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Resident Evil Degeneration Thoughts

LOVED it. Plain and simple it is awesome. True to the story and everything. It is a nice expansion to the story and the new G virus monster was equally AWESOME. If you are wondering yes I am a fanboy of resident evil. Love the series. Anyway back to the movie. It takes place 7 years after the obliteration of Racoon city. It reveals a bit more of the world that resident evil takes place in. It is an interesting movie with some plot twists that are great. I hope they make another CGI movie. I would love to watch it. Plus it comes with a RE 5 trailer which is equally awesome. It shows how fast those bitten turn into zombies. There is a ton of action through the movie along with drama. This is how resident evil movies should have been made. Not the crap that the other three that came out were. Well I hope you all get this movie and enjoy it, I did.

Dual Shock 3 Ungratefulness

This is going to be short. When the Playstation 3 came out many complained that the six axis controller, IE the one that doesn't vibrate, was uncool. They were upset that there was no Dual Shock. Now what happens after so much whining and they finally come out with Dual Shock 3 with rumble feature and still uses the six axis, does everyone rejoice and celebrate and sing the praises of finally having rumble. Aaaa No. Its no big deal. Who Cares. Well kind of funny how they were whining about it just a short while ago. Some probably were complaining on the day of the announcement of Dual Shock 3. I didn't care that there wasn't. It was an owe man. Owe well. Kind of thing. Now I got a PS3 and Have Dual Shock 3 which doesn't rumble on early games cause no rumble feature in them but it isn't that huge of a thing. Anyway point being people were just looking for something to complain about the PS3 and when that ran out they moved onto something else to complain about. Interesting enough is how many have actually tried the consol. 360 fans celebrate the 360 but point blank it has its faults and I will get into that in a different Blog post. For now have a Merry Christmas All and a Happy new year. (for those reading this after the new years it was posted on Christmas if you are wondering wth)

Too Human

Ha in the end i was right about this game. It came out pretty much how i expected it would after the demo which is sad cause if they would have pushed it back a few months and taken some imput the game probally would have kick all arse and taken no prisoners. Yet the even sadder thing is that the game has been in developement for like ten freeking years and this is what they pump out. come on really that is quite sad. Owe well nothing to be done now. Sad thing is that they could have taken the feedback too. Or realease a beta and got feedback from that. Imput would have helped greatly yet they ignored this opritunity to be great for unknow reasons. And in the end it will sell well and there will be a sequal and hopefully that will be the game we hoped this one would be.