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My top 10 "OH S#!T!!!! " Moments

There are just times when you see something (Wheather in a movie or a game) That makes you Shout; "OH S#!T!!!!" (or something less vulgar if you don't like cursing) bu we've all experienced them, don't lie! So to make this list the thing (or scene) must be: A: So awsome you shout "Oh s#!t!!!", B: so scary you shout it, or C: so offencive that you shout it because you can't belive they just did that, welp, let's go! If you're curious about some of these, links to youtube videos are included, WARNING, some are very disturbing!

10. The intro cutscene to DOW II (dawn of war 2): Not much to say, awsome game, andreally awsome intro cutscene, dosen't have much to do with the story, but it's epic all the same.

9. Your first headshot: We all remember it, from any game, the first tile you blasted a bullet in an enamy's brains and his head exploded with a satisfying spray of blood (or goo or whatever), don't lie we all know the feeling!

8. Doom 3: Yeah I don't think i really need to explain this one, stuff jumps out a you, ooooohhhh scarry! but really it always happens when you leat expect it, and some scens in the game are really disturbing.

7.The end of "Drag me to hell": An awsome horror movie, won't spoil the ending, butlet's just say they pull a twist you'll never see coming, and the movie will have M. nigh shaymalaned your @ss! Can't post a clip becuase it'd spoil the movie, but i'm sure you can find it on your own!

6. Terminator 2: Really again, I don't need to explain this one, it's an epic action move witha ton of "oh S#!t!" moments.

5. Planet terror: Another epic action move, every otherminute of this movie has excelent"Oh S#!t!" moments, just watch it and you'll see.

4. The talking dog from fullmetal alchemist: SPOILERS DO NOT READ AHED IF YOU HAVEN'T SEEN THIS SHOW (you can read ahead if you don't want to though)!!! At the end of one of the early episodes of this show, a man calims to have used alchamy to creat a talking dog (how he did this is not explained as therecords have mysteriously vanished), he then is forced to make another one or his alchemy license will be taken away, it is then revealed thathe combined his OWN DAUHGTER AND HERPET DOG to make this thing (it is also implied that he did the same thing toHIS WIFE!) "OH S#!T!!!!!" that says it all!

3. Postal 2: This game is extramly Vulgar, racist, crass and crude, Just play it and you'll know why an "oh s#!t!" is required.

2. South park the movie: This movie is so vulgar, so crude, and so ofensive that I belive an "Oh s#!T!"Did they just do that?" was asked by everyone who saw this move, wheather it was out loud or mentaly.

1. Thecrazy killer incestuous vampire twins from black lagoon: that's right you heard me; Crazy killer incestuous vampire twins,god I WHISH I could make this s#!t up. I really don't need to explain this, crazy killer incestuous vampire twins...."OH S#!T!!!!"