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Still Alive

Yeah, I'm still alive. Still researching the book. Still playing golf. Still finding 40 million things that keep me from being here as much as I used to.

And to think I complained about people who "found a life" and took them away from online communities!!

Hope & pray everyone is well.

Today I Removed the Weather Channel From My Favorites List

I removed the Weather Channel from my Dish Network "favorites" list today.


Right smack dab in the middle of what the Weather Channel called "the largest tornado outbreak of the year" they interrupted their channel's duty -- reporting the weather -- to broadcast a movie.

Oh, and not just any movie, but The Avengers, an ultimately lame remake of one of the great TV series of all-time.

I truly think that the world could have waited until the severe weather died down to see that movie. I also think the world would have preferred to see it on WGN, TBS, TNT, or some other network that, as a rule, shows MOVIES and not the WEATHER.

Someone said the Weather Channel hasn't been the same since Mike Bono left. I don't know if we can solely blame his firing, but SOMETHING isn't kosher at the Weather Channel any longer.

It's Broke. Please Fix It.

This is my first trip to mp3.com. I am far from impressed.

There is no place to get help on mp3.com. There is no information for new users. And, worst of all, there is no way to correct mistakes.

Case in point: the Homer and Jethro biography. Here are the major mistakes I found:

  • Homer was not "the elder of the two" as the biography states. He was nearly five months Jethro's junior. They were both born in 1920, not in 1918 and 1923.
  • Jethro's middle initial was not "D." His full name was Kenneth Charles Burns, and the last time I checked, "Charles" doesn't start with the letter "D."
  • Jethro wasn't born in Knoxville, he was born 105 miles to the southwest in Conasauga.
  • The Stringdusters did not break up in 1938. In fact, they were on the Renfro Valley Barn Dance in 1940.
  • They were never on the Midwestern Hayride, per both Cincinnati newspapers and interviews with Jethro.
  • Jethro also put the date of their joining the WLS Barn Dance in 1950, not 1949.
  • There were only five albums (not eight) released between 1966 and 1967: Any News From Nashville?, Wanted for Murder, It Ain't Necessarily Square (their second all-instrumental album, the biography says they only made one), Somethin' Stupid, and Nashville Cats.
  • And, Jethro was not "coaxed back into show business" by Steve Goodman following Homer's death. Jethro, in fact, went back on stage with his brother-in-law, Chet Atkins, one month to the day after Homer's fatal heart attack in 1971.

I have written All Music Guide and begged them to change the information (pointing out that the Hall of Fame plaque has their birth years correct, not to mention the "C" in Jethro's real name), but they will not. Joel Whitburn, who had reported the incorrect birth years of 1918 and 1923 in earlier Billboard books, happily corrected the dates when shown they were wrong. Why won't mp3.com allow people to submit corrections to these errors? Do they actually relish the notion of wrong information being out there? And most troubling, what else is wrong in other biographies?

Chuckles the Clown Has REALLY Bitten the Dust

It's probably one of the greatest episodes of a sitcom in history. I worry about anyone who does not laugh at some point while watching it.

"It" is the Mary Tyler Moore episode "Chuckles the Clown Bites the Dust." It won an Emmy for writing and has even beat the "conveyor belt in the candy factory" episode of I Love Lucy for funniest sitcom episode of all-time.

The show's writer, David Lloyd, died November 10th of prostate cancer at his home in California.

In addition to that masterful episode, Lloyd created the 1980s Showtime sitcom Brothers, the first show on television anywhere to feature openly homosexual characters. That series also won awards (the now-defunct "Cable ACE Award"). He wrote for Frasier (with former Brothers star Philip Charles MacKenzie directing several episodes) and Cheers as well.

His writing was brilliant and he will be missed.

David Lloyd was 75.

Does This Mean I'm Famous?

Well, hi!

I have good news: my proposal for a presentation on Homer & Jethro at the International Country Music Conference has been accepted, so next May I get to stand in front of a room full of scholars and act like I know what I'm doing. :lol:

Here's the article about the presentation. You can say you knew me when. :lol:

See y'all next month or after I finish moving, whichever comes first!

If This Blog Shows Up....HI!

Good ol' TV.com.

