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Still a Gamer?

Got my XBOX 360 back and it's not broken after all, thank goodness. Now I just need to play some games. I just don't seem to have the time for games anymore. My work is giving me too much overtime (which these days is a good thing) my photography takes up a lot of my time and of course the usual meal preparation and clean up takes time. I like watching football too, college and pro. I want to read more than I do but I'm so tired after work it's hard to keep my eyes open.

I did have an opportunity to pick up the controller and play some Ghost Recon Future Soldier but I just couldn't get into it. Need to get that gamer mindset back I guess.


My last post was quite a long time ago.

Well last time I posted I said I finally got a new Xbox. Yipee for me! I got one of those cables and transferred all my games from my old Xbox to the new one. I could finally finish some of old games that I left unfinished.

But then my son-in-law Philip asked to borrow my Xbox while my step-daughter Holly was out of town for a month with our almost 1 year old grandchild Sebastian. I said sure no problem. He was bored at home alone and playing a few games would be a nice change of pace.

After a month Holly and Sebastian came home and all it right with the world again. Except Holly didn't notice my Xbox was there and while letting Sebastian crawl around in the living room he came across, you guessed it, my Xbox! Standing vertically no less. Well, That needs to be investigated now does it not? So naturally the little guy grabbed it and slapped it down. Perfectly acceptable move by a little almost one year old.

Philip tells me it's broken, does not work. Now he's been doing some some tasks around our house hanging chandeliers and some other electrical work. So should I excuse the fixing of my Xbox for the home repair work? The work he's done would have cost me more than a new Xbox for sure.

Yes I'll let this go. I can get a new Xbox transfer my games to the new one without to much difficulty.

New XBOX 360... Finally!

I finally got a new XBOX! Yes it's been a year and a half or something but I got it. I've had so many other more pressing priorities to take care of and of course my wife was in no hurry to get one, so I waited. I also have some photography items I still want to get but those will have to continue to be on the back burner.

G loves to play some of those facebook games but I just didn't get into them. I don't do computer games because I don't have a computer, I have a 15" MacBook Pro. Not suitable for games IMO. Besides, I like the XBOX and I like the games that I can get for it.

Now I just have to continue playing the games I have then pick up some new ones. The cool thing is some of the games I've been wanting to get cost less now then they did when I first saw them :) Works for me!

I'm so out of practice. Probably have to learn how to play most of my games all over again to shake the rust off. Hope this new XBOX 360 is better than the original one was and gives me more years of gaming fun.

Merry Christmas 2010!

Merry Christmas everyone. Hope everybody is enjoying the holiday season.

I've been away from gaming for a long time now and I'm getting more and more eager to get back into it. It's a dam shame I still can't get an xbox at this point. I thought maybe I could get one for myself for Christmas but my Mom's TV went out and I had to get her a new one. Got to take care of Mom these days when she needs something. Just the way it is.

There seems to be a lot of interesting games out now that I want. Bad Company 2, Call of Duty Black Ops, Red Dead Redemption and more. I've even started thinking outside the box in looking at getting some games for the Kinect that the grandkids might like. They're getting closer to being old enough to try some of these so I want to start looking into them. We have 4 little girls so I think it will be even harder to find games they might like.

I keep looking at Forza 3 for a more family friendly kind of game that's fun for everyone. It received great reviews and really looks fun.

Problem is I still can't get an xbox so I'm still waiting, looking at reviews and hoping for a few hundred extra bucks to fall in my lap.

Need a new Xbox and becoming well read

Well here I sit still without an Xbox. I pulled the hard drive on the dead one in a pathetic attempt to hopefully be able to recover my old games. Many of which I have not finished yet. I don't know if they can be saved to a new Xbox but I figured I better hold on to the hard drive just in case.

Has anyone picked up the new Xbox 360 yet? It looks pretty nice. Runs cool and quiet. I haven't read any reviews or opinions on it yet. Is it even widely available? I miss not having my gaming fix. It was so satisfying after a rough day at work to come home and kill some terrorists or some other antagonists. Funny thing was I was just getting back into gaming after a lengthy layoff when the stupid XBOX red-ringed on me. I was all juiced up to play COD Modern Warfare 2 with my nephew and then my grandson when we put the game disk in and it crapped out. Can't complain too much though, it had it's run.

So what to do in the meantime? Read. I discovered a pretty damn good action thriller writer named Brad Thor. He has nine novels out at the time of this writing with another one due out in a month or two. I decided to read his books in order as he has a continuing character, Scot Harvath, who is the hero in all his books. I finished the first two and I'm on the third one now. It's really good stuff. If your're into the Tom Clancy type political action-thrillers you might like Brad Thor. There are other authors too like Vince Flynn and Daniel Silva that I want to try. Just have to find the time to squeeze in a few chapters when I can.

