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Was interested - am no longer.

For the most part I hate MP - for almost all games. I am not a competitive player, I hate the chat, and the way a lot of people behave - so yeah, if they think SP isn't worth it, this game isn't worth my money

.From my point of view, 'the part that takes 80% of the resources' has been neglected, bad or broken in a lot of games lately. Mind you, there have been some exceptions, but all in all, the SP has been utterly disappointing. which is very likely to be connected to the finishing rate - as someone else already said,

Don't make your SP so crappy nobody gives half a damn about it, simple fix. Naughty Dog and the Bioshock series seem to be doing good even though they primarily make SP games.

Credit chaplainDMK

I couldn't agree more.

Anyway, they don't wanna provide a SP - thanks for taken the burden off my wallet.