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Deal of Quite possibly the yeat

I was at a local thrift store when I found a copy of Super Metroid for the SNES with original box, manual, poster, dust cover, and sleeve for $2. I looked up on and in that condition it usually goes for about $50-$150! Oh my god. It blew my mind.

Anyone else find any awesome deals lately

I want a NES!!!

I really want a nes. The garage sales in my neighborhood suck and the thrift store has had one nes since I've been there.

Plus they're annoyingly pricey on ebay. Can some please point to where i can get a cheap working nes?

I'd prefer not craigslist.

Halloween Movie Review Part 1

I watched some Horror movies for Halween so I'm writing reviews of them

1. Mirrors (2008): This is the most recent one the list.

Its ok, not much else, some good gross out parts and a good-ending, probably a good rent if you havent seen it before.

2. The Crazies (1973): A George A. Romero classic, its like Dawn the Dead (1978) without the zombies. A plane crashes in a small Pennsylvania town and the residents begin acting a little strange, the military sends a unbelievable 15,000 gasmask clad soildiers to deal with the problem. Great Fun.

3. Scarecrows (1988): I feakin love Scarecrows! 5 paramilitary commandos rob Camp Pendleton before hijacking a plane and heading for Mexico, but things take a turn for the worst when one of their own takes the 3.5 million and jumps out of the plane. The others land the plane and head for an abandoned house near where their betrayer landed. In the surrounding corns there are tons of Scarecrows that are upset ( I guess, its not all that clear) and one by one the scarecrows kill the trespassers, and the best part...its only 1:15. Lots of fun!

I have more movies to watch so I'll post Part 2 after i watch a few more.

Genesis-The Story so Far!!!

Genesis Rules, end of story, I'd like to make a union for it, but I'm not a paying suscriber so I can't, however, I have found a loophole around this. I will most likely make another account called the Genesis Union, if ur intersted send me a message. I'm sorta excited but I'm not sure how well this will work and if anyone reads this, but liek I said just message me with for more info. Thanks

Let's play Golden Axe Part 1

I started playing and made it about 4 stages in before i actcidentaly bumped my Genesis and the game froze, but I can tell you all about those 4.

I'm playing this co-op with my brother, he's the dwarf and I'm the warrior.

Let me say this, My brother is the biggest magic hog of all time!

For those who don't know, you beat the crap out of little gnome and they drop little blue viles. You pick up the viles and then you can use magic. My bro claims that he is a "sneaky dwarf" and promptly steals all the magic.

Story wise I have nearly nothing to report, we just wnader around towards the castle where the king and princess are being held.

Thanks for reading, I'll report back as soon as I have more news.


I recently bought a Sega Genesis and Golden Axe 1 & 2

These are lots of fun so I decided to make sort of a text "Lets Play" of it.

I'll be posting the 1st part soon.

Rambo 4

This movie is incredible.

Not that it's really good, it's just insane!

A guy gets his head shot in half with a barret, some elsee gets decapitated with a machete.

Uhh what else...its pretty much just that for the last hour of the movie.

It ruled

Look who it is...It's Luis Guzman

I"m not really sure why, but Luis Guzman cracks me up.

He's not a comedian and rarely makes jokes when he's acting.

I think it's because I can never remeber his name but I always recognize him. I just saw Carlito's Way yesterday and I instantly knew who he was, but in about a week I'll have totally forgotten.

Also Bubba Gump is in Three Kings!!!

Who knew?

The 4th of July

I'm not sure why but I feel obligated to write a new bolg cause it's 4th of July.

Not much as happend yet...soon I'm gonna go on top of my shed and watch fireworks...or just chill8) up there, haven't yet decided. Anyways...Happy 4th, Even though I can only confirm one of my readers is even in the U.S.(Undeadmenace86...I'm watching you) plus I only have 2 Deffinate readers and a maybe.

Well then, this has been thrilling.

Happy 4th...I'm off to my shed.

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