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T.v show review part 3!

Sorry it's taken me a couple days to post part 3, but there are just so many great episodes that it took me forever to pick my favorites,o here they are! My top 10 favorite avatar episodes! Note: All of the episodes af avatar are great, and i enjoy them all, these I just enjoyed more than others (or at least the ones I can remember)

10. The headband: An intro to season three aang, discuiese himself as a fire nation youthand infiltrates a fire nation school. Thisepisodehas some really great (and funny) moments, such as sokka and katar dressing up and pretending to be aang's parents (that's just priceless!), or the whole dance sequence with anng and katara. Ti's just a fun episode all around.

9. The ember island players: Aang and friends go to see a play based on their travells, and they get just about everything wrong. This is a great comedy reilief episode before the finall episode 9which is all doom and gloom).

8. Nightmears and daydreams: on the eve of the invasion aang is having terible nightmears and is beggining to hallucinate from sleep deprevation. This epsiode I personally enjoyed because of how hystaricaly crazy ang's halucinations are, also in his dreams when he fights the firelaord he looks like a charecter from another anime. (E.G naruto aor dragon ball Z)

7. Seig of the north. The season one finalie and the first time we seee the avatar state. I really like this one because we get to see that cool face stealer guy, but the battle between the (northern) water tribe and the fire nation army is awsome as well.

6. Day of black sun: This is the second most epic avatar episode ever. it has a huge scale, and there is so much going on that it's crazy, the plot is simly this, aang, his friends, the(southern) water tribe army,and a small team of friends he's met through out his travles, attack the fire palace on the day of an eclipse (the one day fire benders have no power). This is also the first time aang and kattara first kiss (FINALLY!).

5. Cross roads of destiny:The finalie to season two and this one is on here for three reasons: one, it has some of the most crazy a$s bening moves i have ever seen (crystal armor and fire breathing OMFG!) two, we also get a sense of how evil azula really is. And third ist has a "star wars episode 5" fell to it i the senes that things can't get worse, and like episode 5, this is probably avatar's darkest episode, and I love it.

4. Zuco alone:More of a westerny fell to it than any other episode, zuco rides into a baroon town and befrends a small framer family (they don't know he's fire nation) when their son gets kinaped by evil earhtbenders, he saves him, but at the cost of revealing who he is, and then (even though he's saved their son) the family rejects him.I like this episode because it shows the hatred people have for the fire nation,it shows that even if they do something good, they're still evil in theeyes of the earth kingdom.

3. Sozion's comet.The final showdown between anang and the fire lord (and it's 90 minutes long!).The ending is anticlimactic and there's no epilog, but that can't stop me from enjoying the epic fanalie to one of the greatest animated shows of all time.

2. The storm:This ishe origion story of Zuco and aang, and it's also the episode that proved that avatar was better than most of the other shows on Nick. Wheather is was the dark nature of the peisode, orthat is was the first time we heard mak hamill as the fire lord, one thing's for sure,"the storm" proved that avatar was acessable to all audiences(even adults).

1. The tales of ba sing se: A compolation episode about the group's adventures while staying in bah sing se. Tpoh and Katara go on a girl's day out, sokka tries to impress some girls with poetry, Aang opens a zoo, zuco goes on a date,momo looks for appa, and uncle ihro celebrates his deceaced son's birthday. All the storys are funny and entertaining (except momo's) but uncle ihro's stands out. The only other Time a film has made me close to teary eyed id in such a short time is the oppening scene of up. In all acounts this is the greatest eppisode of Avatar that i have ever seen.

So there you have it! in my opinon, WATCH AVATAR THE LAST AIRBENDER NOW!!!! If you haven't seen it yet, the entire series is avaliavble on instiant on Netflix, and you can find the DVDs for about 20$ on amazon, so go watch it NOW!!!!!

T.V show review part 2!

If you missed part one... just scroll down a little and read it....

Where would our heroes be without vilians?.... I don't know. But This show has some good ones!

Zuco: He's the main villian. He's a firebender (duh) and was banished, he belives that the only way to restor his honor is to capture the avatar and present him to his father. Zuco starts out as your typical vilian, but halfway through season two it becomes (SPOILERS!) very odvious that he'll become a good guy.

