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New Game: SSBB

I finally got my copy of SSBB and i love it the game is great, I can't stop playing it. I definently reccomend it to people who don't yet have the game.

GS Activity

My activity on gamespot will mostly be during the week now, as i seldom have time for it on the weekends. I will either be not on at all during the weekends or very little, but I will still be very active during the weekdays.

I'm Back Again

After a very long absence from the site, I am back and here to stay. I plan on being very very active now that I am back.

10,000 Posts

I have reached 10,000 posts! I guess this is a pretty big milestone so i had to recognize it. Let's hope the next 10,000 are as good as the first.

Also i mentioned this in my last blog but since that wasn't up for very long i will say it again. My activity might be down a little this week since i have to get ready for finals.

New Game and Lack of Activity this Week

I got a new game a couple of days ago and I have been playing it a lot latley. I got MLB 07: The Show for the PS3, and it is an excellent game. I plan to write a review on it sometime in the future.

MLB 07: The Show for PS3 - MLB 07: The Show Playstation 3 - MLB 07: The Show PS3 Game

Also I won't be on gamespot as much this week because I have finals so I have to finish those and then I will be back on as usual.

New Emblem: Broadcast of Victory

i got the new emblem today, after not recieving it at first. Luckily though i took a screenshot when i watched the event. here it is:


You'll never get the Purple Heart hiding in a foxhole!

Awarded for coming out of the trenches to watch the Hour of Victory live demo preview event.

A New Banner

I have a new banner thanks to dallas_cowboys3. He made me a new banner that can be seen at the top of my profile. The banner has logos of my favorite teams Oregon State Beavers, San Francisco Giants, Oakland Raiders, and Golden State Warriors. Again thanks to dallas_cowboys3.

New Level: Super Bagman

I have reached a new level today. I have reached level 23 and become a Super Bagman. Hopefully I will reach level 24 quickly. THat is all for now. see ya