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Life and its many options..

I've got one and a half year left on school then I have to move on. Maybe attend some University of sorts, but I still don't know what I want to end up as. I have some ideas, however, they all seem so distant to me. I'm hoping I can get some help from the Gamespot community here, and perhaps some information on various jobs and such that I may be interested in. Starting out, I'll give you a short list of what I have thought of so far:

  • Journalist.
  • Author.
  • Programmer.
  • Technical/Visual artist (Games, maybe even websites).
  • Reviewer.
  • Costumer service.

As you can see, the second one may be a bit of a long stretch - Plus, I may have to go through some year of being a journalist to improve my written language enough, to finally become a writer.

3'rd and 4'th are mainly due to my passion for Gaming. However, I have serious doubts that I'd be any good at them. Sure, I've spent some time with Photoshop, but that's years ago, and I don't really have any experience with programming at all.. Seems so difficult to get into.

The 5'th is because I've written some reviews here in the past (wanting to write more, but not finding the time). It seems fun, and it would allow me to play video games or watch movies for a living, then express my feelings about these. This may also require that I become a Journalist first.

And the last one, Costumer service, I figured it would be a great way to improve my written and oral skills in English, plus I'd get to use it in my every day life. Blizzard seems to have job openings in Ireland and even USA, or I may have a chance in smaller companies first. Yet, I doubt this is what I want to end up as, but I think it may be a good way to improve certain skills of mine and become ready for a more challenging job.

So, if you have any suggestions for what I should do, please let me know by a comment. Thanks. :)

Xbox 360 = Love.

My Xbox 360 loves me, and I love it.

While I did consider getting a PS3, just for a few exclusives, it seems a bit too expensive and I'm fine with my Xbox. There are still a ton of games I should try out for the Xbox.

Anyway, I just got it back from repair this thursday. Totally unexpected, I also recieved a free one month Xbox Live Gold pre-paid card from Microsoft, really happy about that. Might not be the most pricy item to recieve, but it's a hell of a lot better than nothing, and it is surely a nice gesture. Thanks, Microsoft! *Huggles*

I've already finished Mirror's Edge on Normal difficulty. It's one hell of a game, let me tell you that. What I liked most was definitely the perspective from which you play the game. It makes it quite realistic, and I may just nearly have jumped up from my chair every now and then. I'm far from done with the game, and I've already begun a new game on Hard. Time Trials and Speedruns seems like a lot of fun and they're a good way to test your skills. I keep tryin' just to improve my previous score.

Of course, I also got to play some Guitar Hero: World Tour. I even completed a few gigs on Expert, bass. With the drums I'm stuck with Medium right now, and with the guitar I'm playing at Hard. So I'm trying to improve as much as I can, but I still haven't finished the career with any instrument yet. (The closest is Band, which I played a lot one day with a friend)

I'm still playing World of Warcraft. It may or may not be a good idea, but whatever. I'm having plenty of fun right now. We're five friends playing together, and we just decided to reroll to a different realm, as Hordes. (Finally) I'm hoping the maturity of the players we see and meet will improve as we reach higher level places, and are able to join high-level Guilds. Right now my Tauren Warrior is sitting at level 65, and I plan to get him to 68 (And, therefore, Northrend) by next weekend (That is when I will also have a week off from school, so it's all good!). Warrior seems like a great class. I had this one on a different realm (at level 42), but decided to bring him over to the new one. I don't really regret that choice yet, since it's a fun class. Protection is surprisingly good for leveling, and being able to Tank instances is just another plus. Right now, I'm trying out Arms though with a big nasty 2-handed weapon, and it seems decent, but it lacks the survivability that Protection offers. Still, it will be a lot better when I encounter certain classes in PvP.

Well, that's about it. I'll get back to my homework now, and finish this math. Have fun people, hope you're enjoying Gaming too!

Call of Duty.. Raaaaampaaaage!

Rampage? Oh sorry, wrong game.

Anyway, I got both Mirror's Edge (Haven't tried it yet due to faulty Xbox) and Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare.
I've almost been sitting and playing the game ever since I got home about five-six hours ago, and it's been a blast. I'm usually very careful when going online to play, but after playing the campaign for about 2 hours or a bit more, I went for it.

The multiplayer is definitely great. I'm already Level/Rank 10, got a few unlocks and so on, but I haven't messed around with that yet and still using the Assault Kit most of the time. Been the best player of the match surprisingly many times, despite plenty of players being well over the 30-40 levels, or maxed out at 55.

