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NIN at the Aragon Ballroom

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So amazing. Best NIN set I've ever witness, almost cried when it came to an end. Trent said "We're not done recording or making music. So don't kill yourself yet." That was good to hear. Also, they played RUINER AND REPTILE, so it pretty much couldn't get any better.

There were some jerks in the crowd (easily the worst NIN crowd I've ever been in), but I only had to deal with them during one or two songs so it really isn't anything worth complaining about.

The venue was totally awesome, if you're ever in Chicago and have a chance to see somebody cool at the Aragon make sure that you do. The place is super cool.

Peter Murphy was there for a special guest apperance, Trent played the flute, and Mew was a pretty stellar opening act (even if 90% of the audiance wasn't into them at all).

My third (and probably last NIN show in the forseeable future) was the best I've ever been to and the perfect way to wave goodbye to one of the best bands on the planet. Too bad I didn't get into them earlier.

I'll post picture/videos if I ever get around to it. Also, I'm probably not gonna end up writing a Lollapalooza review due to school business and being lazy. I'll just tell you that it was super amaing, one of the best weekends of my life, and that Animal Collective know how to jam the **** out of a festival.

Keep it real, everybody

this is about to be the most amazing week ever

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here's what's going on:

Thursday- Passion Pit and Chairlift play a free show at the Apple store

Friday- Day one of Lollapalooza: Bon Iver, Fleet Foxes, of Montreal



Lollapalooza afterparty at the Congress Theatre, featuring Major Lazer aka Diplo+Switch (woooo!), Simian Mobile Disco, Bloody Beatroots, Kid Kudi, and more


Saturday- Day two of Lollapalooza: Animal Collective ****ing DJ set!, then camping for Animal Collective's real set, and then Yeah Yeah Yeah's/Bassnectar

Sunday- Day three of Lollapalooza: Friendly Fires, Bat For Lashes, Dan Deacon, Passion Pit, Deer Hunter, Snoop Dogg


Lollapalooza afterparty at Logan Square auditorium featuring the amazing No Deachunter Round Robin Tour! (if you have no idea what that means, read this)

CSS' Lovefoxxx Designs Deerhunter/ Dan Deacon/No Age Tour Shirt

(this is the tour t-shirt. I plan on owning one.) :)

I'll write up a lil review of the weekend once I'm back and recovered. Wish me luck.

Pitchfork Music Festival Day Two Review!! (with pictures!)

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Let's get right into this, shall we?
**I know the pictures aren't great and that the grammer and probably some spelling will be screwed up. Enjoy.

bold and names are ones that you should check out right now

Michael Columbia - For the first batch of bands on Saturday, we weren't that interested in anything, nor had we listened to any of them before. We chose Michael Columbia, a synth-pop/rock duo (except they have a third member for live performance, so trio, I guess would be better). The songs were upbeat enough, and the band was solid in terms of skill. Besides that, though, they weren't anything special. All of the synth and bass hooks sounded uninspired and generic. There were some songs where the lead singer bused out a sax, and those were lots of fun. But besides that it was pretty stale.

Killer Whales - I liked these guys. They were great for what they delivered, and what they delivered was fast, jittery, summertime punk-rock. Just imagine the kind of music four shirtless, shockingly skinny guys (two of them are drummers) might make in a bar/garage in 100 degree weather. And that's pretty much what Killer Whales did. Lots of silly shreaking and yelling, and lots of energy. Check them out, if that sounds like something you'd be interested in.

Pharoahe Monche - Great crowd interaction and onstage chemestry with his dj/backup singers. I had never heard any of his stuff before, but it was a lot of fun and easy to get into. The crowd was way into it and that always pays off. Not to mention I was standing next a guy dressed as a banana the whole time. Also, see that real tall guy in the green shirt? He rapped along, perfectly, to every single song. So I guess this Paroahe guy has some pretty dedicated fans or something.

Here's another just to show off the awesome backup singers, who were awesome. :)


DJ/Rupture - One of the real big, welcome surprises of the weekend was DJ/Rupture. I had no idea what kind of stuff to expect him to spin, but was very, very pleased when he started his set off some some nice dub-raggae. Throughout his set, the beats started deep and slow, and gradually built energy. Making his way through raggae, salsa, and other tropical sounding dance tunes, the guy never once stooped into the cheesy electro/bloghouse area. That's what really made his set special. It just sounded so fresh and different to be hearing real instruments in a dj set. It also made it irresistable to dance like a complete idiot for about 45 minutes straight.


