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Hello to all you dudes! It's been a while hasn't it? You might of notice i've been inactive for about 3 days. If you didn't notice, you dissapoint me:P

Well I suppose I should start this off by my mom because of work for some reason go a free MP"4" player. I don't know how it works yet, but it looks kinda like the iPhone with it's cute little touch screen. Although I find it awkward that when ever I touch the sceen nothing happens...crap:P Wait a minute... I just checked the songs and...BUTTERFLYS? What in the world... How'd that get in there! And... IM A BARBIE GIRL? What the-OK, THESE PEOPLE ARE MESSED UP, YA HEAR ME? This just isn't right!:lol: I'll fix that later:P

Well I was getting so harassed by people that I finaly got one of those facebooks. I don't have much to say about it. I hardly ever use it. It's just I don't find much to do. Someone hit me with a sushi pillow and it was kinda odd, what was the point? I also got the stalker idea in my head. But I might as well keep it up so people won't be like, "Why'd you delete your facebook?!" Not a pretty sight. One person did that,not happining:P

Oh man, I have been looking my heart out for a PS3. I'm guessing getting a PS3 right after the holidays was not a very good idea!:lol: We went to Best Buy, Wal-Mart, Meijers,Target, and even Game Stop! Great, I get my Christmas money, finally get a day out to spend it and THIS happens? THIS IS SPARTA! I will not be stopped!:x We eventually went to my Grandma's best friend and he's an employee at Wal-Mart and said he could get one online on Wal-Mart for us. I was so sick of looking, I was going to order online anyway, but it just happens to be that HE can get a 10% discount an all items! Yes! There was still hope, and I even get it for 10% off! So we're still waiting for feedback on him, but I think he'll come through.:D

Also! The FFXIII trailer in english just came out!:D It looks so awsome!

I've also been reading these great books. The Pendragon series. Very cool, funny, and an interesting way to write a story. I looked up the website to see that there were 10 big books in the whole series!:shock: Wow... That's a lot of reading, but it's killing me to find out what happens in the next book! I can't stop reading them now!:D

Ah well, I guess I should be getting back to the studying and all the other homework I have to do.:cry: That's a pain.:P I'll be back to my regular posting tomarrow. Right now I'm bussy, as usual these days.



Merry Christmas, got all the stuff... Except 1

Hiya! Merry Christmas to all ya'll.:P This years Christmas was a awsome one, I got everything...Except 1 thing. Why don't I tell you I got?:o

1. LoZ Spirit Tracks (YES!:P)

2.Nintendo points

3. Pants:P

4. Headphones

5. Wii Classic controller

6. Metal Gear Solid 2 and 3

The one thing I didn't get but wanted most was...a PS3:cry: Thats the only thing that really hit me hard when I opened my presents:( Although, I plan to buy one myself when FFXIII comes out. BUT, one of the things that made up for it a little was getting MGS 2 and 3. I was really surprised that my parents got that for me. So, it helped the disapointment a little:)

Well, all you guys have a merry christmas, and a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

KJ, out.

I'M BACK...+Tagged

Hello all you cyber people. I just had to inform you that I'M BACK from my cruise that is. I have some storys to tell and a section 10 things about me since I'm tagged.

Ok, so this ones a little weird and you may be like, WTF, but It was the most interesting thing that happened to me. So I was on this party boat off the actuallcruise for something to do. We went snorkling and hadDr. Pepper(Adults had rum punch -_-) then on the way back they had a dance party. So I was dancing for a while to celebration and stuff like that untill the manager of the party boat said, "1 BOY AND 1 GIRL PAIR UP!"I didn't know what he was going to do so I paired up with this (hot) 15 year old girl in a red bikini. Then the guy said, "GIRLS, BEND DOWN!" so she did, and I was starting to have second thoughts about this... Then he said, "BOYS, PUT YOUR RIGHTHAND ON HER RIGHT SHOULDER AND YOUR LEFT HANDON HER LEFT HIP!" So I did but was kind of unconfortable. Then he said, "NOW RIDE YOUR HORSEY!!!" You know what happens from there.:roll: the funny thing was we were all in our swimsuits so that really intensified the situation... Then we found out that ALL the kids were on the lower deck and WE were the only teens up there.:shock: So, like sorry for disturbing you guys but, that was very, very, weird.

