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Merry Christmas! Even thought it is too late! :P

Merry Christmas too all of you? Well I could tell you what I got but how 'bout you tell me in your comments?

Anways I will tell you what I got...

Stocking stuffers, WoW, Skate it DS, more stupid clothes, a warm blanket, Prince of Persia: The Fallen King, and many more gifts...:D

Well I have to say this is a good Christmas, anyways I hope you had a great one too!:P

Laterz, KFlip :P

I Am Still Alive!

I am here in the U.S.! I got to go shopping in the outlet stores in California! I got new DC shoes, hoodie,Volcom shirts, Echo shirts,and new pants!

From being living in Canada I think the U.S. looks great compared to the last couple of years!

Anyways 4 more days till Christmas! I cant wait for new stuff from my dad.


Great! Another holiday to waste money and time...

Oh well... I guess I will have fun now since it is offical...

Anyways... I now know what I want to get for Christmas...

Also I know what a am getting for Christmas...

1) New Shoes and Hoodie

2) New Jacket...

Anyways I have more stuff on my Wish list... Anyways I hope you all have a better Christmas than me!

Ha! My new logo for hockey!

Hey guys,

Now for my new hockey logo I will use football or army streaks under my eyes!

I just thought of this randomly! Hurray For Randomness! ( as Mushy would say)

Every game I change a color like from Pink ( used in first game ) to blue ( going to use )

So here is my logo:

__________ __________

| Blue | ~~ | ~~ | Blue |

__________ __________

Well you get the picture!

Ahhhh! (Quick Blog)


Soooo Tired!

We played an outrageous game of hockey!

The score in my game was 7 ~ 2 with my team winning!

The thing I am frustrated with is that, the picture that I want is too large in size (62 KB)!

I can't figure out how to make the size smaller!

Well I guess that is it so...

See ya in my next blog!


I am sooo bored....

Today we had to use a video camera to film commercials about coke and juice!

That was sooo boring!

My friend forgot to turn the juice pack and he said half the commercials in french...

Today we had Problem Solving and Science....

We have the WORST Science teacher in the world, he gives lectures on what we already know!

So I guess this is goodbye for now...

Sorry For My Absence + Maybe Gettin World Of Warcraft...

Sorry for my absence, I got Modded for my meltdown at the NAS Design Center...

Sorry Super.

Also I really want to get World of Warcraft (disk) from anyplace I can get it for a super low price...

But there is one thing in my path, I almost have the money but it is my dad, he wants to know all the ratings because he has heard things about WoW, Any help???


Very Sad...

psp 3000!!!

Hey guys sorry I haven't been on that much lately...

So lets get down to business...

PSP 3000!!!

I can't believe that PSP 3000 is or almost is out (not quite sure) !

It comes with a memory stick, charger, Ratchet & Clank: Size Matters, National Treasure DVD to watch on the PSP, and this other game where it is all about illusions and hom to get past them through holes in the floor!!!

PSP 3000 is going to be great with a LCD screen!!!

I can't wait to but it!

Level 10~!

Level 10!!!! Wow this is great now I can post and also submit movies!!Great!!

See Ya Around!!

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