Anyway, things are progressing as I near the 10-month mark in the research. I may have found the date Homer and Jethro met. No one in the family knows the date, so if this article in the Knoxville paper for a talent show proves to be the magic date it'll be quite a coup.

The National Felons League...er...National FOOTBALL League opened up today, and I don't care. It's still baseball season to me. I think the Bungles...er...BENGALS will go 11-5 this year: eleven arrests, five convictions. That might be the rationale behind Chad Johnson's name change: Ocho arrests, Cinco probation violations.

So what does A have to do with B? Well, as I've been going through these old newspapers I've made a discovery. The "good old days" weren't all that good. Parents killed their children and children killed their parents, there was widespread murder and mayhem, and crime was rampant. I suppose the main difference was we didn't have three 24-hour news channels picking and choosing which suspicious disappearance of a woman they would bring national attention to.

Amid all the newspaper reading I do still keep Monday evenings open to play Putt-Putt. Last Monday night I scored my first bogey-free tournament of the year. I've won two tourneys this year, shot a ten on the front nine (that means I made holes in one on eight of the nine holes), and shot some of my best rounds ever (I had a 23 AND a 24 in two rounds during a state tourney). All this while skipping practicing as much as I did last year because of library work.

Maybe that's where I went wrong! :lol:

See y'all in a month or so!

What is Wrong with Our Nation?

I'm not a person prone to using these blogs for controversial things; however, this time I'm just a little too upset.

The issue is Michael Vick, the former Atlanta Falcons quarterback. He has completed a sentence for dog fighting charges.

The PROBLEM is that people are treating Vick worse than Adolf Hitler because he engaged in animal cruelty.

Yes, it is bad when people mistreat animals. I don't condone it. It turns my stomach. There are two things on this earth that no one is forced to have, and that's kids and pets. If you aren't going to love it, don't bring it into your house.

But the issue is that Cleveland Browns receiver Donte' Stalworth KILLED A MAN (drunk driving manslaughter), and he isn't being treated the way Vick is. It is far worse to take a human life than it is to take an animal's life.

There is something seriously wrong with a society that puts a higher premium on a dog's life than on a human's. It scares me. It should scare you, too.

Do We REALLY Need All These News Channels

Did y'all know Billy Mays died? The louder-than-the-Space-Shuttle-taking-off pitchman was found dead in his home Sunday morning. Chances are you didn't know. After all, why interrupt the all Michael Jackson all the time coverage (90% of which continues to be nothing but conjecture, speculation, and oh yes Geraldo Rivera throwing out the notion that Jackson was murdered) with such an inconsequential thing as that?

Did y'all know the government of Honduras was overthrown on Sunday? Bet ya didn't -- see above.

Watching this -- more precisely, trying like crazy to avoid watching this -- makes me glad we didn't have three 24-hour news channels when Elvis died or when Lennon was murdered. They've intereviewed everyone except the Pope about Jackson's death. (And who knows, Larry King might have him lined up as a guest for tomorrow night's show!)

You know it's bad when ESPN has news about Jackson's death. Meanwhile, they cannot mention Billy Mays -- who did commercials for ESPN!

Without question I understand the emotional attraction people have with performers, whether it's a singer or an actor or an author. But there comes a point where the news outlets are informing people and become champions of overkill. We reached that about two hours after Jackson's death, when CNN obtaineid video of the ambulance leaving Jackson's house.

I'll try to keep you posted on world events. Until Jackson's autopsy results are released it's a sure bet the three cable news stations won't have time for such trivial matters.

Ten Years Ago -- a Memory in the Making

Some good things happen to you that stay with you forever. Ten years ago, June 17, 1999, was one of those days.

June 17, 1999 was the ground-breaking of the new Country Music Hall of Fame in Nashville. To celebrate, the Country Music Foundation put together a marching band -- ALL GUITARS. The "band leader" was none other than Chester Burton Atkins. I was a member of that band.

The most memorable moment came when we were standing around, waiting to be put in line to begin our march (with all the Hall of Famers behind us). Chet was driven out on a golf cart. As he approached everyone stopped talking, turned and faced him, and applauded as he passed by. You couldn't have orchestrated that. No way.

So I got to play with Chet. For my efforts (playing "Wildwood Flower" and "You Are My Sunshine") I received a T-shirt that says, "I pulled strings for the new Hall of Fame."

And I got a treasured memory.