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Remember when games had manuals?

I Bought Saints Row: The Third today, and i was very disapointed to find that the manual was three pages long and only listed the controls, nothing else. This seems to be a trend lately, Arkham city, Gears 3, Mortal Kombat and more. EA recently announced that their games would no longer include manuals at all, Starcraft II had a manual, but it was just 25 pages of re-cap of the first game. I can understand with the advent of digital downloads that we wouldn't get a manual, but when i buy a physical copy i expect something more than just a disk in a box. I rember games like Warcraft III which had a manual with a whoping 150+ Pages, and went into great detail about EVERY aspect of the game and even told a story, or almost all of the Civilization games, witch where huge. Or even console games, go look at the manual to the origional Zelda game and how imginative the iluistartions are, heck even the console versions of GTA came with maps. Games used to come in huge boxes, with multiple disks, book sized manuals, and even maps. I know it's cheaper to just give us the bare bones, but i wish companies would put more effort into physical releases noawadys. I just miss those days when buying a game made you feel special, like you got something more than just a disk.