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My PokeTalk 5

Hey everyone and welcome to today's "My PokeTalk" Blog! Yes I know PokeTalk has been off air for a few but I am going to get it started again starting today! The other day we were talking about Team Rocket trying to catch a Pikachu, but today's gonna be a little different! Today we are going to spice it up:D Today it will be exciting. It will be about why Ash is still not a Pokemon master yet! I have heard in the comments that someone wanted me to write about that. So I guess I am:D Well Ash is kind of stupid I mean he's got all of those powerful Pokemon and still not yet a Master! Yes it's easy in the Pokemon games but Ash's not in a game he's in the cartoon world. So lets talk about his badges he has that should make him a Master.(Indigo League) His Boulder Badge in Pewter city, he fought Brock to get it. His Cascade Badge in Cerulean City, he fought Misty to get it. His Thunder Badge in Vermilion City, he fought Lt. Surge to get it. His Rainbow Badge in Celadon City, he fought Erika to get it. His Soul Badge in Fuchsia City, he fought Koga to get it. His Marsh Badge in Saffron City, he fought Sabrina to get it. His Volcano Badge in Cinnabar Island, he fought Blaine to get it. His Earth Badge in Viridian City, he fought Giovanni to get it. (Johto League) His Zephyr Badge in Violet City, he fought Falkner to get it. His Hive Badge in Azalea Town, he fought Bugsy to get it. His Plain Badge in Goldenrod City, he fought Whitney to get it. His Fog Badge in Ecruteak City, he fought Morty to get it. His Storm Badge in Cianwood City, he fought Chuck to get it. His Mineral Badge in Olivine City, he fought Jasmine to get it. His Glacier Badge in Mahogany Town, he fought Pryce to get it. His Rising Badge in Blackthorn City, he fought Clair to get it. (Hoenn League) His Stone Badge in Rustboro City, he fought Roxanne to get it. His Knuckle Badge in Dewford Town, he fought Brawly to get it. His Dynamo Badge in Mauville City, he fought Wattson to get it. His Heat Badge in Lavaridge Town, he fought Flannery to get it. His Balance Badge in Petalburg City, he fought Norman to get it. His Feather Badge in Fortree City, He fought Winona to get it. His Mind Badge in Mossdeep City, He fought Tate and Liza to get it. His Rain Badge in Sootopolis City, he fought Wallace to get it. (Sinnoh League) His Coal Badge in Oreburgh City, he fought Roark to get it. His Forest Badge in Eterna City, he fought Gardenia to get it. His Cobble Badge in Veilstone City, he fought Maylene to get it. His Fen Badge in Pastoria City, he fought Crasher Wake to get it. His Relic Badge in Hearthome City, he fought Fantina to get it. His Mine Badge in Canalave City, he fought Byron to get it. His Icicle Badge in Snowpoint City, he fought Candice to get it. His Beacon Badge in Sunyshore City, he fought Volkner to get it. (Unova League) His Trio Badge in Striaton City, he fought Cilan, Chili, and Cress to get it. His Basic Badge in Nacrene City, he fought Lenora to get it. His Insect Badge in Castelia City, he fought Burgh to get it. His Bolt Badge in Nimbasa City, he fought Elesa to get it. His Quake Badge in Driftveil City, he fought Clay to get it. His Jet Badge in Mistralton City, he fought Skyla to get it. His Freeze Badge in Icirrus City, he fought Brycen to get it. His Legend Badge in Opelucid City, he fought Iris or Drayden I'm not sure witch one? And I guess that's it for the Badge part. So I am going to stop with today's blog. I bet I am killing you people with bordem with all of my words. I am sorry guys I was trying to make it interesting but I guess I didn't. At least I told you all about Ash's badges. But I won't do Black and White 2 badges because my hands hurt and I am tired and I bet you people are bored. So that ends today's "My PokeTalk" blog see ya!

