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KGrimm03 Blog

Things I Want:

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Dragon Age Xbox 360

Halo OSD Xbox 360

Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Xbox 360

Assassins Creed 2: Xbox 360

Battery Pack (Xbox 360)

Turtle Beach Headset X1 (Xbox 360)

Skate 3 Xbox 360

Forza 3 PS3

Best Games Played On Systems

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Xbox: Halo 1 & 2

Xbox 360: Grand Theft Auto IV

Playstation: MLB 99'

Playstation 2: Grand Theft Auto Vice City

Playstation 3: Metal Gear Solid 4

PSP: MLB The Show 08'

Gamecube: Mario Baseball

Super Nintendo: Mario

Nintendo 64: Starfox or Ken Griffey Baseball or Mario

Gameboy Color: Pokemon Yellow Red and Blue

Gamboy Advance: Pokemon Leaf Green

Nintendo DS: Pokemon Diamond/Pearl

Wii: Rock Band

PC: Counterstrike 1.6

Christmas List 2008

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-Gears of War 2 Xbox 360

-Call of Duty: World at War Xbox 360

-Left 4 Dead Xbox 360

-Resistence 2 PS3

-Rock Band 2 PS3

-Xbox 360 Wireless Controller

-Xbox 360 Headset

-12 Month Xbox Live Card

-PS3 Blu-Ray Remote

-Xbox 360 Remote


-The Dark Night

-Godfather Series

-Forgetting Sarah Marshall

-Step Brothers