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Remember when games had manuals?

I Bought Saints Row: The Third today, and i was very disapointed to find that the manual was three pages long and only listed the controls, nothing else. This seems to be a trend lately, Arkham city, Gears 3, Mortal Kombat and more. EA recently announced that their games would no longer include manuals at all, Starcraft II had a manual, but it was just 25 pages of re-cap of the first game. I can understand with the advent of digital downloads that we wouldn't get a manual, but when i buy a physical copy i expect something more than just a disk in a box. I rember games like Warcraft III which had a manual with a whoping 150+ Pages, and went into great detail about EVERY aspect of the game and even told a story, or almost all of the Civilization games, witch where huge. Or even console games, go look at the manual to the origional Zelda game and how imginative the iluistartions are, heck even the console versions of GTA came with maps. Games used to come in huge boxes, with multiple disks, book sized manuals, and even maps. I know it's cheaper to just give us the bare bones, but i wish companies would put more effort into physical releases noawadys. I just miss those days when buying a game made you feel special, like you got something more than just a disk.

Won't be posting here anymore

Due to lack or intrest i will not be making anymore posts on this account, i will however write reviews that are horriblly typed and never read however, so sorry but this is thae last you'll hear of me (for the forseeable future) If you want updates and stuff pleas follow me on gamespot fuse, it kicks major @$$ and i'll be using that from now on

Ranma 1/2 first movie review

I love the anime ranma 1/2 and i have just had the pleasure of wathcing it's first theatrical movie, and i'm here to hsare my thoughts,

If you don't know what ranma 1/2 is, basiacly this teen boy has a cuurse on him so that when he's splashed with water, he turns inot a girl, and hot water turns him back into a boy, halarity ensues.

If you don't know all the charecters, you can still enjoy this movie as there is a lenghty opening credits sequence invloving a chase around town that will give you a brief introduction to them (though you'll sadly only see some of them in this sequence) The basic plot of this movie is: Akana(ranma's fiance)is mistaken by these 7 gods of martial arts as the one to marry their leader (who by the way only talks in the third person so it's kinda confusing as you think he's talking about someone else), so she's taken abord their fly ship where they eat nothing but rice and pickles (i'm not making this up), and so ranma and his "firends" must set out to china to save her.

As i said before if you don't know the chatecters, you will still enjoy this moive, but being familiar with all the charecters and their little traits/quirks really adds to your enjoyment. One of the best things about this movie is the art, the charecters emote wonderfuly, the effects have punch, and the background are GORGEUSE!!! I mean it these backgounds are phenomenal, i often feel like i could walk right into them. The voice acting is also top nothc, it's no one famouse, but ani e lovers may recognize some voices. Some charecters are anoying, but you get used to them.

I also want to bring up the music of this movie as it is great, the score ads much to the drama, intensit, and humor, and on that note, this movie is d*mn funnythe jokes are great on their own, but their only made better if you know alot about the charecters. There is only one real song in this movie entitled "It's love" and is a great song to end the movie on, and you'll actually want to watch the credits to hear it (BTW watch untill after the credits for a really funny joke).

There is a little bit of action in ranman 1/2 and this moive is no exception, as it has a Game of death stlye sequence in which ranma must defeat the 6 gods, and it has one epic (and very creative) finall battle.

Now there are some negatives to this movie, as i said, the voices of some charectersdo get anoying, and there are some gaping plotholes and sone just plain stupid things, also the fights with the 6gods are feel like a wasted oportuinity as the fights are short and their usually defeated in lame ways, ther is also a lot of wasted potentialby not including some of the shows charecters, but the main ones are there, and they're funny.

So overall, not the best movie ever, but a great one, i give it a 4/5, and if you haven't seen the anime yet, heres a link where you can watchthe enitre series and both of the movies free on youtube(well almost he's missing like 2 episodes somewhere) Yeah, definettly check it out, well see you soon, and yes i know i haven't reviewed a game in awhile, i'm workin' on it, and yes this review is probably filled with typos, you don't have to remind me!!!

Obligatory facts about me post!

My friend Psycho posted a facts about him thing, so i thought i'd rip him off and do one as well! (unlike him i wil not tell you my real name, i prefer to remain anonamys..... sorrry that's mispelled:()

I really hate all music that's pouplar now (eg: lady gaga, eminem, jay-z or whover), except for the gorillaz, they kick @$$, i more like pop and rock rom the 80's and 90's (eg: The police, talking heads, Meatloaf ect.).