There were large streches of buzz-kills throughout the crowd, but then little pockets of about 15 people who would form a little cirlce of dancing (in which it looked like everyone was getting electrocuted). If the camera guy in this video moved a little bit to the right you would be able to see me throwing down my moves. Too bad, right? :P
watch it here!

The Walkmen - For some reason, I bought one album buy these guys and really, really liked it, but then never continued to listen to them. Seeing them live really made me question why I wasn't a bigger fan. They were great. Lots of lazy, summery, fun songs. Beautil horn sections and lots of loud, powerful singing. They even went and played us a fantastic new song (that they didn't seem very confident in).

You can't really tell from the picture, but the horns were alternating gold/silver/gold/silver. That was cool. :P

Oh yeah, and this girl was standing in front of me. Meerkat and Cheeta earings: big in 2k10?


after the Walkmen, we started our near 2 hour camp for none other than...

Grizzly Bear - I'm not even going to spend time describing how perfect and gorgeous the music the band makes is. We'd be here all day. I'm not gonna tell you that their live performance is flawless, every single time. Because you already know these things, right? You already know that Grizzly Bear is one of the best bands of the last 10 years and that they'll soon be huge. Instead, I'll tell you all the interesting stuff.

About an hour before the show was scheduled to start, my main man, Ed Droste showed up on stage. Why? To help the roadies set up the equipment, obviously! Shortly after Ed's appearance, the rest of the band started showing up. It was crazy seeing them just walking around doing a job that they didn't need to do, when they could just be lounging about backstage. But instead, they went ahead and worked right along side the guys who are meant to be doing that sort of thing.
As I watched them walk aruond the stage and plug stuff in and whatnot, I thought to myself: Thank god Radiohead didn't do this when I saw them. I probably would've died of excitement. :P

It's them! Setting up their own equipment!

I really don't know how to start describing how great the show is. I just don't know! So I'm not going to try. Just take my word that it was unbelievable. It was the drummer's birthday, and Ed suggested that everyone sing him happy birthday. Of corse, he said he didn't want us to, but one "DO IT ANYWAY!!" from a fan in the crowd got it started up. :)

A few trouble makers were hitting beach balls around during the sit (before, that's fine. But during Grizzly Bear should be a federal offence) So myself, a friend of mine, and a guy we met in the crowd, took the liberty of destroying every beach ball we got our hands on. We did this by ripping to it shreads. With our teeth. :)

Hmm...what else. Ah yes. Right before Two Weeks, the bands' montiors went out (the speakers that point towards them so they know what their mates are playing, in order to stay in time with the eachother). The band aksed if they should wait until their fixed or if they should go on without them. another "DO IT ANYWAY!!" erupted and things got underway, with extra support and sing-along power from the fans.


All throughout Grizzly Bear's set, the sun was setting and the crowd across the park at the opposite stage was growing larger. The giant screen could be seen lighting up every now and then as the sky got darker.

(taken while running from Grizzly Bear stage)

Once Grizzly Bear ended, this left us no time to make a dash to the other stage for the main attraction of the festival: The Flaming Lips.

We were fairly close, but on the side of the stage, once the show got underway.This allowed us the perfect view of Wayne rolling out onto the crowd:

During these antics we were able to sneak through the distracted fans, to a more centered view. We were finally locked in a little bit in front of the sound tent, just in time for the Yeah Yeah Yeah Song! No to mention the releasing of the giant balloons (although this was probably the third releasing of the giant balloons, since they did it about every other song :P)
Massive sing/scream alongs followed, and were accompanied by crazy dancing.


Most of the set was great. This came as no surprise, considering the fans voted on what they would play. The second half of the set consited almost entirely of huge crowd pleasers and sing alongs, so that was perfect. Not to mention a few new songs played for the very first time. :)


The band finished with a goreous, extended version of Do You Realize?? in which the crowd was nearly singing louder than Wayne and the guys. Troughout the entire song, graint cannons were blasting confettii over the crowd. It was like a yellow/orange snow storm. Nobody could resist waving their arms back and fourth in the air to feel all of it. It really was amazing.