I still want to get the new Xbox. Maybe I can get one sooner rather than having to wait. G might kill me though as funds are kinda tight these days. This has been the slowest "summer of recovery" I've ever seen in this country. 9.6% unemploymentdoesn'ta recovery make.

My grandson brought his Xbox over to the house and I watched him play Left for Dead. It's a zombie skull cracking game. Not my kind of game but it sure got me jones'n for some gaming action.

Red Rig of Death Strikes

Well it happened.

The Red Ring of Death struck my Xbox 360. Guess it was bound to happen. Good thing is it happened just when the new and improved Xbox 360 came out! Got to be karma. Well I'd like to just go ahead and get one but Me and G just arrived on the Hawaiian island of Lana'i for our vacation. Need all the cash I can spare for this trip. So soon after we get back I'll look at picking up a new console.

Sure is nice here. Quiet and restful, just what we needed. We just got back from taking a Jeep 4x4 drive all over the island. You need to have a 4x4 on Lana'i because some of the roads are just dirt with rocks and uneven terrain. Sand can get deep and if it's raining, which it does quite often, it can get pretty hairy!

We're having a good time though. Gonna hit the beach later this afternoon then take some photos at The Four Seasons Lodge at Ko'ele here in upcountry Lana'i.

New XBOX 360

Just saw the new XBOX 360. Looks like a pretty nice unit. Smaller and quieter that the original 360 with a 250 mb hard drive. Don't think I'll get one but it sure would be nice.

Back to Gaming?

Just did a co-op mission in Rainbow Six Vegas 2 with my nephew Andrew last night. I bought the game a few months ago and haven't even played any single player missions yet! He wanted to do a co-op and I told him I'm a bit rusty having not played in a while but I'll give it a go.

Well it took me quite a while to get a handle in the controls. My reaction time is patheticly slow. Not surprising. I'll take some time to get up to speed. We took our team through one mission and he got killed more than I did. Probably because he took the lead most of the time. I mananged to get a few kills, get killed and generally have a blast with it. What a great game.

It was a lot of run too. I had forgotten how much fun gaming can be. I then watched him play through a few levels of Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare. Wow what a game that is! Graphics are outstanding, gaming is fast paced and frantic. I've got to give that a try. Probably take me a month to get through it though. It looks hard. Andrew said he went though about half of it and some of the missions are really tough... and he's a real U.S. Marine!

So I'm starting to jones for some gaming again. It's been a while but I think with a young person's enthusiasim for gaming around here (He and his wife Jessica are staying with us for a time) it was bound to happen... and that's a good thing!

So now what new games do I get? Oh wait, I have plenty I've never finished. Scratch that. By the time I'm ready for something new the current $60 games will be in the bargin bin! Great for a cheapskate like me!

On, I also got a new cell phone. One of those touch type ones. A Samsung Instinct. It's kind of neat to mess with so that takes some of my time. I can see how people get attached to them. I don't think I will though, but hey, never say never. I can even text now! Email, the web, facebookin', flickr all excellent time wasters... and there all there at your finger tips!

Think I'll go fire up the Xbox360...

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving Everybody! I'm spending Thanksgiving in Bastrop Texas at my sister-in-laws house. Got practically the whole family going here for a big Thanksgivings day feast. It's nice country out here, very peaceful and quiet. Lots of big ranches and farms around these parts...

Anyway Happy Thanksgiving everybody! Enjoy the holiday with family and friends!

Rainbow Six Vegas 2

Just dawned on me that I've been waiting for months for some good single player tactical shooters and have been disappointed by the reported shortness each new release. COD Modern Warfare, GRAW2 and a few others. Well along comes Flashpoint Dragon Rising my next great hope. Reports on it say it's full of glitches. Pretty good in spots but just too many issues. Of course the single player portion people blew through pretty quick from what I've heard and read.

I think I may have forgot how to use my controller.

You know what? I think I'll go back in time and pick up Rainbow Six Vegas 2. What the heck, it's cheap and it's similar to the original Rainbow Six Vegas which is one of my favorites. I didn't try it before because I was so sure I would be buying all these new games why pay to play something so similar to a game I already played?

I read some reviews of it and it's got some sort of equipment/weapons upgrade you can do in single player offline mode. Imagine that, something different in single player mode! So anyway If I don't get sidetracked into something else I'll pick it up and blow the dust off my Xbox360. I think it still works...