I love watchiing movies, my favorie genres are Action, sci-fi, and horror, (though not like saw horror, more like planet terror, from dusk til dawn or the fly) My top 5 fave movies are: Akira, Tremors, The mummy (1999), Minority report, and little shop of horrors.

I really think T.V itself is dead, i love watching shows such as fringe, family guy, or monk, but i can get all thoughs on DVD or on hulu, so why wouldi watch them at a time that may inconvience me when i can watch them any time?

My favorite genre ofgames are action(uncharted 2, infamous, everthing or nothing), and real time strategy (Red alert 2, starcraft, dawn of war), I likeshooterssuch ashalf-life 2 or serious sam, butwar games like call of duty don't really appeal to me

I think people take multiplayer too seriously,none of the good players let thenew playershave any fun, it's always turn a corner, BANG! you're dead, jump over a wall BANG! you're dead, spawn here BANG! you're dead.I know nowthey have things that pair you up with similarly skilled players, but i still never do very well, the only games i've ever atempted multiplayer at are: Warhawk, starcraft2,uncharted 2 andteam-fortress 2

I think violence in video gamesand movies have no affecct on our minds, what i do think is affecting us is music, every person i knowwho is emo, or mean spirited listens to rap, screamo, or music such as that if everyone listentend to more updead and fun songs, i think the world would be a happier place.

I love reading books,i have way too many i love to even begin listing.

I am extreamly care-free and fun loving, i take very few things seriously and just love having fun with life

Well i hope that gave you a litte insite into the workings of my mind.

Best video game sequels

Sometimes a game is great, sometimes it's not, and then we have the sequals, sometimes a sequal comes along and either makes a bad game good, a great game even better, or cahnges little, thses are the sequals that took everything about the origioanl and improved it.

Honerable mentions: Dawn of war 2, super mario world, metal gear solid 4, god of war 3, the sims 3

10. Tomb raider legend: Take a great game and completely re-vamp teh visuals, vioce acting, story and gameplay to the point that it barely resembels the origonal fraonchise, was the concept behind this sequal/reboot, and it gave us probably the best tomb raider game ever.

9.Super mariogalxy 2:take a great platformer and improve EVERYTHING and you've got not only a great sequal, but one of the best platformers ever

8. Civilization 5:they improved the graphics and made it even more acessable than the last game, and it's just as fun as any other civ game

7. Doom 3: though the gameplay didn't cahnge, the graphics and scares ceartinly did,a nd it was as much fun as the origional

6. Supream commander 2: sliker graphics, better frame-rate, larger scale, everything was better in this sequal

5. Red alert 2: An amazing RTS is made better with new units, story, graphics, and mission variety.

4. Left 4 dead 2: now truethfuly my computer can run this game (well) but even with a low framerate i could tell that this was WAY better than the first one, more sepcial infectied, improved graphics, more weapons, funnier dialog, if the gameplay had been improved, this would be even higher (i'm not saying the gameplay is bad, it's just EXACTLY the same as the first one)

3. Uncharted 2:take one of the bestaction/platformers ever and make it betterin every way and you've not only got a great sequal, but one of the best games of all time

2. Starcraft 2: The first starcraft was a phemonenon, and still is to this day, but starcraft 2 is far superior to it's predacesor, great graphics, varied missions, an involved story, new units, improved battle.netthe only thing keeping this from number one is no zerg or protoscampaign (though the terren campaign is just as satifying)

1. Half life 2: the first half life was a good game (though it has aged) but half-life 2 took everything that was amazing about thalf life and improved upon it ten-fold and is infinately better, resulting in one of the greatest shooters ever.

My computer's fixed!

Happy new year! My computers fixed (most) of my game data was saved, and it's almost midnight! In review 2010 was a great year for myself, gaming, and film! How was your 2010? Well, let's get on with 2011!

My computer has a virus! :(

I am sorry to report that my computer has a virus! It's a really bad one too and won't allow my computer to boot up properly, i'm taking it to get fixed later today, how dose this affect you? well my hard drive will most likely have to be re-formated, and i will lose all of my saved data, this will set me back siginificantly in my review process (as most of the games I play are PC games), but no worries, i should have evrything re-instaled soon!

merry christmas 2010!!!!!!

