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Wow, this place has changed, guess who's back lol!

a lot of stuff is so new I'm glad to come back to it, I'm extremely sorry I've been off so long, I played the crap out of GTA and Metal Gear for the past ten weeks lately I got my last year of school coming up and I should've been on when my birthday's passed the eighth I'm eighteen now, all I was up to is making pics, I'm trying to be a photographer someday but I'm still trying to keep those dreams alive, but I'm making a full comeback soon guys, I promise and not only I'm getting Dead Space, Saints Row 2, Resident Evil 5, but the amount of stuff on my wish list is ri-frikkin-diculous xD!! but back to what I said eariler I make excellent photos so brand new banners and avatar's are coming in the weeks ahead also update my games section so PLEASE CHECK THAT OUT XD I'm still scared of getting modded but I'm wise enough to get back on the boards and meet new people, I really hope you can forgive me, my friends always take most of my time, I'm working on getting Playstation Newwork by next year you should be able to chat with me there, I got a myspace to so anyone can ask, just send me a request alright, by far it's been the best summer of my life, I hope to come back on GS, full swing I can't thank you guys enough in the past lolz! so what's up everybody, how's it going?

GTA Is A EFFING MONSTER! And I got some good news hehe!

I squared away all my problems and locked myself in my room for a the last few days with GTA IV and the volume up, I swear that game is so killer sick like crack cocaine or maybe gin mixed with juice or something but I dunno, I'm having a real ball even though I beat it, it's still eating away at my soul, I'm doing a whole lot better now and I got something to share with you guys, I'm about to be a uncle, yes my brother's having a baby, I've never been this happy before, ever in my life, GTA just dumbedthe pain away xD it's so good to come back to all this even if a few things bugged me, the past is the past and I can learned I can change, and I really learned a lot from all my friends by far, I feel really good today so if you wanna message me take a shot lolz;)

It's been awhile, hasn't it but now I'm here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND FEELING SO SAD:

I'm been gone a long time because I'm just completely and emotionally drained, ppl just treat me like s*** left and right, I dunno what to think, and my best friend, who I really cared for just recently passed away so I've been thinking of some bad things right now like suicide, because I blame myself for what happened, and it shoulda been me. Also I'm not getting any support from nobody and my mother hates me so it's hard to talk to her or anybody about this, so now I'm really confused and I dunno what else to do with myself but I'm trying real hard not to kick myself day-by-day but it's only getting worse! Man, I just need someone to talk to....please:?

Ask Me Anything Part II

The first one wasn't so bad so if you got a strange question or wanna know more about me and my interests just ask me anything and I mean anything, it can be silly or however way you want to do it, just go for it:)


My Review For Metal Gear Solid: The Essential Collection, It's short but sweet^^

I just hope I didn't bash the hell out it:?

Difficulty: Just Right
Time Spent: 20 to 40 Hours
"All flash, no substance"
Konami just didn't take the chance to jam pack it with extras and at the end of the day if you been living under a rock for the last seven years and don't know the name of Hideo Kojima or a little game of his called Metal Gear Solid, then this is the utimate collection, a good must-buy for people wanting to catch up with this whole entire series and it's complex story of the hero, the legend himself: Solid Snake just before the big one.
(MGS 4) But here's the really bad news and it's kind of a letdown but, if your a complete "gearhead" (Metal Gear fanboi) like me then I got two words of advice and listen good: STAY AWAY! If you have all these games by now, it's absolutely no reason to get this pack whatsoever, trust me on this, your better off playing all the previous installments because there's nothing eye-popping here, just the same old, same old

Konami should have took this chance to cram it with as much crap as possible to increase the replay value but here's the meat of the review:

The Pros: All The Box Art is really top notch especially the PS1 version of Metal Gear Solid and the way looks like a PS2 case, Low price of just $29.
99, You get Director's Cuts of both Metal Gear Solid 2 & 3

The Cons: The original Metal Gear Solid is just a straight port, where is Intergral, Twin Snakes, how about VR missions something extra! Metal Gear Solid 3 has no second disc, what's going on? Your playing Subsistence, right but they took all the bonus features away and that's bad ( so no ****c MG for you): they could have done a little bit more with the cover art, flashy as though it may be, it's nothing special and if they just made the inside look cool or something then I'd be convinced, Portable Ops and the Metal Gear Saga would have been nice to see included, you've played this game before not much is here.

And if you didn't and never played this series until now then go ahead and check this one out, newcomers completely will be satisfied with the end result of Snake's bleak legacy, veterans, not so much. We've seen it all before and it's just a re-release, is all.

I'll Give It 7.
5 out of 10!

Not enough content in this one but it's still MGS, what can you do:?

Meh Interests.

This is just a blog to tell you guys a little bit more about me! I ripped this straight from my Myspace page so check this!

