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i just wanted to ask if cutscenes count.and if u know any tips pls let me know
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well i completed it i went at the airport parking with a bus and pushed the cars togehter after that i threw grenades and some rockets and i got it although i failed the first time.
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darn i was thinking of using it to complete chain reaction :/ i always get wanted lvl by stealing cars
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thank you
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do the trophies of TBOGT(the balled of gey tony) and TLAD(the lost and dammed) count towards 100% of the trophies and the platinum trophie?
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so i remember at one mission i had to take a helicopter that can pick up cars if u remember soo do u know if i can find it anywhere?if not whitch was that mission?
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what i meant is not how i will escape but if i will earn the trophie walk free if i escape haveing 5-6 stars.I was thinking i could get in the airport with a car do the car flips trophy and then go get a helicopter land on a building destroy helicopters until i have 6 stars and then get my helicopter and stay in the air until i get the one man army trophy and then escape the 6 star wanted lvl to get walk thats my question will having 6 stars isntead of 4 give me the walk free trophy?
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i was wondering do i get the achievement if i have 5 or 6 start when i get away or do i need to have 4 stars to get it???