Hey there everybody! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!! welp, it's christmas morning and i've just finished un-wraping my awsome presents! And because it's relevent knowledge, i'm going to tell you everything I got!

Gifts from my relatives:

50$ (more on that later)

New super mario bros. wii

A sweater (yawn)

Fantasia and the sorcere's apprentice on DVD

Gifts I got from santa (AKA my parents):

Starcraft 2

Uncharted 2

The toy story trilogy

civlization 4

Back to the future trilogy

Batman the complete animated series

Gifts I got for myself (with the 50$ from my relatives):

The orange box

the half life 1 anthology

Serious sam HD gold edition

Dawn of war dark crusade

Dawn of war soulstorm

Well, that's it, merry christmas,hapy holidays, whatever it is you celebrate! Just happy..... that! now on to the new year!

New PS3 exsclusive is uncharted 3!

About a month ago sony announed that they would reveal a new PS3 exclusive a the 2010 spike VGA (video game awards) well it's a few weeks early but, the exclusive is uncharted 3:lol: YAY!!! So aparently it's going to take place mostly in the middle east and the official title is: "Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception." The game is slated for a lated 2011 release,a nd gameplay will be shown at the spike VGA. Personally I don't think they can top the 2nd one, it wasperfect, i'm not saying this game won't be amazing, butI just don't see how they could make it any better. (if they do manage to make it even better then the 2nd one, or heads will explode upon seeing it, or human minds unable to comprehend it'sgreatness)

My top 10 "OH S#!T!!!! " Moments

There are just times when you see something (Wheather in a movie or a game) That makes you Shout; "OH S#!T!!!!" (or something less vulgar if you don't like cursing) bu we've all experienced them, don't lie! So to make this list the thing (or scene) must be: A: So awsome you shout "Oh s#!t!!!", B: so scary you shout it, or C: so offencive that you shout it because you can't belive they just did that, welp, let's go! If you're curious about some of these, links to youtube videos are included, WARNING, some are very disturbing!

10. The intro cutscene to DOW II (dawn of war 2): Not much to say, awsome game, andreally awsome intro cutscene, dosen't have much to do with the story, but it's epic all the same.

9. Your first headshot: We all remember it, from any game, the first tile you blasted a bullet in an enamy's brains and his head exploded with a satisfying spray of blood (or goo or whatever), don't lie we all know the feeling!

8. Doom 3: Yeah I don't think i really need to explain this one, stuff jumps out a you, ooooohhhh scarry! but really it always happens when you leat expect it, and some scens in the game are really disturbing.

7.The end of "Drag me to hell": An awsome horror movie, won't spoil the ending, butlet's just say they pull a twist you'll never see coming, and the movie will have M. nigh shaymalaned your @ss! Can't post a clip becuase it'd spoil the movie, but i'm sure you can find it on your own!

6. Terminator 2: Really again, I don't need to explain this one, it's an epic action move witha ton of "oh S#!t!" moments.

5. Planet terror: Another epic action move, every otherminute of this movie has excelent"Oh S#!t!" moments, just watch it and you'll see.

4. The talking dog from fullmetal alchemist: SPOILERS DO NOT READ AHED IF YOU HAVEN'T SEEN THIS SHOW (you can read ahead if you don't want to though)!!! At the end of one of the early episodes of this show, a man calims to have used alchamy to creat a talking dog (how he did this is not explained as therecords have mysteriously vanished), he then is forced to make another one or his alchemy license will be taken away, it is then revealed thathe combined his OWN DAUHGTER AND HERPET DOG to make this thing (it is also implied that he did the same thing toHIS WIFE!) "OH S#!T!!!!!" that says it all!

3. Postal 2: This game is extramly Vulgar, racist, crass and crude, Just play it and you'll know why an "oh s#!t!" is required.

2. South park the movie: This movie is so vulgar, so crude, and so ofensive that I belive an "Oh s#!T!"Did they just do that?" was asked by everyone who saw this move, wheather it was out loud or mentaly.

1. Thecrazy killer incestuous vampire twins from black lagoon: that's right you heard me; Crazy killer incestuous vampire twins,god I WHISH I could make this s#!t up. I really don't need to explain this, crazy killer incestuous vampire twins...."OH S#!T!!!!"