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Hmmm, First blog entry.

Hmmm, this is a wee bit strange, considering this is my first blog entry, and the only reason I'm taking the time to write is because I'm waiting for WoW to go up.

I consider bloging a waste a time, no disrespect to people who do. I also know it's hypocritical to blog, then say bloging is useless, but thats the kinda man I am; HAHAHA.

I consider this wasting time, so I will speak of things in my life. First of all, above all, my Xbox 360 is caputz; which entitles me to scream loudly at the heavens while theatatrical lightning strikes around. I've probably known for a long time now that my Xbox's Red Hola Hoops weren't just for show, but I was in denial, or ignorant. It just dawns when I happen to bring it to Florida for vaction, hooking it and coming to terms with the second death of my 360.

Cousin: "So, it's not working?"


Cousin: "Hook up the PS2, let's play Scarface."

Me: "Alright."

And this is why the PS2 still selling, because it doesn't spontaneously combust into Red Rings o' Doom and crap. The PS2 warns you ahead of time when you need to replace it.

PS2: "Yeah, Mike, I'm about to kick the bucket. I'm not feeling too good."

Me: "So, should I replace you, bury you, make a ritual to turn you into a PS3?"

PS2: " Na, I got a, what, two weeks more."

Me: "Good enough, squeeze, EVER LAST SECOND!" *plays like thumbs are fused to the controller*

But, for me, it's the fact that Bioshock is coming. Oh no, it's not even like 3 weeks away, it's like; Hmmmm NEXT WEEK. I get crummy luck, but I get it all back eventually.