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My 1st 100 AP

After a week of intermittently gaming on my newly bought xbox 360, i finally earned my self the 1st 100 achievement points through Gears of War by completing the 4th chapters on casual difficulty.

It's still miles away from 1000. To do so, i need to buy a few games too...well that's quite costly to me so i'll just wait patiently. I was thinking of buying PGR3 but isn't it more worthy to buy new- release-gonna-be games like GRAW2, Forza 2, C&C3, or even later such as Halo 3 or GTA4?

Anyway, i'm still sucks in GeOW. While not being pawned in friendly matches, but i was awefully being owned in ranked matches! Hardly can get near to even 1 opponent. Can anyone be my master???

Next-gen finally!

just got my xbox 360 this morning and i was blown away instantly by the prowess of this monster as shown in gears of war.

If you asked me whether i would feel regret of owning this console, NO is definitely will slip from my lips! So to anyone who owns a 360, feel free to add me albeit i'm too new for live service.

Farewell 2006

Few more hours to say bye-bye to the year 2006. Fireworks will again receive the new year and the whole new cycle of happiness or agonies transpire again.
After plodding through the year, i am with confidence yet sardonically intone that the year of 2006 has something common like me, we both are s***s! On annual basis, it is more or less identical like last year, but with more debilitating tasks of life ensuing and more distressing social issues shroud every corner in the world.

Looking back to 2005, the messes and muds in that year were not only uncleaned, but also brought over to this year. From global perspective, a handful of problems hasn't been settled in the year 2005 such as Iran and North Korea nuclear crisis, sectarian chaos in Iraq, oil price shock, etc have culminated into a
worldwide delirious state of mind in the year 2006. In the era of globalization, when aforementioned issues have arrised,
hardly anyone can be unperturbed by the effects of it, the invisible hand has grown so large that when it wields,
a turbulence of havocs swept across all over the world. And when i say "anyone", it means me and you, maybe from
New York, are probably regular passangers of Mass Transit lest the expenditure for self-own transport burn through your wallet. With so many mishaps going around, sometimes i may wonder, "I know i never beg you before but please Superman, come and save us!"

Things are even worse in Malaysia. If anyone happens to collect newspaper headlines every day, he/she will definitely find a lot of follies and fiascos running rampant on the frontpage. Former PM vs Incumbent PM, stupid government expenditure, racial tension...yes...racial tension, how could this still happen at here while we already gained independent for 49 years. Reasons: ethnic sentiments are still being utilized as effective political tools and certain "segregation" policies are still being practised. Just last week, the government once again proved its incompetence and impotence when unprecendented torrential rain fell on Johor, inundated most of the area and more than 60,000 residents being evacuated. The government's respond was more horribly retarded and blunt than he rescue operation in New Orleans, which was struck by Katrina last year. Even worse, there were some irresponsible soldiers asked payments for rescue, otherwise they'll just leave you for death. So what have the NCOs taught them in military academy?

Enough ranting, i don't wanna let all these sentiments plague my mind again tonight and feeling pessimistic next year. I still have to endure a longer journey in my life. 2007, please don't let me down, even though the prospect does look dreary.

Getting a Xbox 360 - a fiscal challenge

    With all next-gen consoles have come to the market, it is time to consider which console should be invested so that the $$$ spent will not burst in seethering regrets.

After reviewing all the consoles' prices, players' feedbacks,future agenda and so on, the most promising one seems to be Xbox 360, followed by Wii. As a long time PS player, PS3's agenda doesn't really sound convincing and compelling. Hence, the notion of buying xbox 360 has been hovering in my mind.