Uncle Ihro: Zuco's lazy uncle, he enjoys tea, giving advice, and some tile game called pi-shoe (or something like that) he's voice by Mako(and i'm not going to make fun of him, if anyone knows what happened to the Nostaliga critic you'll know why!) andhis charecter's laid back attitude mixes well with zuco andhe can be very funny at times. it' more odvious that he'll become a good guy (he was never very bad from the start) and is one of my favorite charecters.

Azula: Zuco's little sister. This isone ofthe most evil villians in recent history (next to lotso from toystory 3, that bear was justEVIL!!!) she's a powerful bender, destroys everyone in her way, never shows mercy, is manipulative,and is just a plainb!tch. Her goal is to capturethe avatar, why? I'm not sure maybe so the Zuco cant (FYI they hate each other).

The fire lord: This guy is voice by Mark Hamill (high five if you knew that!) and is also very evil, his goal is to... You guessed it! Take over the world! (of coures!). My complaint with this guy is he's fairly underdeveloped in my opinion, and you never get a sense of his true evilness. (also is face is just too plain to be intimidating)

There are a bunch of othervillians like Azulas friends, and some "one episode villians" (as I call them)but I don't think they're worth mentioning.

So stay tuned for part three where i'll talk about my favorite episodes!

Tv show review!

I have just had the pleasure of watching the entire series of Avatar: the last airbender, and it is the 2nd greatest kids show i've ever seen! (hint hint for my next top 10 list!) I'm going to do my best to sum the whole series up in one review, so here we go!

The plot is simple, in anchient..... Somewhere... there are four elements that (some) people have the power to controle: earth, wind, fire, and water. The people who controle said elements are divided into nations (e.g earth nation, water nation ect.). But the avatar has the power to contole all 4 elements. Then the fire nation (because fire is always evil) decieds that they want to take over the world, and then suddenly the avatar dissapears. 100 years later... Two tenagers from the water tribe foind a 12 year old boy named Aang (don't know why there are two a's) and it turns out not only is he the last airbender (the fire nation killed them all) but he is also the avatar. So now he has to master the elements, and defeat the fire nation, YAY!

The charecters:

Aang is your main charecter and as he said before he is both the last airbender, and the avatar. He's very fun loving and rarley takes his job seriously, (until the 3rd season that is) He's also very funny and half of the show's humor comes from him. he has a pet lemer named momo, and a flying bison (don't ask) named Apa.

Katar is a waterbender and (Supriese!) likes Aang. These two should just start making out from episode one, because you can just tell from episode one that they're destined to be together. She dosen't have much confidence in her abilties at the start, but learns how to use them over time. She is not as funny as the other charecters, yes she is funny at times but genrally all the humor comes from....

Sokka, Katar's older brother, he is not a bender, but has some kind of knife... Club... Thing, and a boomerang. He is mostly the comic relife, but can be a seriouse fighter when he needs to be.

Next is Toph (I think that's how you spell her name) a blind earthbend who frankly makes daredevil look like a pushover. She has clamed to be the greatest earthbender of all time (this is true as she is the first earth bender to be able to bend metal) again, she isn't as funny as aang or Sokka, but she can be funny at times.

Stay tuned for part 2 of my review where i'll talk about the villians!

Where I've been

Hello! I'm back, you probably've been wondering where I've been for the past week or two and i'll tell you. There was something up with the gamespot website and they wouldn't let me log in!!!!:evil: So i'm finally online and ready to write more reviews that no one reads!

My favorite "one hit wonders"

Sometimes a musician only has one or two songs going for him/her and alot of them are really good, so I'm counting down my favoirites of them, (note, some of these artists may have other great songs that I just haven't heard) once agin these are in no particular order.

10. I ran, Flock of segals. Awsome new wave song!

9. Turning japanese, the vapors. A great song, kinda weird though.

8. Down under, Men at work. A great song, i also liked "who can it be now?"

7. Walk like an egeyptian, The bangles. An amzing song!!!

6. Electric avenue, Edie grant. A great techno song, that's really it.

5. Dead man's party, Oingo boingo. Another great song, i did like "weird science", but not a much as this ne


3. 99 red ballons, Nena. An awsome 80's clasic, not much to say. (note I've only heard the american version, so i don't know if the german version is any better)

2. Walk the dinosuar, was (not was). A weird band name but an awsome song, none of their other songs are as awsome as this one.

1. All my best friends are metalheads, Less than jake. This is clasic rock, and it's great, so what if the entire song is only about 10 or so lines repeated over and over agin, it's still great.