The worst thing is, I think people are a bit biased and judge people by their level - Like Clans "recruiting players of level 55, or otherwise good players". I'm not planning on joining a guild, so why would I care? Well, I just think it's a dumb rule. In a shooter game, the players' skill counts a hell of a lot more than the available equipment. I'd definitely choose to judge a player on how good he is performing, and now how high his damn number is.
Halo 3 is a bit better on this one - Your ranking is able to drop, as well as rise. In Call of Duty, you cannot decrease in Exp Points or Levels. So when I see a Level 55 player, I do think 'Hey, he's pretty high level', but all in all.. I'd like to see him shoot me first, before I think of anything good about him. (Otherwise he's dead meat. :P )

So a 'short' rant on not judging people by their damn number. Either, it shows pure skill and you will only find out by playing against this person. Otherwise, it simply shows how much time they've been wasting in the game. Even for a really poor player, I suppose it's only a matter of time before you reach Max Level.

I'm heading back in there shortly, after I stack up on water and prepare myself for more killing streaks. I hope you all have a nice weekend!

I'm sad - I have to send in my Xbox 360 for repairs/replacement.

So, recently something odd happened when I was playing Guitar Hero: World Tour. I began to notice white strangely shaped 'dots' and such on the screen all of the time - This happened after I launched the game, and then haunted me back onto the dashboard as well.

Not long after, my Xbox recieved one red light. E74 Error. Apparently, 90% of the time this error occurs, it has something to do with a chip called "ANA" or "HANA" placed near the AV connection input.

There are 'fixes' out there on the interwebs, but they're only suggested for people with no warrenty left. I have plenty of that. Hopefully, it should be no problem to send the machine back to Microsoft and recieve a new one.

Just sucks that this happens right when I've decided to dump World of Warcraft, as I will now find myself with only the PC and the primary game gone - Well, gives me some time to play games I haven't finished yet. Spore, Crysis and a few others.. Here I come!

Oh, and cross ya fingers for my Xbox. I want to have it back within 1-2 weeks if that's possible. :P

Guitar Hero: World Tour.

So I bought this game a few days ago. Guitar Hero 2 was my only game of the series, although I've played the third one quite a bit too. I tried World Tour out at a friends house, and it was a blast so I decided to get it myself.

Even though it was quite expensive, and I now realise that I could've gotten so many other games, it seems to be totally worth it. Great songs, the new guitar is absolutely amazing and the drums are really nice too. But I'm still having a hard time deciding which instrument I should use through the first career playthrough. So far, I'm having fun with the guitar on Hard difficulty setting. Quite the challenge too, as I've mostly played on medium and only just begun playing on hard.

Today I cancelled my World of Warcraft subscription. I have two level 80's already, a Rogue & Death Knight. I'm just sick of all the grinding, and while I'll probably miss playing it with my friends, then I'm sure it's a wise decision. Gives me more time to play other games, and I really enjoy to play a nice amount of different games too.

Anyway, happy new year to all of you. I hope 2009 will bring plenty of goodies for you and I.

First Halo match in about a half year: First impressions.

Okay, so I just sat down and played my first Slayer match for about a half year or so. Let me just add, that it was still fun, although lacking someone to talk to or laugh with which would surely be making it much more fun.

Anyhow, I downloaded a few packages earlier, but didn't get to try any of the 'new' maps. Instead I got to play Shotty Snipers on the bridge-thingy map, which was a blast. Throughout the game, I didn't check my score until we were nearing the end of the match. Two kids on my team were constantly screaming something, and I accidentically killed one of them. (So much for firing a shotty right behind me - My reactions are awesome.) Shortly after, he came to get his revenge on me. Didn't really bother me, as I wouldn't want to sink to his level.

But, my first match in so long came along nicely: A whooping 22 kills and merely 5 deaths. That's a +17 Kill/death spread. The one just below me? +4 k/d spread..

I think I'll play a few more matches later. This one sure was fun, and the guy complaining about his controller not working sure made me smile.

Hi there..

I'm not sure how many of you still have you on my friends list, because it's been over 4-5 months since my last blog, and my activty since then has been nearly nonexsistant.

Within that time I've finished my first year at college, and I'm about to start the next. (Tomorrow actually..) I'm excited about seeing my friends again, but the school-stuff I'm not as excited about. I hope I can make it through the next two years.

I've been playing World of Warcraft the past half year or so, and it's safe to say that I'm already bored with it. I still have another month of playtime, but I doubt I'll be using it too much, other than telling people that I'll be quitting. When Wrath of the Lich King returns, so might I, but I doubt it.
Instead, I will focus on school. It's much more important, and with World of Warcraft out of the way, I'm sure I'll get more time for it. No more long hours of grind, as that game encourages one to. I'm also planning on getting some more playtime on my Xbox 360 which I have, sadly, somewhat left in the dust during this time. (Except for playing GTA IV, which is a great game by the way.)

I hope to return here to start writing reviews again, perhaps some activty on the forums, although it's not that likely, and hopefully, if I can, get into Photoshoppin' again.

