on a handheld console for the DS.

But for now I leave you be, thanks for reading now excuse me. I gotta go do stuff. Later