I'll admit the FLips set did seem short, but that's obviously due to all the time set aside for the theatrics and on-stage banter, and Wayne talking to the crowd. But really, I'm happy it was the way it was. A Flaming Lips show isn't about the songs, it's about the experience. And what an experience it was. :o

click here for every song of the Flaming Lips set on video!

There you have it!

I just can't believe it was already one week ago. :o :(

Pitchfork Festival review! Part one (Now with pictures!!)

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*** pictures are now up! I realize they're not very good (they're all off of my phone after all), but I always think it's a lot better to have stuff to look at while your'e reading about something.

So it finally came, guys, and it was a blast. The weekend started with me and a friend of mine arriving to the park about an hour before the gates opened on saturday. We decided to wander around until they opened and ended up walking into the artist's section. Since it was so early there were very little people around and nobody said anything to us. We proceeded to stroll through and park and found ourselves watching the ****ing National do soundcheck to a completely empty feild. That's right, me and my friend, alone, watching the headliner of Saturday night soundcheck. For free. It was then that we realized we shouldnt be there, so we kind of walked around for the next hour avoided any official-looking people. It was unbelieveable, to say the least.

here's the National soundchecking. We didn't want to get too close as to avoid suspition. Amazing. :o


Anyways, here are all the bands we saw with a brief review of each one. Bolded ones were highlights of the weekend and stuff you should def check out.

*note: I'd post my own pictures but I haven't transferred them off of my phone yet and I don't want to put this blog off until later in fear of being too lazy to do it then.

**another note: I'm well aware of all the spelling/gammar errors you're about to encounter. I don't care. :)


Cymbals Eat Guitar - Saw these guys from the front row (due to being there before anybody else was allowed in the park :P ) and was pretty blown away. I've been a fan of their huge, epic, sweeping tunes for months now but I didn't know how awesome they were on stage. Amazing job from everybody in the band, especially love all the keys.
Listen to 'And The Hazy Sea' right here

front row of Cymbals Eat Guitar. Got a nice little wave and nod from the guys before the show. It's crazy how much more you'll like a band when they're friendly. :P


****ed Up - The only reason we stuck around is because of their reputation of doing craaazzzzzyyyy stuff on stage. I'm not gonna spend lots of time of this one, the music was nothing special and the antics weren't crazy at all. Unless you're schocked by tearing up beach balls and putting them on your head.

Bowerbirds - Didn't stay around for most of their set but from what I heard they were pretty cool. Pretty mellow and pleasent. Something I'll defintely look into some more.

Pains Of Being Pure At Heart - One of the bands I was pretty excited to see was the single biggest dissapointment of the entire weekend. Totally lifeless, boring, and uncharasmatic on stage. It's like the band took a bunch of sleeping pills before they went on stage and were stuggling to stay awake during all of the sections that should be the most fun and noisy. We left after about 3 songs.

Antlers - Due to Pains Of Being Pure At Heart sucking, for the most part, that left us time to wander around and check out some stuff that we hadn't heard of before. And thank god, because Antlers are just amazing. Beautiful, emotional, and powerful. But not all dreary and melodramatic! Be sure to read the lyrics as you listen to the songs, the entire album is a story. I'll say no more.
Here they are on Myspace

Ponytail - Went on before Wavves, so I saw about half their set. Very loud, energetic, and excited. Lots of screaming and chanting and fast drumming/guitar. The singer is female, and in one song the entire band shouts "Ka-me-ha-me-haaaaa!!". I think that's about everything you need to know.

Wavves - Yaaaaay! My most anticipated act of the day was awesome! If you're one of the haters/somebody that 'doesn't get how people can listen to this static crap' then you can just leave. Also, before you ask, NO they do not sound all fuzzy and staticy when they play live.

Nathan Wavves (not his real name) and drummer Wavves 2 (not sure if that's his real name) put on a great show, despite being pushed back 20 minutes due to a broken barrier that needed unneccisary repair. They snuck in a few new songs into their shortened set, and some amazing ****cs including I'm So Bored, No Hope Kids, and Summer Goth. The crowd was loving it and was overflowing with energy. A nice little mosh pit got all started up towards the end and everybody had a blast.

Also, in embarrassing news: About 45 minutes before the set I spotted Nathan walking through the crowd. (he's really short) Being too shy to talk to him, me and my friend followed him about a block until he entered the VIP section and we had to stop... :roll:

Also, props on playing the entire show with a broken wrist. What a trooper.

