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A new year,a new theme

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God,i haven't made a blog in MONTHS! :lol: I hope you guys had a good new years anyways because it's a new year i've made a new banner and icon.

Do you like my new banner ? :) Light blue and guy with a gas mask.Epic.

I'm not sure which one to choose but i like the first one.

Adios old icon.

Well that's all i have to say :lol: thats's why i never make blogs because i never have something to say.I don't know how some of you do it.Oh and my new xbox gamertag is BlazingKats and i won't be on gamespot much but i don't know when i'll be back.

Bye bye

The End Of E3 2011

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Well E3 has officially ended,it was good well it lasted.I watched every conference but i only watched Sony & Nintendo Live.I saw the Stage show every day live plus the cams 1&2 & the chat were funny at times :lol: The Chat's were good,making fun of Tomb Raider :P.

It was mostly good because i was sick & the only entertaining thing was E3.

Who remembers this guy ??

I've Fallen inlove with the PSVita

Plus I got more Emblems this year 8)

I don't know how i got the Microsoft Emblem i didn't even watch it live & last year i saw everyone of them live & only got the Sony Emblem :?

Plus i want to thank everyone with the support you guys gave me with the last Blog.I deleted it,it was way too personal.

Thanks again.


Level up! Blaster Master

by on

One of the greatest (and hardest) NES games of all time,Blaster Master!

Released on June 17, 1988,Developed and published by Sunsoft.


Gameplay,Level 1.

It's been forever since i made a level up blog.Plus i'm feeling lazy so i won't write much information about Blaster Master.I'm also addicted to the song Carnival by The Cardigans but the puck version is better,i hear the song & reminds me of a certain person.

Anyways hope you all had a weekend,i'm off to play Mass Effect 2 8)


Gaming Update:Looks like i'm a Game Expert

by on

Gaming Update.


I had high hopes for this game but...it totally sucked.The combat system was good.There was a big improvement for the graphics but what makes a game good & memorable..is the storyline & the storyline was horrible.


Ubisoft i'm impressed once again.I loved the new changes in the game but i hate HATE cliffhangers.[spoiler] I hated the ending because i had to kill Kisten Bell ...i mean lucy :lol: [/spoiler]


I completed this game once again for the 100th time :D.I only got this game because it had Witch Hunt.I didn't want my poor Warden without Morrigan soo i got the game.I was really disappointed that it had ALL the same glitches

seriously Bioware is lazy.I also got all the Achievements in this game..which was pretty easy.I thought beating the Harvester in Hard ..would be REALLY hard but it was easy,why do people make a big deal out of it being impossable!?.I should be getting 100% Club Memeber any moment now but i still haven't got it yet.Damn GlitchSpot.

Yay the Harvester in be in Dragon Age 2 :D

I hope in DA2 the Harvester will be more of a challenge.

Well i'm glad i completed this game just before school started.My summer has finally ended,it was good while it lasted.


I'm gone!

by on

Gone only for a few days 8) I'm going to the beach with my family..which is pretty boring.I'm going for 5 days or i might come back early(hopefully)

At least in my country the weather isn't bad,it's actually hot 8)

lol but it doesn't look hot there :lol:

Moving s-ucks

by on

Moving sucks because of all the packing :cry:

I will only be online today & monday.So i won't be able to comment on your blogs :(

I'm not sure when i will be online again :P

With all the left over boxes,i wanna do something like this :lol:

Gaming Update.

Next month will be a hell of a month so many good games coming out :D

I shall be getting these games :P

Hope you all had a good weekend 8)

Level 20! Metal Slime

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I'm 0% level 20... I didn't think it was possible. :|

Slime is the mascot of Dragon Quest.

Metal Slime was designed by Akira Toriyama (Manga Artist).Metal Slime was featured in Dragon Warrior & in every game of the series Dragon Quest.Metal Slime is a weak enemy & has been through-out the series.


Gameplay of Dragon Warrior.

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