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The Power of Two - Battlefield 3 Co-Op

I once played co-op (Cooperative Play) in Call Of Duty World At War. It was an amazing experience and never played before kinda stuff. Last night I completed co-op in Battlefield 3 and let me tell you it was just pure awesomeness. Co-op missions just can't get better than this. Me and a buddy started with the "Exfiltration" mission. The last time we played, we kinda got stuck on that mission and restarted almost 4 times. But last night we got connected on team speak. And yes voice does make a big difference when playing co-op. So back at the mission, in the beginning we started playing just like a normal "see and kill" method. But later missions became difficult to play if we just shot at blinds. We started communicating. Where to move and who to kill, who will take the shot and how. Things went a little exciting. Upcoming missions made our communication compulsory.

My favorite mission was "Drop 'em Like Liquid". In every step you get a group of two enemy who you have to take down at the same time with your team mate or they alert the other enemies. Sneaking up behind, "alright you're ready? Yes. Alright on your count. Three, two, one and shoot!". Marking enemies to confirm targets and following each order and move from you buddy player pure kiskass awesomeness.

The last mission included diffusion ofa triggered bomb and killing a terrorist. Which was rewarding with gun unlocks for multiplayer. We live in the world of unlimited possibilities and I look forward to more of these experiences like these.

Thanks for reading and comment your views below.

Battlefield 3 Carving Dogtags!

The new Battlefield 3 multiplayer gaming has put the war experience to its edge for the first time. Choose your type and weapon and roll on to kill and thrill. Change you loadout to customize your weapon as it suits you. Too bad you can't save loadout as a preset but hey you have plenty of other things to be happy about.

Social networking via battlelog online. Add friends and show your skill stats in a totally new way. See your friends updates as he progresses in-game. Like your friends update?Appreciateit by giving it a "Hooah!" Share your experience on your battlelog profile page and let others comment on it.

Make platoons and recruit people to it or join your friends in a co-op mission. Lets get to the point which I love the most, Dogtags!

Dogtags are making their way in as your status flashes on killcam when you kill an opponent in-game. Dogtags can be unlocked by achieving certain level of experience with specific weapons or by killing opponent with a knife. Dogtags are also becoming commercially popular as they can also be unlocked by visiting certain websites and completing tasks. Latest I unlocked few by watch a movie trailer of a movie releasing in coming month.

This new way you experience online multiplayer is just the beginning.

Awaited CO-OP

I always have been a person who wanted to play games like Call of Duty and all the later versions. But there was something missing which I always thought of. What if you could control the army. So I jumped on a game called Brother In Arms and games like Ghost Recon. But with the same stupid AI and "play less, control more" thing, I had to get back to single player games.With the first encounter of mine with COD - World At War, I could get just everything I needed from a game. Though the title didn't make a major hit in the consoles or PC the co-op for me was a revolutionary invention from developers. Me and my friends screaming, crawling, killing and running just couldn't get enough of it. Later co-op coming to almost every title made me feel heaven. Looking forward to play a round with you! ;)

Foreign Revolution!

Hi Everyone,

Here I'm back with my another update to my blog. This time I want to discuss the releases to PSP games. As it can be clearly seen when you try searching a PSP games well suited for your current mood you end up finding foreign language games. And these games are so highly rated that you feel like playing them but you cant because they are not in English.

Well, its not a very big issue that I should really brag in this blog and waste time but come 'on why cant there be a community who works centrally on these Japanese games and all the other foreign language games making these games accessible to world wide players :D?

Serious Gaming on PSP

I recently got two games for PSP. Resistance Retribution and Little Big Planet. Comparing both and after playing certain levels I believe I enjoyed Little Big Planet more than the other game. Well, as for now I dont believe PSP is ready for FPS. Unless you get some brilliant touch or something makes aiming and movement easier. God Eater another flop controller issue is what I faced. Expecting the release of NGX (PSP2) soon.