I'm totally aware this is a pretty bad picture. I would have taken it when I got closer, but was too busy moshing. :)


Send him some love on myspace, and check out his awesome new Animal Collective-esque song 'Mickey Mouse'

DOOM - One of my favorite rappers, didn't really bring much to his live show. I mean, sure, he talked to the crowd and was spot on with his delivery, but there wasn't much else. It's like he was just doing the whole thing to make a buck. Rumor has it he wouldn't go onstage until he was payed with cash, in advance. So yeah... Dissapointing.

The National - Great show, tons of energy on stage despite the bands' preference for slower, more mature songs. There isn't much to say about their live performance except that they just bring it. There isn't really any other way to describe it. The guys just walk on the stage and play some damn good songs with mountains of energy and passion. It's entirely obvious that they love what they're doing, and it shows. They've got so much on-stage charisma and enthusiasm that it practically overflows into the audience.



Wow, that was pretty extreme, huh? But it's true. If the National every make a stop, they're more than worth checking out.

Listen for yourself, and now imagine that it's about 100% more exciting.

Check back soon for my review of Sunday (btw I didn't attend Friday, so don't be waiting for a review of that). And I'll throw in my pictures that I took when I get them up.


24xalk -

just a quick update

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-klax forty-two, signing out.

See yall later!

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So I have been, and will continue to be, away from the OTs for the summer. Besides off-topic having become stale lately (I know, boohoo, waaaah, I'll go cry about it) I've just been busy chillin' hard and doing lots of stuff that, for once, isn't in front of a computer. So I'll return once I either get tired of being on summer vacation or when summer ends. Whichever happens, it'll be sooner than I'd like.

And no, I haven't forgotten about this! Some lucky people that have left suggestions in that thread can look forward to a picture of their name next to a destination of their choice. KLAX WILL DELIVER, PEOPLE! I encourage you to throw in some more suggestions, either in the comments or in that thread. I'll stop by every once in a while to see if anybody cares to contribute.

It's up to you to make sure my driving adventures are more exciting and authentic than theirs:


This is Klax Fourty-Two: signing out.
Keep it real.

I'll still be active on my last.fm if you want to leave me a shout or just take a gander at my excellent taste in music.

omg u guyz i saw NIN yesterday

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nin2 by you.

It was absolutely amazing. Seriously. Thank you Trent, Robin, Ilan, and Justin for being so damn badass and putting on a totally mindblowing show.

Me and two friends were lucky enough to get tickets and an awesome spot in the pit, about 10 feet away from Trent. Everybody there (on stage and in the crowd) were in great moods and had tons of energy. Moshing and dancing and jumping around was a blast, and getting elbowed in the nose and lower back never felt so good. The sound was perfect the entire time, and there was really no bad song or part of the entire show.

They started off, as usual, blasting out of the gates in the first few songs with Somewhat Damaged, Terrible Lie, Heresy, and March Of The Pigs. All awesome. The pit was seriously like being in a huge river made of people. You had absolutely no control over your body or where it went, and that was a whole lot of fun. The stripped down stage with just white lights and fog added to the intensity. Those four songs alone made the ticket price and six hours of waiting worth it.

nin1 by you.

After the initial explosion of energy and chaos, they slowed things down for a while (so the pit attendees didn't die, probably) with Piggy and Metal, then got right back into things with The Becoming (!!!!!!!!!), I'm Afraid Of Americans, Burn, and Gave Up. After Gave Up, the people in the pit (including myself) were nearly dead due to awesomeness-overload.

Now it was time for the slow jams part of the show. We got treated to amazing versions of Le Mer, The Fragile, Gone Still, and The Way Out Is Through. Now that everyone had caught their breath and was ready to start killing eachother again, NIN went straight into Survivalism (one of the best songs of the night and the only one from YZ that got played), Mr. Self Destruct, and Suck. These three songs were defintely my highlight of the show, going straight into a perfect mellow-outer: The Day The Whole World Went Away.
Survivalism video!
Mr Self Destruct video!

nin6 by you.

After this so far perfect set, I was slightly dissapointed to hear Hurt. And then The Hand That Feeds. These were both fun to see live, but there are a million other songs I would have rather heard them play. The last song of the night, Head Like A Hole, was predictable, but I've got to say it will never get old live. Huge crowd sing/scream along and tons of action on stage and in the pit. Great way to end an nearly flawless night.

nin3 by you.

