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My top must get list

these are the games i want the most and i will get them no matter what sooner or later (there not in order).

Fallout 3

F.E.A.R. Platinum

Bioshock (late)

Farcry 2

Crysis Warhead

Dawn of war 2

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Shadow of Chernobyl


GTA 4 for pc (if it ever comes out)

Mass Effect (late)

AND Call of Duty: World at War (hope its good)

TOP ten FPS (my opinion)

ok, so these are the ten top FPS in my opinion.


So starting out with Halo 3, the most exciting FPS I ever played. Good graphics, good soun, and good multiplayer.

i love this game, if you dont like this game, then your probability not a human.



Crysis, beautiful graphics, very interesting gameplay and good sound. its hard for you to play if you have a slow computer. some missions are hard but there duable



Call of duty is a great game to get for all FPS fans, good graphics, short campaign and its..modern.i was playing this game with my friends and on vs, its fun as hell

cod 4 cover should be F.E.A.R, this game is creepy, it was on the top ten scary game list. graphic for 2004, its pretty damn good. my friend used "gear" cheat and his slo-mo bar was off the chart. I hate that little girl. fear5.Unreal tournament 2004, fun as hell, the graphics are ok but that doesnt dtop me from playing this game. i beat the tournament on the hardest difficulty and it was madness and fast paste.

6.Quake wars.. sigh, bad voice acting..."Oh Your Welcome" so bad...besides that, everything is pretty good.Enemy Territory Quake Wars7.Doom 3 takes the 7th place...ur doom is near... compare to today's graphics, doom3 graphics is consider "****c" can 8 be...hmmm...ah, Geist, it means ghost in German. this game was great when i played it with my friends and my dad. to Castle Wolfenstein, good times, good time, i got this game when i was like 11 years old, it was one of my first FPS game i ever got... now, my computer is so stupid, i cant play this game anymore. i miss playing this game WWII/DOOM, the tenth game will be...medal of honor heroes for the psp, FPS on the go

some gamespot lame scores...

damn...6.2, i thought army of two is going to be great, it turns out that it got a 6.2...disapointing. like Lost planet, Dynasty Warriors: Gundam, timeshift, and lair. they all sound great but got a fair to good. i expected like a 9.0 or even 8.5 but they jut got a low a$$ score (lost planet got a 7.0, thought it would be a 9.0 game) i sometimes think, is gamespot rating really neccesary, some games are just terrible but like lost planet, it should of been at least 8.5, from playing the demo and at a friends house (not calvins) and for army of two, is it really a bad game, they say that i ts a bad 1 person game, dumb AI but i dont think it deserves a 6.5. anyway i just wrote this review because i was checking army of two and i saw a 6.5. people gives bad rating because they suck. for me, i REALLY SUCK AT DEVIL MAY CRY 4 AND SUPER SMASH BRO BRAW but i think they deserve a high score. i played Super smash bro braw at my friends house and i just plain suck. the secon or third mission, i was the angel (cant remember his name) he had this 2 sword thingy and i just suck... i love meta knight, he can fly and make tornado...anywayi am bored and i shall play my company of heros and super bad voice acting game, quake wars.

I am broke...and other stuff

damn... i have like what, $4 and what can i buy with it? lot of STUFF like chips and drinks... no games... sigh. dawn of war soulstorm came out, i want to get call of duty 4, supreme commander allience something. now i got DSL (YAY) i can download crap, including maplestory (i couldnt download it before because my computer was rated F for fuked), i can download music (SHHH), and other sh1t. so far, i got, Emery, Killswitch Engage, In Fear And Faith, Eyes Set To Kill, Saosin, Bullet for my valentine, and Alesana. if I had like 100 dollars, i would prob spen them on games... anyway my comp is going fuked, me and my dad made the computer (alienware) like 5 years ago. it was rated C for Crap and now its rated F... sigh, i need a new computer OR a laptop, my friend said that what am i going to do with the laptop, play the games i have...???? WTF, what kind of quetion is THAT, there is MORE to do on the laptop than play games calvin. ALL my games are getting null, seriously, dont you fell that once? anyway, i entertain my self with red vs blue, so fukin funny, i love caboos. i am not doing well in school, im broke, my games are null (including WOW), my comp is acting like a douche bag...i dont know...

