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The PS3 is dominating!

With the upcoming release of home that will crush the XBox live pay-per-crap. And the in-game XMB soon to be released. And not to forget, the update 2.20 that will include Blu-Ray 2.0. With all the upcoming releases and companies realizing that the PS3 is 5 years more advanced than the crap-box, games are going to be changing from Microsift exclusive to PS3 exclusive. The XBox can do nothing as it is about on the same level of technology as the PS2.

The PC is almost dead to me.

I have a PC fanboy for a long time. Last week I bought a PS3. OH BABY! All my friends have the 360 and let me put this Xbox 360 vs PS3 to rest. The PS3 DESTROYS the Xbox, without a doubt. It is..... for lack of a better word... AMAZING.

If you are thinking of buying a next gen console, there is clearly only one choice for "next-gen", the PS3. Compare the 2 together and the PS2 comes 1 resolution short of being better than the Xbox 360. It is by far the current top dog of gaming.

Alpha Tester

I was lucky enough to become one of the few World in Conflict closed Alpha tester. It was absolutely amazing. I played for about 9 hours straight last night. The game is just beautiful, and it's rock-solid stability (even this early) is un-rivaled. Even now, not fully developed, is better than any RTS to current date.



Woot! Lv. 10 finally.

I made level 10 even though i was moderated and lost points, I still made it. Not quite sure what post got moderated, but if an GS admin is looking, I'm sorry.

Sim City 5?

There has been rumors for years about the next Sim City. I have been waiting patiently and hoping that with the release of Vista and new support of 64-bit, that the development will start. If anyone gets news on this please let me know.

The future of PCs

I see everything switching to duel-core 64 bit. I'm just really excited to see what's heading our way in the near future. Please share your thoughts. Please do not limit it to just CPUs. All hardware and even software is in the scope.