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gravy legs corn delivered

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That's not a sentence at all... when you think about it

But no, I'm not done with this yet. Let me sing a few more songs, and by few, I mean none.

Thank you GOBBLES!!

Happy Feburary!

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Hope all you snowmans and snowladies had a swell January, cause I sure did :)

Where are you friend's blogs feed?

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I miss youuu

That's about the only thing I feel this place needs, cause it's making me feel a little disconnected with my friends here, by not having a little area on my profile to see all the new things that are happening with em in a quick glance :P

Got some sticks and some learns

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Hiyo, everybody!

I've been bizeeee, well not too much really, just enough. I got my GED and some coloured pencils.  Of the two things I got, the GED was the least funnest haha :p And with the colouries, comes some scribblies, 36 flavours worth!!  I've been occupied with other things too but theyre either too boring or too personal hehe. :3

I forget why I wanted to got my GED, must of been on account of I wanted to get that outta the way for something, and I knew it couldn't hurt any.  I widdled away at it slowly, with classes, and just took my time cause I didnt wanna fail it.  There were five parts to it and I thought maths would be the toughest, turns out it just took the longest.  The hard part was the essay portion, but once I figured out how to do that, it was pretty easy, also the encouragement I got from people when I was learning it was an even bigglier help. :3  After around three months of that, I passed.  Got around 75% of the overall questions correct SOOPDOOP :p

 Got the colouring pencils bout a month ago, on account of the regular grey ones I was using to draw eggs and hearts on my maths papers were looking kinda bland.  Now they're all as yummy as they can be with my limited skilly skils in drawin'.


 That's most of what I rememberd to say anyhay.  Started to really like writting and reading more, and also drawing, so that's pretty neato burrito.  It's a cool thing to have finally gotten hehe, glad it's done and can focus on other things. :)

 OH and about the GS removing things with the update they're doing, the limited sigs things doesn't sound all that cool to me. That won't make me go though, imma stay for a long as there's OT.  Though now that I think about it a little, will be kinda a fun challenge to get everything into a smaller sig that I want, can't scare me away, chuuuump!!  ;p

A berry cozy day, even for Gary.

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How's it jangling, kind lads? :)

Just relaxing here today, watching some Dark Shadows for the third rewatch of em, prolly won't watch all 1200+ epsodes again though, but a bunch anyway.  It's also raining and lightning out too, which makes for an even cozier time.  I could fall all asleep right now almost instantly if I had someone special here now to cuddle wif :3

I noticed it's my 50th blog toooooooo =D put on the shoe! a bright red shoe! how do you do? aint got no clue!

there's a fly on that! hit it with your hat! aint got no hat.  and why is that?!



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Although I dont play games much and all that stuff, Im still loking forward to playing one, Starbound!  It'll be llike the sequal to Terraia but lots more and that's one of my top five games too. :D

Anyhow, they have a pre-order thingy going on that started yesterday, and I thought I''d share that wif who is ever interested and readies this. 

Pre-ordering will get you beta access tooo so that's pretty dang neato neato, I just got the regular pre-order but there are other ones you can get too that are more spensive but they give you extra things, like having npcs in the game being named after you :o

That's about all for this bloggy doe, just wanted to be a share bear.

Hope you're all swell! 

byby tyty :)

The snow is alll melted

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Wowies that took quite awhile for that to happen, been around five moths with that flakey and soft and bright stuff sittin there, and it acutually did snow a little yesterday too but it wasnt much really hehe byby see you  later snowies!  Imma be morely happy if thats even possible when all the grass and  trees and stuff gets green and warm, that's the time for wondering around for me out there =D

Hope your spring time has been good so far this year, for whoever reads this =)

byby ty

Easta time for Peewee

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Hello everybody, hope you're as lovely as eva'.  Guess what me found hidin' in my attic?  TOYS and not just any toys, some really neato ones that I've had for a longly time hehe  seee here they bee:

oooooh, where be the eggy hidin'?  Don't ask meeeee.  Talking about eggies makes me member that i got a new level here :o


They seem happy. I wonder whyyyy :?  


ooooooooh that's why. It's Jambi, the wishy giver face , in a box, floatin'.  DEY FOUND A GOODLY WISH TO WISH and that's what they gonna dooo, wish. :D


Think they didn't really need a  wish for  that doe ;o  No matter doe, all is good.  and good night to you, have a safty Easter time, everybody!

byby ty  :2