The one single thing that was missing was Reptile. It's the only song I've been begging to hear since before I saw them for the first time at Lollapalooza. Except for Ruiner, that is. But I'm being realistic. At one point I dreamed that Tom Morello (who is in the opening act, Street Sweeper Social Club) would come out during Ruiner and perform the face-melting solo. I quickliy got that thought out of my head before I thought it could actually happen, though.

At the end of the night, I'd give it an 11/10. The only thing that could have made it a 12 is if I got to hear Reptile. Now I just want to see them again, in case Trent isn't screwing around and this really is the last NIN tour ever. :( So everybody go right now and find a ticket to the next Nine Inch Nails show that's coming your away. You won't regret it.

Also, special shoutout to Ilan. He was amazing the entire and one of the best drummers I've ever heard. The guy is so young but so incredibly talented. He should be huge in the future.

I've got some videos uploading this moment that I'll post later.
*the videos and pictures weren't taken by me. My mom (who has a huge TrentCrush) was glad to capture every second that he was present on film. :P

edit- did anybody notice that I wrote 'head like a whole' at first. :P Hopefully not...

Animal Crack Box. I have one.

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Talked about for years before its actual production, this vinyl-only box set will finally get the promised treatment. On 18 March 2009 Catsup released the tracklisting and coverart. A test pressing was offered on eBay to benefit Doctors Without Borders. The commercial version, a single vinyl-only edition of 1000 copies, was made available for purchase on May 11, 2009 via Fusetron.
(from wiki)


So basically this thing is a box filled with three vinyls. On said vinyls are previously unreleased Animal Collective tracks, and special live performances selected by the band. It's also never going to be put on CD or MP3. And there's only going to be 1000 copies. Ever. (mine is copy number 725)


I never thought I'd see the day where I would be holding one of them. I actually never thought they would ever come into existance, but there it is! I still need to get a working record player, the one in my basement is probably around 100 years old and most likely haunted... :o It just doesn't feel safe putting my tresured records inside of it.

I remember being at a Chinese resturaunt waiting for my food to come when I checked Twitter to see if there were any cool updates. There were. A nice little tweet from Pitchfork saying the Animal Crack Box was on sale. Thank every single god for Twitter. I almost died right there inside of PF Changs. Good thing my phone has a sleek, user-friendly internet service, amiright?

I proceded to order the hell out of the new Animal Collective boxset [via my iphone] and then max on some orange chicken.

End transmission.

A great album was released yesteday, and I don't know who Eminem is.

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So you should probably do yourself a big favor: go get Passion Pit's debut album 'Manners', which came out yesterday.


It's catchy, fun, high-pitched, and they're probably gonna be this summer's MGMT. In other words, listen to it now before everybody at your school/work is takling about 'em and you're completely tired of heairng it. Not to mention you'll most likely see them at near every festival this summer.

The only reason I'm promoting this is because of what went down at Best Buy when I went to pick it up yesterday. So I get in there and go to the new releases section. It looks well-stocked, but that was just a trick. It was well-stocked will new released from months ago and about a million copies of Relapse.I continue my search by looking on each end-cap of each ailse in the music section. Too bad there's no space for anything except for Relapse, as well as all the other Eminem relases.

I finally give up and ask an employee. He says Passion Pit is in the store, but they only recieved two copies. TWO. TWO. Two copies on the day it was released. So we walk over to the 'P' section and there are the two copies, with no name tag or any new release sign whatsoever. It's like they were trying to hide them from anybody that might be interested in something besides Relapse.

Also: when I was going up to the register to buy what now seemed like a treasure, the one guy in front of me, overweight, losing his hair, and dressed in business casual was eagerly buying one of the bazillion copies of the new Eminem album. Awesome.

It's a shame that only huge names in the music industry that people already know about are the only artist that get attention, as if they need it. This little experience today just re-enforced my theory that without the internet, there would be no way to find good music. And that's a shame.

Not like this isn't old news or anything...

Here are some Passhy Pit singles to get you started:

The Reeling

After a few listens, this stuff becomes audio-cocaine. Be careful, you'll be hooked. And just in time for summer!

edit, P4K gave Manners an 8.1, now you HAVE to get it. If you don't you won't be accepted by relevent music critics, and you don't want that do you?


You call THAT art?

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It's like my computer puked all over an amature photo class! :o



-by klax

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