Relating to the first paragraph,we were on another boat like that and we had a limbo contest. 1st place gets rum, second place gets rumpunch, and I GOT 2nd PLACE AND they didn't give meANY RUM PUNCH!!!I mean, at least give me a 2 liter of Dr. Pepper or a free T-shirt:cry: thing is on the actuall cruise, for some messed up reason, they thought I was 18. So I was allowed to walk through the casino and disco room like I was cool:cool: They evenlet me have alcohol, (The national age to drink is 18)I didn't drink any of it, promise, but one of the waiter guys keept asking me if I wannted rum.:P another annoying thing is that in the carrabeian, which was where my cruise was, At our hotel, after the cruise, we slept right next to the national Cock Fighting Tournements:| so in the middle of the night I would hear a big BWIGALLLLCK!:PAntother thing is in the Carribean, which was where my cruise was, every islan you went to there was people going, "MY FRIEND, MY FRIEND! I TAKE YOU ON A TOUR IN MY TAXI!" like EVERYWHERE! One time we actually got in one in San Juan, but we saw his taxi and he was a certified driver so everything was good:)

So I'm back, yes I am. My mom didn't get me anything special for my report card so whenwe got back she went and got me New Super Mario Bros. Wii!:DI've got to tell you that game just plain rocks. I'm having some friends over later this week to test full4 player mayhem:D It's going to be great! I will write a reveiw shortly.

As you might know in the title I have been once again been tagged by Slyfur (Thanks for the welcome back present:roll::P) so I will now tell you 10 things about me,

1. I got this SWEET tan on the cruise

2. I don't have an Ipod:x

3. I got to danceinapropriatly

4. My beagle weighs 46 pounds:shock:

5. I write books withsome of myspare time

6. I have straight A's except for math where I have a 89.45% because I didn't turn in one lousy assignment:cry:

7. My keyboard is white:P

8. I have Wi-Fi:o

9.Ihatethe harry potter series, the movies are better

10. I think Minyamotto(The headnintendo. How do you spell his name?) replied to one of my e-mails because I checked the infoand it said, Nintendo, Minyamotto0_O

11. I'm out of idea's:P

Well that about sums it up. I AM BACK, let me say it again, I...AM...BACK:o

WARNING: If you don't aplaud kirby will eat you:WARNING(:P)


Goin on a Cruise!!!

Hi, just wanted to tell all you people that I'm FINALLY going on my cruise that I've been longing for. So I'll be mostlikely inactive for the next week and a half or so. Thats all for this one!


Been TAGGED...

Hey all you peoples! I've been tagged a while back and now is the time to make the blog:P Ten things about me.

1: I hate school

2: I'm going on a cruise in a week

3: My favorite series of books are the Percy Jackson and th Olympians

4: Ed, Edd, an Eddy is one of my favorite shows

5: I'm onthe varsitytravel baseball team

6: I think a cirtan female video game character is atracttive... Don't judge me

7: I lived in England for 2 years

8: I say "dude" waaaaay too much

9: I have a paper route

10: MSU is my favorite collage team:P

Well, there you go! If you guess num. 6 I'll make my new avi that character:roll:

Tell me if you need hints:roll:

Books, Greek, Games, Paperbag assasins

Hey there! KJ's back with lots to say and apologizing for not being as active as I could. Well to start this off I would like to say that I beat KH 358/2 days about 2 weeks ago:P although I'm working on getiing all the metals and that third abbility unit that the moogle store is sold out of:evil: So I can't get dual blade Roxas:( I know people will have to agree, the ending was so sad:cry: now it seems like whenever I listin to Utada,the Title Screen theme, or even the Twilight Town theme I get depresed. I'm thinking of writing a reveiw on it soon.:D

About that apology...I gotta say I'm sorry for like the fith time and don't really have an excuse. Really, my teacher is making us read books because she thinks we need to read more:P and after we read a number of books we have to take an "Acellarated" Reader Testget "points".We need to get fifteen "points"by the end of the month. (although I've gotten sucked into a sequell so I've read about 5 books worth 15 points each:P)so I've been only a little busy. Also, I've watted to learn how to play nintendo songs for a while on the marrimba(so I guess I'm looking for it on piano)in my free time so I've ben looking on sites for sheet musicand haven't found anything useful. So, I'm teaching myself how to play them.

