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I'm slowing coming back

Yea, I've been busy with school, but its slowing up this semester, so I should be able to get on more and post some.  Who else is bogged down with school?  And who else plays on Live, becuase I could use some more friends on there.

It's been a long time, but i'm back

Well if you read my previous post, my grandma was diagnosed wtih cancer back in april. Well I've been in the hospital most of the time and I havent been able to get on and chat with you guys. Well she recently passed away, and i moved to a new town. So I'll be more active now. Sorry to everyone who i'm in a union with.

Bad crap again

Well it seems that there is not a week long span in my life without something happening. Just got to keep pushing forward i guess. My grandma recently got diagnosed with cancer and after her initial surgery, she had kidney problems. Now if this dialisys (sp) doesnt work and her kidney dont start back up. Shes pretty much gone. Well im just telling everyone so they know why im not posting as much. Take care all.

More Vacation

I'm going out of town on tuesday til sunday of this week. Sorry for all the time out of the forums guys. I promise ill post more later.

Spring Break ****ed lol

I got all excited about spring break and it ended up ****ing. But i dont want to dwell in it. The fact is that im back and ill be posting more. I hope everyone's SB was better than mine. Take care all.

Spring Break WHOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry I havent posted as much the past few days. I've just been having a blast with this Spring Break. Mostly drinking but gaming too. If I have time ill update, but who knows. I hope everyone has a safe and happy Spring Break TAKE CARE EVERYONE.

Goodbye Money, Hello Arcade

Our town finally got an arcade, and it's opening today. I'm freaking stoked and without saying my money will be withering away on Tekken 5 and DDR. Its good to be broke :).