So, I hope someone is still around to greet me. Otherwise, I'll be back with another blog-post soon enough, I suppose.

(Oh, and Justin if you read this, why are you never on MSN? Plus, I need to kick your ass in Halo once more. This is an official challenge. ;) )

No Wires = Wireless!

The laptop seems to be getting more enjoyable, even though I just got it yesterday. I had some issues connecting on our own internet via. the wireless last night, because of the password.. So I fixed that today - Simply changed the password to what it was supposed to be, well, almost reset it I guess.. But still, it works perfectly right now and I'm typing this blog from our kitchen and everything seems fine. :D

I also took some brilliant notes today at school during our social studies class - Microsoft OneNote is a great program and I have now decided to use that mainly over Microsoft word. Primarily because it would be too frustrating with all of the folders of notes and various files I would have to open - This program simply works much better and it's far easier to use it seems. I'm looking forward to using it some more these upcoming years of school. ;)

Oh, now that I mentioned Social Studies, I actually got a B not long ago. Our half-year grades just came in about a week ago and it looks good. My average went up by 2.0! (The scale goes from -03 to 12.) Plus, I also got a B in Media class and an A in English class. :)

A Blog I Wanted To Post, But Never Did...

So, I actually tried posting a blog not that long ago, but Gamespot failed to do that... Which annoyed me, so I never got around to posting it again.

Well, I just want to inform you guys that I just got a laptop today. This will primarily be for school usage and such, and I'm looking forward to using it tomorrow in school. It's an HP Pavillion just as I wanted. 14.1" is perfect for bringing it with me to school and such too, plus it has some good specs and it wasn't too pricy. Really glad right now that I bought it!

Also got World of Warcraft again a few weeks ago. I'm now playing it with some friends from school which is really entertaining! I've missed this game a bit. It's fun to play again.. For you that do not know, I played this from the release and for about a year if not some more.. Now playing it again with 'The Burning Crusade', and leveling is so much faster too, adding to the total enjoyment. I'll soon be level 40 and gain a mount on my Gnomish Rogue. I was lucky to find a good 'twink' cloak and sell it for 100 gold, plus I've been making some money additionally on the Auction House. :)

So, yeah, I've been having tons of fun. I hope you have too!

The past few days...

I've been watching a lot of movies this week. The reason is that I'm allowed to rent movies for free from the place I work at, although only past 9 pm and I have to get them back before 10 am. I'm fine with those rules though, even if it means I can only rent and watch movies when I know I have enough time.

Since it's currently winter break here in Denmark, I've got a week off school and hardly any work either. Therefor, I've been watching these movies: Reign Over Me, Transformers, Superbad, Hot Fuzz and The Simpsons Movie.

Reign Over Me - I watched this movie with my girlfriend. Since Adam Sandler was in it, I was expecting it to be a comedy, but it turned out to be a drama, with a few funny moments and lines though. I wasn't disappointed, as the movie was really good, yet so sad, even though it turned out well in the end.

Transformers - I just finished watching this a few minutes ago. Just wow. It was an amazing action movie, but it had a great story and some neat visual effects and battles. I'd totally want to watch it again. It was a bit long, but every moment was worth watching.

Superbad - It had some funny moments, but I was actually expecting more.. Perhaps I should just watch it again and see if I catch more of the fun that time than I did the first. Still, it was a solid movie and it had some of the best cops I've ever seen in a movie. :P

Hot Fuzz - Just plain awesome from start to finish. I HAVE to watch that movie again. Tons of funny moments, lines and everything, and actually plenty of action in it. This is the first movie I've seen a crazy old woman driving on her bicycle while shooting with two guns. Insane!

The Simpsons Movie - I had already seen this movie once, in the theater. It was still a great experience once again and plenty of fun. Sadly I began watching it so late in the evening that I was nearly too tired and almost gave up half way through. But I decided to watch everything and surely that's what one must do - It's just a lot of fun all the way through. :)

I've also got a new desk for my computer. The old one was bothering me a lot, especially 'cause it had this tiny place for the computer.. People who design desks obviously do not think of the computer might overheat, but rather making a 'smart solution'. Now my computer is finally free and it is no where near as warm as it used to be. Plus, I can now appreciate the neat case too!
My mouse doesn't run that well on the desk though and I have no mousepad, since my Icemat is glass and won't work with my mouse. So I decided to order a new one, a Steelseries SP, which got shipped thursday. Do to stupidity of our mailservice in Denmark, they had to send it the opposite way to a post centre.. I just can't help but think how lame this was, and as I look at the track and trace, it got there two days ago in the evening.. I'm still wondering why the hell they didn't get it here yesterday, and now I'll probably have to wait until next week, unless I'm so lucky it shows up a bit later today, but I'm having my doubts..

Well, that's all for now. Have fun. ;)