My PokeTalk 4

Hey everyone and welcome back to "My PokeTalk" Yesterday we were talking about Pikachu and his "Weight and Weight Loss" And today we will be talking about Team Rocket. Well Team Rocket has been rivals with Ash and "Twerps" as Team Rocket says. I mean why would someone want a Pikachu for that long? Why not catch one yourself's? On my Pokemon Diamond I found A-LOT of Pikachu's at The Flower Garden located at RT 212. I mean it's not that hard to find a stupid PIKACHU! Why don't you get "FRIENDS" and try to see if they have a "PIKACHU" and "TRADE" with them. But on the bright side if they trade that Meowth of their's, we could get that nagging problem out of the way. Why don't they go to Toys-R-Us and buy a Pikachu doll! Or at least Jessie :D So why would someone want a Pikachu that bad? Yeah, Yeah I know Pikachu is kinda the "Mascot" of the show but Seriously their stupid! I don't hate Pikachu but Team Rocket trying to steal Pikachu is getting really old. I'm kinda getting sick of them. And I know this is out of the topic but Jessie is kind of "Hot" Yes I know! Now the truth is out. But lets get that out if the way and get back on the topic. Okay so Ash has battled A-Lot of people. But lets not talk about the trainers. Lets do the Like the TEAM parts. So Team Rocket, Team Magma & Team Aqua, Team Galactic, and Team Plasma. Ans lets not fins out how many "Team" People he's battled. And so I guess that's all I got up my sleeve! Stay tuned for tomorrow's "My PokTalk" P.S. I think Misty's pretty :D

My PokeTalk 3

Hey guys, welcome back to "My PokeTalk" Yesterday we were talking about the banned Pokemon. And today we will be talking about freaky Pokemon that has been on the Pokemon episodes. You probably don't notice some of the Pokemon but when I tell you about them you will know then. Okay, has anyone noticed Pikachu has lost a lot of weight since the first time he was showed. I bet he maybe loses 5 pounds each time it shows a new episode. I mean back then he was FAT. But on the first episode I don't even know how Ash was dragging him with the lease because he probably weighed like 200 pounds back then. Maybe the GameFreak company had some fat colors up their sleeve. But when I first saw Pikachu I was SHOCKED! Cause I was like "Okay so I guess this show is about a kid and his fat monster. My mom almost told me to turn it off after she saw that thing. But I don't know what was going trough her head because I was like "Mom, it's okay. It's just like Scooby Doo, well kinda. Except they don't solve mysteries and well I don't know mom just watch it." But I think Pikachu shocked both of us. If any of you have played Super Smash Brother Nintendo 64 Pikachu is still Fat. But when my mom came in my room and saw me playing it I think it brought her bad memories. So she made me turn it off and play something else. But Pikachu has really lost some weight the last few years. So when Pikachu started geting skinny I finally got to play my Super Smash Brother's game again. But I mean I got to play the game, I just could not choose Pikachu. So I guess that's it for the Fat Pikachu Logic today! Stay tuned for tomorrow's blog!

My PokeTalk 2

Hey everyone and welcome back to "My PokeTalk" Blog! If you like my previous blog then you'll like this one so stay tuned in daily. So yesterday I was talking about Pokemon going down hill and the banned episodes. So we will be talking about something different today. We will be talking about the banned Pokemon that have been banned for a reason. Jynx is one of them. Well everyone sees now that Jynx is purple but before they black. But they turned purple because in well lets say the Black parts and no Offence. But black was putting the GameFreak company in danger because the colored people were not liking the Jynx's to be black so then they turned them purple. And if you want more information about the Jynx, look at my previous blog and find the link. And here is the second banned Pokemon. Porygon is the second banned Pokemon. On a banned episode Ash, Brock, and Misty were on this OVER SIZED Porygon and unfortunately Team Rocket were behind them on well I think it was another over sized Porygon? And so the Over Sized Porygon that Ash his friends were on like I guess blew up the one behind them that had Team Rocket on and that explosion gave I think 20 Japan kids Seizure's and so they got taken to the hospital and Porygon and his other evolution's are banned because of their explosion's due to the Japan kids in the hospital. And I guess that's it for today. But one more thing before I post. I want to share the official "My PokeTalk" website.

My PokeTalk

Hey everyone. I guess you have finally been waiting for a Pokemon Blog. Yes, yes I know their are probably other Pokemon Blogs but lets get to the point. Well I know you guys have heard about the newest Pokemon game Pokemon Black 2 & Pokemon White 2 has been a sellout in the GameFreak company. Yes everyone has been saying Pokemon has gone downhill, and yes that may be true but since Pokemon BW2 has come out the past has gone away. Well the other day I was watching youtube and I looked up Pokemon and I saw "Banned Pokemon Episodes" it was pretty interesting so if you guys wanna see the rejected episodes here is the link. Okay back to me now. So I guess Pokemon has been great on "Pokemon Black & White Rival Destinies" I really don't know because since I lost my Channel Cartoon Network I have not been able to get caught up on the black and white series of Pokemon. But I guess it's going great? And I guess that cuts it on today's blog guys. Uhm I will start posting Pokemon blogs to keep up dates and Pokemon events that are happening.