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PS3? Yay or Nay?

After playing Killzone 2 and watching the review on gamespot, I'am thinking about finally getting a PS3. I already have a 360 but should i wait longer for the price the drop?. Is it going to drop anytime soon?.

Ninja Gaiden

I Haven't posted here in years lol. But i'll start posting again and get some damn responses. I got Ninja Gaiden II today and this game is so challenging, but it seems to get even more cheesy as i move through the game =/. Just random idiots hitting you from a distance with unblockable attacks that you just cant hit back is cheap. Iam up to chapter 4. [Too many, Secret Achievements. I hate that]

Guild Wars Factions

I got Guild Wars today and i love it. Well not that much but i do like it. Greg was right, the chatting is ridiculous in towns and cities. Everyone seems to be barking and throwing me bones to join their group or buy their $5,000 Elite daggers $$$$$ other than that, the game is pretty solid. Though I would like to surpass lvl 20 when Nightfall comes out.


You know the funny thing is that when i went to, it pushed me into this site. Who knew? I had no idea that this is tv tome. The only problem i have with this site is the schedules for the shows. Tvtome used to have a schedule with every show, but now it gone. I can't find it.

Game Designer

I have finally made it official that i want to be a game designer. If you want to become as well, post a comment.

I am Back

  I am back after a long break from gamespot forums. I went to atlanta to have some fun with my cousin........TRAGEDY. We were on dirtbikes and my cousin took a wide turn and beefs it right on his head. Good thing he was wearing a helmet.

Online Gaming

I want to play killzone online and Full spectrum warrior online with someone with a ps2 and can go online. if there is anyone out there leave a comment.

Gamespot Complete

My parents don't want to pay for Gamespot Complete because they don't want to waste there money on games and my little needs as they say. Well my mother is the only person who is not cool with it so I still might have a chance with my father. Wish me good luck. :P
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