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At least it came out in europe too, and I have one!!! my PS3 ID is DeadlyDutch

Battlefield 2142

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Finaly got it and I must say what a terrific game it is. I would recomend to everybody who needs a new pc game cause the time you will play it is more than any other game on the markt right now. For everybody who wants to join me in this war my name is DutchLion34.

Sinterklaas who doesn't know him?

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Well probably everybody who doesn't live in Holland doesn't know him (For all those amaricans I don't meen Santa Claus). For all the people who don't know him I'll writhe down his story. Sinterklaas (who's name really is Saint(dutch: sint) Nicolaas) was a very gentil and good cardinal in turky. the story goes that he went along by some houses and saw childern living in very poor conditions, good man as he was he trew some presents down the chimeny of the poor childer whit the help of his "pieten" to honour this gentil men we in Holland make the childern believe he's real, just like you guys do whit santa claus, and tell them he hears everything and if you're bad the pieten will smack you and take you back to spain, we also tell them that he rides on the roofs on a with horse. the fifth of December will be his birthday and on that day we will give eachother presents just like you're with christmas.(if anyone of my dutch friends here has something to edit: be free)

Requiescat In Pace

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My grandfather died the week before I would go to vacation to america because of the plage of 21th century so sorry everybody who couldn't wait to meet me:p


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whoooohoooo this THE moment of the year 8 weeks of vacation. This year I'm flying over to the US and going to make a road trip on the east-coast. And when I get back.......... I will see wat I will do but it will be fun!

Wir gangen nicht loss.......

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Holland has been defeated by Portugal in the second round. Losses: we didn't get world champion and entire Germany is laughing at us.

Winnings: The economy has done well only just in Holland 125000000 euros

Put that together and we have taken losses cause Germany is laughing like the rest of the world. and there go our pride. Who to blame? the horrible referees they are ruining this entire tournament

Letz!! Geht!! Losssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Yes it's that time that time that countries al over the world come to getter at one of the Biggest and importants championships of the world even bigger than the super bowl or the world series. Most of the people reading this and seeing the title will probably know what I'm talking about. yes this once in four year tournament has come to my neigbour country Germany off course I'm talking about the World Championship soccer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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