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This game was surprisingly entertaining and well done. Of course it lacks some depth, but the gameplay seems solid for what it is.
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I saw this over at RPS, and this comment on the website is something I agreed with at least regarding this whole ordeal: "He put the game on a popular piracy site, of course there were illegal downloads. He has no advertising and no press, of course he had zero sales. This seems like a marketing stunt to me, and the reason the game is pirated is unrelated to the reason he has (had) so few sales. Edit: my point is that 96% piracy makes headlines, and is easy as hell to reproduce. No publicity gets you about 4 sales, while people 96 people downloading random apps from the new section on TPB gets your game, is a result from that being the only popular site where your game is mentioned, and creates your publicity stunt 96% figure without much piracy at all." TL;DR - It is no more than a marketing stunt to promote this game.
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I'm going to summarize this thread real quick for all of you:


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Did the website figure out who this guy was, or did he reveal it himself? I'd think revealing sensitive account information (characters on the account) would be enough for Blizzard to ban this guy if he made the sale.
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Firstly, you should ask in the Hardware forum instead. Secondly, 600-700 dollars still isn't going to carry you that far if you want a PC to pull good graphics in the games you mentioned. I'd honestly suggest you save up some more money now, instead of wasting it on a mediocre setup that you'd have to spend a similar amount or more on to get the performance you want.
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I recall seeing this a few months ago, probably the best pokemon mmo out there. 

[QUOTE="chrisrooR"][QUOTE="UCF_Knight"]How long until Nintendo shuts this down? Or has it been going for quite a while?Maroxad

Not sure how long it's been going on, probably a month or so.

I believe this project is a few months old 

As long as it is non-profit, Nintendo wont be arsed taking legal action. So unless they try to monetize the product I see no need to worry.

Are you certain of this? I'm almost sure I have heard of some other Pokemon project that was shut down by Nintendo before, regardless of being non-profit.
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Not to mention, they advertised 100-400 square miles (or KM's) big maps. They claim the current one is 75. Yet someone did some calculations and found it to be around 9.7 square KMs/Miles (again, I don't remember which one). Even if his math was somewhat faulty, then it's an enourmous margin of error.


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[QUOTE="K4ss3r"]Man, they've made sure to pack it with action. Five levels, a new planet and more story missions? Insane!FelipeInside
Not sure if sarcastic. For $10 that's a lot of content.

I was trying to make it as obvious as possible. The game was a waste of money for me personally. And if the F2P model is as **** as I've heard, then I can't imagne the expansion being a big hit.

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Man, they've made sure to pack it with action. Five levels, a new planet and more story missions? Insane!