Well, there you go, there are dozens more I like but I thought I'd just give you 10.

The funniest T.V shows I've ever seen

These aren't really in any particular order (except for #'s 1-3).

10. Invaedr zim: The single weirdest and most random show I've ever seen, and I love evry minute of it!

9. Harvey birdman: season one isn't that funny, it's season two where the show really picks up!

8. Robot chicken: another weird one, also very funny.

7. Sit down, shut up: once again, dosen't really pick up untill the second season.

6. Ren and stimpy: A very werid show, but also very funny!

5. Home improvement: One of the greatest live action sitcoms ever!

4. Arrested development: THE most underated show of all time, halarious!

3. Futurama: An amazingly funny show, Got cancled way too early, hope comedy central brings back this amazing show!

2. Ranma 1/2: Where do I begin, I could probably write a whole review just on this show, it's impossible to describe in one short thing, just watch it and prepare to laugh so hard.

1. Family guy: An amzing show, I don't care if people say it's starting to suck, it think it's still great.


If anyone actually looks at my profile you'll woneder "where the heck are the new reviews?" the awnser is: "I'M TRYING!!!!" It's really hard to play through allot of the games I own, and i'm sorry if I haven't posted a review in a while, but i just haven't beaten any games lately.

My favorite musicians

These are my top favorite muscians!

7. Weird al: His song's are really funny and I can't help but laugh if I know the song he's parodying, he's also not that bad of a singer iether.

6. Voltaire: not the composer, the new guy, his songs are indecribable, are they rock? goth? pop? country? who knows! they're awsome!

5. The beatles: Don't freak out! I love these guys, it's just I personaly like other artists beter than them!

4. Meatloaf: no one else gets teenagers like this guy did, he's like the jhon huges of music! He sings about love, and teenage angst, and his voice is just amazing.

3. The talking heads: An amazing pop band, they're just fantastic.

2. Michal jackson: Yeah yeah, I know, but he's just amazing.

1. The police: If you twisted my arma and made me decied who my favorite band was, it would be these guys, I love just about every song they've ever done and they're just fantastic.

MTV today

Freaking MTV, what can you say about it, it was THE channel, it showed music videos 24/7, it CREATED the music video, it revolutionized the 80's. Now it an't worth S#!t:evil:. They rarely ever show a music video, all they show is hour upon hour of "cribz" and other stupid "modern" reality shows. If you ask me, they might as well not call it MTV anymore. So you know what, i'm going to petion it, i'm not watching a minute of MTV untill they start showing 24/7 music videos again, and not these "New" music videos that have no special effects or visual style at all, (I'm seriious! go watch todays top rapper's music vidoe, and then watch "money for nothin'" by the dire straits, you'll see a HUGE difference!) so untill MTV starts showing 24/7 music vids, or realses an "MTV clasic" that dose tha, my eyes aren't going near that channel!

Gaames I need to finish

My good friend Psyco hazard recently posted a list of games he needed to finish, so now I'm doing that too! From now on my lists (for convienence will be like his, all in one post. (tese are in no particutar order)

1. Shining force: I love this game, i have it for the GBA, PC, and in sonic's ultimate genisis colection, but I haven't beaten ANY of those versions! I came close to beating the GBA one, but my entire team died and i had no money left to revive them, so I had to satrt all over!

2.inFamous: Truthfuly, I haven't beat this game, I've ALOMOST beaten it, but not quite, And yes, I know I posted a review before I actually baet the game, but comeon, you really only need to spend a bout 10 minutes with the game to know it's perfect.

3.Jak 2: The reason i haven't played this fantastic game can be sumed up in three words: Play, station, three, I got this game right before I got the black beuty that is the PS3, and my poor Ps2 is now locked away in the basment and hasen't been toutched in months.

4. Prince of persian, the sands of time:I'm just stuck in this game, that's it.

5. Lit:If anyone has heard of this game, give yourself 10$, if you haven't heard of this game, take 10$, go to the Wii shop canel and DOWNLAOD IT NOW! the reason i haven't baetn this game yet, you guesed it, the PS3.

6. Vewtiful joe:I lovethis game, but i'm stuck.

7. The matrix, path of neo: PS3

8. Sly cooper: PS3

Dang you PS3! You're keeping me from enjoying some great games!

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