My favorite movies:The Punisher, Max Payne,Scarface is my all time favorite movie, I just can't stop watching it, Crank,Clerks, Mallrats,Chasing Amy, Dogma, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, Clerks II, Shoot Em' Up, Donnie Darko,Multiplicity, American Pie, 300,Samurai X: The Motion Picture,Samurai X: Trust & Betrayal,Reno 911! Miami, Jackass: The Movie,Highlander, Jackass: Number Two,, Silent Hill, The Rambo Series,Escape from New York,Se7en, The Godfather films, Carlito's Way, House of 1000 Corpses, The Devil's Rejects, Halloween, The Departed, Sin City, Die-Hard ( all of em' ), Transformers, Double Take, Spider-Man Trilogy, You, Me and Dupree,Alpha Dog,Derailed, The Big Lewboski, Pulp Fiction, Reservoir Dogs, Grindhouse, Resident Evil films, Ghostbusters, Hostel, Black Hawk Down, American Gangster, Friday, Blade Runner, Star Wars films, Team America: World Police, The Warriors, Mortal Kombat, Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film for Theaters,Akira,Dangerous Minds,Four Brothers,Boyz' The Hood, American Psycho, The Shining, Bad Boys one and two,I Am Legend,Saving Private Ryan,V for Vendetta,The Matrix Movies,Borat,Blade,Little Man,Lock,Stock, And Two Smoking Barrels, Miami Vice, Colors,Lethal Weapon Series,Child's Play,The 40-Year Old Virgin, Knocked-Up,Dead Presidents,The Evil Dead Series,A History Of Violence,Training Day, Rush Hour, Fight Club,Smokin' Aces,The Hard Way, Mission: Impossible Series, Running Scared, Bulletproof, Blood Diamond, Head Of State, Ninja Scroll, CB4, The Great White Hype,Cowboy Bebop: The Movie, Ninja Scroll, Street Figher II: The Animated Movie,Street Fighter Alpha: The Movie, Street Fighter Alpha: Generations, Tekken, Blood: The Last Vampire,Ghost in the Shell,Casino,Empire,South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut, Saving Silverman.

Tv shows:Naruto,Naruto:Shippūden, X-Play, Ninja Warrior,Attack Of The Show!,Samurai Champloo,Cowboy Bebop,Bleach,Reno 911!,the Boondocks,South Park,Terminator:The Sarah Connor Chronicles,24,K-Ville, Cheaters,MAD TV, Heroes, MXC,The Sopranos, Deadwood, Inuyasha,Code Monkeys,American Dad, Family Guy,Death Note,Kid Notorious, Stroker & Hoop, Fullmetal Alchemist, Blood Plus, Fist Of The North Star, Baki The Grappler, Dragon Ball Z, GT, Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex, Ghost in the Shell: S.A.C. 2nd GIG, Gokusen, Wolf's Rain,Samurai Deeper Kyo, Gundam, Ninja Scroll: The Series, s-CRY-ed, Trigun,Clerks: Sell Out, Outlaw Star, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Mobile Fighter G Gundam, All Gundam Period!,The Wire,YuYu Hakusho,ReBoot, Rurouni Kenshin,Robot Chicken,Aqua Teen Hunger Force,Metalocalypse,The Venture Bros.,Mission Hill,Home Movies,Clerks: The Animated Series, 3x3 Eyes, Berserk, Street Fighter II V, The Big O, Darker than Black,Dexter,Gokusen,Kikaider,Ninja Scroll: The Series,Shaman King,Rave Master, Paranoia Agent.

Books:Hmmm..Well let's see now...I haven't been reading that much as I should have because I'd rather watch movies instead but here's a few books I just now picked up and read and I encourge all you others to do the same and pick up a good book: Neath Note, Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows, Spawn, The Pearl, Nightshift, Naruto, The Outsiders, The Warriors,Berserk,Harry Potter Series, Bleach and some Comic Books And Graphic Novels Also I'm reading a lot of Mangas right now as the time goes by, that's all good. I guess that's about it for now.

Ok, I'm ready to give the answers now so here we go!

@FlameBandicoot: Metal Gear Solid as of right now but I like a lot of games, really! You gotta check out my current list!
@skillet505: No, but I'll check it out, right now though, and I listen to all kinds of music, rock, hip-hop, rap, heavy metal, R&B, you name it, I like it!
@code305: No, I don't like heights
@mahoney23: Could I have all three
@Lt8653: Uhhh...what was the question j/k
@Sonic3456: I'm single and still looking.
@celtic1962: Scarface, The Departed and I Am Legend.(Crime Dramas are my favorite movie genres:)
And @lil_d_mack_314: 'Sup

Happy St. Patrick's Day, Everybody!

Oh and I hope all you guys have a safe and nice St.Paddies Day, you know, I usually forget about this holiday or whatever since I'm still in school, not doing much at the time and I got nothing better else to do since I did all my chores and mowed the lawn but I think I'll stay in the house this time around and some play video games all day, like so:) (and I also forgot, I'm not wearing any green today either, YAWN:?) still I hope everybody else has some real fun today and please, whatever you do remember to stay safe! Take Care, Guys!

I Leveled UP!!!!!!!

It's nothing major but it's says I'm a paper boy now and I have 100 friends already:?

Gee again, thanks to all you guys for tracking me:)

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