As it so called next-gen console, i should also have next-gen investments and savings in order to buy this bloomingdale. Here's the cheapest bargain i can get in Malaysia: Currency exchange rate ($1 = RM3.55)

xbox 360 premium pack RM 1,490.00 ($419)

xbox 360 bundle holiday pack RM 1,690.00

xbox 360 mod chip add RM 110

No way i'm going to mod it this time around, buying original would be top priority as i also dont want to be banned by MS. But my money have to fling into stock market first, earning some dividend, waiting for a price cut from MS, probably summer of 2007. If things go right, i may buy the premium package around end of 2007 depending on the price and my financial status. Afterall, completing my degree with honors is my primary objective of my teenhood, i ain't going to be spoilt brat this time.

Results are out...

The official results of my Y2S1 examination have been released on today. It's quite surprising because i thought i would fluff chemistry and biodiversity n yet....i got A's for that??? On the contrary, my english is only B while B+ for lab and ancillary statistics, why the heck i couldn't get A for the subjects that i have confidence the most???



Yeah!!!...ah well, final was over. So what i'm going to do next? playing all the unplayed games that i've bought for the next coming 3 months?

For that lavishness, my net income will be 0 throughout my 3-month vacation. I've gotta earn some money to buy...things, like new clothings, house rent,...oh yeah...revision books! I dont mind buying that, i believe investment on knowledge will surely get myself the dividends in the future.

I also planning to buy a Nintendo DS liteas a personal b-day gift for myself (knowing that nobody is surely going to buy that). Always a wish to play that to kill the time at public places especially waiting for transit or bus. However, this thing may cost me dearly since all the part-time jobs have low pay and i have to strain the budget. Oh man, i'm gonna relinquish yet another dream again due to stupid average-RM800-pay job. Sucks to be a poor guy.

My final exam is going to end!

After 2 weeks of hectic revision, the final exam will come to an end tomorrow. Anyway, i already pretend everything is over since tomorrow's subject is not going to be added into the CGPA. Here's the summary:

Chemistry: Properties of Matter
The toughest among all the subjects being taken. The first question already unnerved me. It was about Thermodynamics and the one really stumped me was: given a graph (ln Kp VS 1/T), calculate the enthalpy changes of the reaction. Gee god! what's the formula pls tell me?! But the other questions are ok, especially organic chemistry which i thought it would be harder.

Biodiversity and Ecology
Ah...this one eh? Not much understanding, just memorize everything like the taxa of all the species on the earth (well...most of it) at least until the class in the species classification . A real challenge to your brain's capacity.

Ancilliary Statistics
It possess moderate challenge to me. I won't say hard, but sometimes typical man like me would do careless mistakes such as 1/4=0.2...what was i thinking??? Anyway, that was in my coursework and hurt me a lot! I swore to be very cautious during the final...hmm...there was few tricky questions but managed to overcome it.

English for science
well well's nothing like writing blog at here. You can write something foolish like "Nothing happened today" in your blog. But, trying to write that in your english exam is something you would never do unless you wanna prove you're a mental retard on the paper. I had really no time for this paper since i wasted some quality time on the short report session. Hope the scribbling in comprehension section may earn some points.

I would only give myself a 7 out of 10 for my performance in exam. I still can't overcome the jittery at the beginning of every paper. Darn, i hope i still can earn a GPA of 3.0+ for this semester. Dean list is like a wish list to own every next-gen consoles now.


:|....a lil surprising....i saw her yesterday night...she probably just back from was shocking to see her why she would attend my meeting with my friends. Urgh...her arrival really stired up a whirl in my heart. We were like....strangers at that time..nothing to say, unlike we used to such pathetic failure...n now im still undecided whether...wanna invite her to go KL tomorrow....anyone can dispell my hesitation?

Heartbroken again??

why....i should have known this earlier.....she will be joining other people on 14th Feb....the day every lover longing to be with their love ones. Well me....had a plan, but forced to recoil since she's going out with her gang...including a guy who is better than me a lot....a guy who is welcomed by every girl....a guy whom she may still liking.....what a failure i am....


:lol: Yee Wei finally working at my place now!!!! i can see her everyday now....what a bliss! Man....i hope she my love for her during these days.....
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