Hey guess what guess what??? I was board and under a series of events I found outhow to swear in greek:twisted: Yes I know you might be thinking, "WTF is this guys prob?" Well you see, It's funny, I thoughtif I was mad I could use the greek words. So me and my friends are walking and this person behind me is doing that "I'm so sneaky im gonna walk behind you and step on your shoes" so I stop and am like "ffw'uiehf'l'wufr'dwoifhe'wjvc dwi,q!" and they're like "What?" So I burst out laghing and so do my friends:P So that was a weird experience as you can imagine:P

Did you ever think about after a games release for about 2weeksSOME people (only SOME people)like compleatly forget about the game? Well I think It's kinda sad cause there's a really good game with lots of hype and then everyone (SOME PEOPLE)just forget about it:( a real shame:cry:

Me and my friends are thinking about going Trick or Treating this year. Although I still don't have a coustume BUT have this awsome lightsaber that looks like the real thing. And In the dark, OH MAN:shock: I all else fails, then I'm gonna be the sillent paper bag assasin with a lightsaber:twisted:but I kinda want a costume for Halloween:P

HEY YOU! YES YOU! Guess WHAT? I got school off today! YAY! So if any of you are reading this from your phone please do not hurt me:P and another thing...ANY OF YOU THAT WANTS TO BRAWL ME YOU BETTER SAY SO! Or that'll be no DR. Pepper for a week:P Also I think I might get a new avi soon? I like KH so maybe I'll stick with mine for a while. CAN'T WAIT FOR NSMBW!!! Gonna be'a great game!

I found this great bike path where I ride throgh the city straight to the Allegan River dam. It's really cool and where I get most of my reading done:P

Well, that's all for this blog. Got everything off my chest, WHEW!:P


I'm not being active because of 358/2 days...

Hello, It's KJ and I just anted to say sorry for being a little inactive:P I've been playing THE GAME (KH 358/2 days) and I'm just really addicted to it so I might not be to active for a while untill I beat it :lol: but so far I'm on the 97th day and planing to do another 5-10 days or even more tomarrow:P But thats pretty much it, I'll try to keep as active as I can. Thanks Guys!:D

KJ out

Nintendo games that need to be brought back

Hey, It's KJ! I made this blog cause I've noticed that there are a lot of great nintendo series or games that have been abandon. It's sad really, Nintendo is just foucosing on the MAJOR titles that the secondary titles.I mean, don't get me wrong I love Zelda, Pokemon, and Mario a lot! And I absolutly love their games and am really ecxited for them to come out! But great series like F-zero, StarFox, EarthBound (aka Mother), KINDA Kirby, (there have been roumors that there is a kirby wii coming out eventually)Yoshi's story, PIKMIN, and Donkey kong.

It almost seems like all the titles have beed forgoten about. I know they haven't, but most new nintendo fans don't know anything at all about F-Zero or (and definently) EarthBound (aka) Mother. All those games and or serries will never be forgotten. Although Nintendo looks as if they have forgotten:(

In my theroy for Nintendo and the Wii to sucseed in the gaming franchise it is that they need to treat EVERYONE. Not just the Pokemon, Mario, and Zelda fans even though Mario, Zelda, and Pokemon take up about 85-90% of Nintendo's fanclub, but there will always be some fans that like Zelda, Mario, and Pokemon, but their favorite will always be High Speed Racing, or a Si-Fi animal adventure, or even a little slice of the old-school EarthBound (aka Mother). I think if Nintendo notices this their profits may go up and they will be able to get more fans and even get through this tough economy easier.

Nintendo also needs to stop making these dumb no sellers (I'm not going to metion any) That keep bringing the Wii down. There are some fans but all and all they woulden'tget a twenteyith of what one of these clasics can do.

So with that, I'm very sad:cry:Ok I may not be crying:P but you have to admit it's sad.

Also, I had a great B-day! I'm getting scribblenants and Bowsers Inside Story in the next week, and KH 358/2 on the first day it comes out!:D(of course you knew that:P). Thanks for all your posts too! Keep it up please:P

Alright, there's my rant and all I got to say

KJ out.

It's my B-day!!!

Hey everyone, KJ is in the house! And guess what? I'ts my BIRTHDAY TODAY:o I'm soooo excited! But so far I haven't gotten any prezents yet:P I will soon make another blog about all the great games I get tomarow:D This can be my prezent from you:P I need help adding the link to make me a brawl card. So if any of you could help me with adding the link so it would be on my sig then I would very much apprechiate it!:D

I'll tell you all about my full b-day in my next blog. For It, we will be going to see 9 (I would of went to District 9 but my little bro wont be able to "handle it":P) in IMAX thearters and a sweet dinner at Applebees, YUM YUM:P

So thats all I got to say for now, stay tunned,


Just finished the 1st day of school...

Hey yall:lol: Looks like I had my first day of thefreshman year today! It was fun...sorta:P My clasess look great and I think this is gonna be a good year. And you won't belive this... POP QUIZ ON THE FIRST DAY:o:cry: And I think they are actually gonna grade it too:cry: although everybody failed:P well I know a lot of people are starting school and I just wanted to say GOOD LUCK:P Also I will try to be as active as I can. For the first week or so I might be a little iffy but I shhould be back to my regular schedule shortly:)

That's all for now mate,