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The potential of being robbed is going to all but guarantee more private games then public.

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In my estimation, there is no reason the Sims 4 shouldn't be able to be brought in its entirety to both PS4 and XBox One.

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The Sims 4 will be an over-priced DRM nightmare.

There will be a Limited addition for around $60 and a Full addition (with a catchy name that is designed to make you think that somehow it's better) for around $80. 


Anyone else have any other predictions.

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Does anyone know of anyone running SC5 with a Core 2 Duo 2.4ghz? I'm a ways away from updating my computer so I just want to know other peoples experiences with the same processor. I do have a 1g GTX650 amd 6 gig of ram.

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I hope that EA adds something like My Player to their game, but doesn't connect it to online as 2k has done. It needs to be a seperate part of the game. And I hope that EA adds more role playing to the game. It seems the more that 2k adds to their game the more hollow my player feels. I always like to create more then one my player but this years they all have to have the same name and looks. It's lame. Thoughts?

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I so long the days that it took 40+ hours to beat a game. don't get me wrong The Last of Us was an intense experience for sure. I just wish it was a little more than 16 hours. 12 hours if you don't waste time exploring. 

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Alright in the latest service pack was a trophy room. I have beat Oblivion since then and have finished tons of quests, but there is still no trophies. how does this work? Is it just not working yet or what? Or is Oblivion to old of a game to add throphies to my case?

Please tell me how the trophy room works.

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Will PS3 ever have them? Or is that only for PC Games?

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I like the PS3 Controller better then the 360's. I don't see the problem...
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Is there any other driving games for the PS3? I only see the GT5 Prologue. I see a couple for the XBOX 360. When do you think there will be more options? What would we like to see?