Happy New Year EVERYONE (except calvin)

happy new year everyne! a new year starting and the school is starting(damn) and we will have a fresh begining of the year!............................................................................................................................................................... im bored...

well, this is it...

*sigh* today is my last day in korea, tomorrow, i am going to the airport and go back to San Francisco. I had fun staying in korea... eat alot of food, play games in PC room, meet my old friends, see all myfamily members...*sigh* there was some good moments and really BAD moments...well anyway, i had fun staying here, in korea. So, tell me how well u guys doing? aspecially calvin

oh, second thought bout the laptop

well, i have been searching for other laptop besides the HP 6510b. there are some really good laptop thats under$1000. one of the laptop with 2gig memoryand 250gig hard drive for $969, i mean for 2gig and 250gig,wow. it looks pretty good and lots of memory but the thig is is that the CPU Type is amd 64x2... i had hopeda intel core 2 duo or mobil tech but i can live with that. here s the link to the picture other one is the Toshiba tecra A8 s8513. price of a $899 and its windowsxp. now a days, its hard to get windowsxp unless ur getting one of those xps gameing laptop or the xps desktop. thetoshiba has 1gigmem and 100gig harddrive. with windowsvista, ull need atleast 2gig to run it well but with xp,u can have a 512meg to run it ok. another link to the image of the laptop

well thats it for now, tell me which one i should get and which are better than the other.

come to me! laptop! muhahahaha

well, i was searching for a laptop that is pretty desient and guess what, i have found my baby, HP 6510b oh yea!!! this is its discription

Operating SystemWindows Vista Business CPU TypeIntel Core 2 Duo T7100(1.8GHz) Screen14.1" WXGA Memory Size1GB DDR2 Hard Disk120GB Optical DriveDVD Super Multi Graphics CardIntel GMA X3100 Video Memoryshared memory CommunicationModem, Gigabit LAN and WLAN Card slot1 x Type I/II PC Card Slot Dimensions13.00" x 9.57" x 1.33" Weight5.0 lbs. TechIntel Centrino Duo Mobile Technology Other FeaturesHP ProtectTools Security Manager; HP Fingerprint Sensor; Configuration Control Hardware; Memory Change Alert; Ownership Tag; Setup Password; Power-On Password; TPM 1.2 Embedded Security Chip (disabled where use is restricted by law); TPM Enhanced DriveLock (disabled where use is restricted by law); HP Disk Sanitizer; HP 3D DriveGuard; Kensington Lock Slot

CPUCPU TypeIntel Core 2 Duo CPU SpeedT7100(1.80GHz) CPU FSB800MHz CPU L2 Cache2MB DisplayScreen Size14.1" Wide Screen SupportYes LCD FeaturesBrightView Display TypeWide XGA Resolution1280 x 800 Operating SystemsOperating SystemWindows Vista Business GraphicsGPU/VPUIntel GMA X3100 Video MemoryShared system memory Graphic TypeIntegrated Card Hard DriveHD Capacity120GB HD RPM5400rpm HD InterfaceSATA MemoryMemory SpeedDDR2 667 Memory Size1GB

yea ino, its long but yea, if u wanna see the laptop in getting, here is the link to it.

now about killing myself... oh, merry christmas

ok, first, about my psp, i had fun playing it. Had bout 12 games and i bought hella stuff for it. guess what happend, it BROKE!!! right in my fuking face!!!! i thought the battery was out like my friend told me...and again, guess what, that wasnt it, i asked a friend who had a psp to show his battery. i put the damn battery into my ps and...*sniff* it hurts to talk... again, at least i had my ds and ipod with me.bout yesterday, i was in a taxi with my mom goinghome and when i got out, i noticed brand spanking new ipod touch was missing!!! my mom yelled at me to get the thing (basically telling me to chase the taxi) and i failed the **** my new ipod is gone....worsethan the psp, i had the psp bout 2 years but the ipod.... 2days... i feel sad, i want to kill my self.... ANYWAY, im getting alaptop so i fell alittle better. i thinkthis year is the worst christmas ever. merry christmas everyone.....*climes ontop of a building* GOOD BYE WORLD!!! *jumps* *SPLAT*

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